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    Right handed,left eyed?

    my step dad is right handed but his left eye is his dominant eye and he shoots all of his guns left handed so i would have him practice shooting both left and right handed it couldnt hurt to be good with both
  2. ZM1995

    Mix it Up

    as my dad always taught me theirs no such thing as a clean fight. what i got from this is in a situation where i fear for my life use cheap shots. if i think your out for more than just a school yard fight dont be suprised when i use my blade
  3. ZM1995

    "Revolution" CBS Series On Life After An EMP

    does anybody know when this show comes on? and kattnip that sounds like a very interesting series ill have to keep an eye out for it
  4. ZM1995

    My Bug Out bag

    Try flea markets I got my bob at one for only $25
  5. ZM1995


    between obama and romney it seems like this country or specifically the citizens of this country are screwed JMO
  6. ZM1995

    Review Suggestion: Pull String Alarms

    ive got a shit ton of these and the only problems ive had out of them were the string breaking so my suggestion is dont rely on just one per entry use three or four
  7. ive had the same issues almost everyday
  8. ZM1995

    You Don`t Have To Be An Expert.

    it still amazes me how just a little situational awareness can save not only your life but in your case thousands of dollars and its sad how it also still amazes me how idiotic people can be by ignoring weather and assuming ''it wont happen to me''
  9. ZM1995

    You Don`t Have To Be An Expert.

    all the gear in the world wont save you if you get seperated from it or it breaks the knowledge in your mind can never be takin away
  10. ZM1995

    Camoflage and Concealment (part 1)

    well if im ever running from you ill make sure to put a stick in your way lol
  11. i wish you were my uncle
  12. ZM1995

    Something that got my wife thinking

    i think the zombie movies and books are a great way to introduce people to prepping its still about survival but they will think oh this will never happen its just make beleive but after they get interested in that you can introduce them to other prepping literature and i absolutely love the camping idea luckily for me my fiance loves the fact that i am a hunter and iss very interested in going with me this season
  13. ZM1995

    The right to own Assult Rifles

    shot placement will always be far more important than rate of fire if you cant hit me with the thirty rounds of ammo you just emptied from your clip than you might as well trade your gun for baseball bat
  14. ZM1995

    The Plan.

    i really wish i was as lucky as you guys are im both night and color blind so i can only see enough to get around at night if i move very slow and its next to impossible for me to read in the dark
  15. ZM1995

    12 gauge to 22lr?

    if you have a double barrel shotgun you could use the insert in just one barrel so you would pretty much have two weapons in one but for twenty bucks i would just go ahead and buy one and test it out
  16. ZM1995

    The right to own Assult Rifles

    the only thing that gun control laws are really doing is disarming the honest folk i can literally pick up my phone and wallet right now and i could have a very nice 44 already registered to somebody else brought to my house for the low price of only 50 dollars now can any of you tell me why anyone can think that making it harder to legally buy and register a gun in your name is going to stop any of these wanna be gangsters from getting their hands on a gun?
  17. ZM1995

    The Plan.

    the read lights not for traveling its only for the scavenging part if your allergic to green beans (just an example) and the only thing you can tell in the dark is your holding a can of something you could possibly grab a bunch of cans of green beans which would be useless to you except for barter and i completely agree with not using a light at night but the red lense is less noticeable than a regular or led falshlight and you can always cover your head and light up to read or get a better look at anything without giving away your position
  18. ZM1995

    oddball bob items

    i prefer using my ipod touch for storing survival info if i can find it anywhere on the internet i can do a screen shot and save it right on the hard drive plus no contracts and much more affordable another plus is if the government tracks anybody looking at survival sites on the web they wont even know my name unless i sign up for things such as itunes or warranty etc. and i really love how i can set my wallpaper with any screen shot very useful if i type in something and i need quick acces to it
  19. ZM1995

    12 gauge to 22lr?

    simple get one of the double barrelguns that have a 410 barrel and a 22 one on top of the other saves weight from having to carry two different guns without all of the problems of the inserts you mentioned
  20. ZM1995


    Hey all I recently read a thread on you guys having a problem not having anyone to give constructive criticism and other help with your shtf plans so i figured why cant we just talk to each about it? I mean who better to help you plan than thousands of preppers?
  21. ZM1995


    I have done as much research as i possibly can on tracking through the internet and yet have come up with absolutely nothing. I have some experience of tracking deer and other animals from all my years of hunting but everything I have learned I taught myself so I have no idea how accurate it is and i would love to see an article written on this or if anyone has any tips on tracking feel free to email it to me at thank you.
  22. ZM1995

    Camoflage and Concealment (part 1)

    another thing to remember people rarely ever look up
  23. ZM1995

    SOG Fasthawk.

    your link is broken
  24. ZM1995

    Shipping Containers

    If your that close to a forest you could just bury it with logs and find a way too conceal the entrance so if someone even stumbles across it from a short distance it would look like just a pile of old logs and i agree with hiding your supplies in different areas in the same area so even if someone did break in it would be just an empty container plus the logs would deter anyone who would cut it up for scrap metal just an idea
  25. ZM1995

    The Plan.

    get a flashlight with a red lense and only scavenge/travel at night