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    Help finding an AR This is exactly what I am looking for
  2. ZM1995

    Help finding an AR

    RRA looks alrite but Ivve heard more good about about dpms than I have RRA
  3. ZM1995

    Help finding an AR

    buds gun shop has an amazing line up all of which are in my price range and Im actually planning on getting certified in gunsmithing in a few years so once I actually learn how to build guns I plan on building all of my guns personally I would just wait and build one myself but this is one of the things I just wont be able to get out of my head until I am able to have one so I really cannot wait and mudbass that is amazing and almost exactly what I am looking for good find
  4. ZM1995

    The Walking Dead

    Shawn I like the way you think that tvv show and huntin season are the two things I look forward to all year
  5. ZM1995

    how not to act.......

    Im not disrespecting anyone here but I feel the people in the video were legally right but morally wrong yes its legal and right to be able to open carry but for gods sake just show the cops some id its not going to kill you.
  6. ZM1995

    Hey CapnBart!

    I agree 100%
  7. ZM1995

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    ZM1995 is definetly IN I would love to have that knife!!!!!
  8. hey yall I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the rite in rain notebooks and pens any information would be helpfull thanks
  9. ZM1995

    teen needs some help.

    capt I was reffering to more private things when I said that one thing adults tend to forget about is the drama that comes with teen life which is pushed even further when people find out your into prepping
  10. ZM1995

    fire killers

    I dont know if its actually true or not but I have always heard that using a fire extinguisher when theirs not a fire was a federal offense so I would be pretty iffy about using in a non teotwaki event I might do some research on itwhen I get home this evening
  11. ZM1995

    teen needs some help.

    I know hhow it feels being young (Im only 17) and not having any money or support in prepping but beleive it or not you are already more prepared than most people seeing as how you are at least thinking about survival but seeing as how were close to the same age and situation feel free to pm me if you have any specific questions and if i dont have the answer to your question I will try my hardest too find an answer for you and welcome to the site brother
  12. ZM1995

    rite in rain paper and pencils

    just a little update i completely submerged a peice of this paper and it wrote perfectly with a number two pencil but with a regular pen the ink just washed away so I think I'm just gonna save my ten dollars and just stick with my pencils
  13. ZM1995

    When training can become SHTF

    I honestly hope the government reads this thread so they will know that at least some of us are not crazy terrorists out to hurt the government but we are in fact normal people who just like to be prepared for emergencies
  14. ZM1995

    Rifles and Side arms

    good point sir
  15. ZM1995

    Rifles and Side arms

    I personally would like to mount a masterkey shotgun to the bottom of my ar but Im not sure what the effective range would be so does anybody have any expeirience with these?
  16. ZM1995

    Rifles and Side arms

    if I ever meet someone who goes duck hunting with a 10 guage I will gladly admit that they have more balls than I do. I shot my uncles 10 guage about 8 times one day and the when I woke up the next morning I thought my shoulder was gonna fall off lol
  17. ZM1995

    When training can become SHTF

    its because of idiots like these that preppers have a bad name im all for using tripwires and such for a warning not to cause harm youll never knoow when youll hurt somebody unintentionally with booby traps
  18. ZM1995

    DIY untralight wood stove

    Another idea for the homemade stove would be to drill two small holes in the sides and take either some strong wire or even a metal coat hanger and cut to size to use as a handle. Be very usefull for transporting fire without burning yourself.
  19. ZM1995

    Trophy hunt?

    I agree with the capt IMO hunting isnt about the killing of the animals its more about getting out their in nature leaving all your problems un the truck and just enjoy yourself but at the same time it is perfectly understandable getting a guide if you dont know the area or your not familar with the species but I would much rather make friends who would help me in finding a spot and im sure if you told us where you were wanting to go hunting their would be at least one person from this site who knows the area and wouldnt mind taking you I know I wouldnt so if your ever in Virginia during deer season let me know and well take off
  20. I know that thier has been multiple articles on convincing family members to prep and bugging out with a group but so far I havent seen anything on this particular subject. the other day me my fiance and my soon to be sibling in laws were outside doing some shooting and it got me thinking about which ones would be usefull in a shtf situation and which ones would be a liability. So far in every scenario I have played in my head it seems that the only ones who could be usefull would be my fiance her brother. But I cannot decide what to do with the rest of them I cant in good mind leave them behind but I am afraid they would become a danger to me and the rest of the family and its not like i could threaten them with death into doing what i say when I say it to keep them alive so if someone could please tell me if theirs any options Im not seeing I would greatly appreciate it.
  21. ZM1995

    rite in rain paper and pencils

    mines got different symbols for military uses along with examples for range cards and how to make a local map plus a sh** ton of other possibly useful things
  22. ZM1995

    rite in rain paper and pencils

    thanks one more question will a pencil still write on it in the rain?
  23. ZM1995

    I need some serious help

    Well I had a talk with my fiance this weekend about this sort of thing I didnt go all out and completely discuss it with her like I should but what I did was while we were watching a movie wcich was a sort of post apococalyptic type I asked her if she could ever leave her family members behind and just come with me if an apocolypse ever happened and she told me that she would have no problem leaving her parents behind (after i explained to her how their fighting was a security threat) but their was no way we could leave her siblings behind so I guess I am pretty much stuck trying to find a way too toughen up her sisters but the plus is her brother I got to take them all out shooting and both my fiance and her sister were pretty good shooting a 22 and her brother was very willing to learn proper gun safety and how to maintain both a 22 and a 12 guage and he was a pretty good shot himself so now i just have to get my fiance interested in shooting bigger than the 22 (she absolutley refused to shoot the 12). Another thing she was interested in was my ghb so I took out all of the occupants and explained to her the uses for each thing and this week Im going to start working on building her one seeing as how Ive got enough stuff layin around the house to build it for her. but back to the post like many of you have said i actually plan on taking them all on a camping trip this summer ive already got her parents on board so if i can keep them all entertained with my teachings I might not have to worry about all of this for much longer.
  24. ZM1995

    I need some serious help

    these are all some really good tips i think im going to start working on my fiances bob as soon as i get the funding (in between jobs) and as far as the stress goes it has helped feel alot better knowing that so many of you are willing to listen to and give me advice especially seeing as I dont trust anyone who knows me personally to talk about these things with them
  25. ZM1995

    I need some serious help

    matt you do make a very good point and i havent really discussed these things with her brother and ive only thing ive told her about is i know what to do in a shtf situation and ive explained to her all the uses for my ghb but i havent started on the planning part of it just yet mostly because we have alot of stress as it is and i dont want to add to the stress until i get some of our personal problems takin care of and i dont really worry about her brother putting us in danger im more worried about the weaker parts of the family but I will definetly try talking more to them once things start to cool off with our other issues