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    I am looking to but one depending on the availability of ammo around my area.
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    Hey yall I was just wondering if anybody had any information on a reliable and affordable tokarev any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    I did even registered for the site thanks for the info
  4. ZM1995

    Living in a BOV??

    Back when dad had his own transporting company he tried every american truck on the market and every single ford and dodge he owned broke down so much it put him out of business so cheverolet is going to be your best bet. Unless you wanna but a big ass kenworth
  5. ZM1995

    I have done it!

    hey them finally answering is a start
  6. ZM1995

    Buying 'Land Locked' Land

    Meant to put buy.
  7. ZM1995

    Buying 'Land Locked' Land

    You could always offer to but enough property from your neighbor to build a road.
  8. ZM1995

    Help for students

    Very true reg.
  9. ZM1995

    Help for students

    I could make it easily in less time with the terrain not being rough but Im also factoring in any detours or reasons I may have to stop. I may be big but I can suprise people with how fast I can move.
  10. ZM1995

    Help for students

    no apology needed autonomous I have a distance of about five miles up hill to walk so factoring in detours or hold ups of any kind I give myself two hours max just to be on the safe side so in this whether the clothes would be a definite need but Ive got the water covered I always carry a bottle of water with me no matter where I go.
  11. ZM1995

    Wake up people!

    reg I like the way you think
  12. ZM1995

    A lesson learned the hard way.

    I thought it was hilarious when I saw the on the local news that lowes in my town had run out of generators
  13. ZM1995

    Help for students

    grocery stores, gas stations, gun stores, hardware stores, and more than likely Ill be walking along a major evac route. And unfortunatley due to my bad past alot of people think I am involved in the drug industry which Im not I HATE JUNKIES
  14. ZM1995

    Help for students

    I ride the bus and unfortunatly my parents had decided to move us into one of the most difficult places to protect I have ever seen and even worse its surrounded by what will be hot spots of activity if tshtf
  15. ZM1995

    Help for students

    It would take hours under normal circumstances and I dont drive. (cant afford it)
  16. ZM1995

    teen needs some help.

    Always remember when all else fails your knowledge wont I could be stripped naked in the woods and I would still be able to survive just from the knowledge in my head which I got for free both from expeirience and this website both of which are free.
  17. ZM1995

    Help for students

    The only problem with the hide sites is if they are any good at tracking or stalking they will know where Im hiding at and I was more reffering to the fact that if they were following me to my house they probably had a good reason and I doubt that once they know where I live their going to show their true colors whether it may be hostile or friendly the second they come near my property their will be a gun sighted on them until I know their intentions. Sorry for any confusion on my intentions I waas tired after a long weekend and I should have been more clear in my writing but I both understand and agree with the points you have made and I will definetly keep them in mind when the situation presents itself.
  18. I am a firm beleiver in the idea that women make better shooters I let my fiance shoot my 30-30 (shed only fired a 22 a couple times before) and she hit her target first try.
  19. ZM1995

    Help for students

    very good point on the interstate subject and fence cutters and I feel sorry for anybody who follows me to my house for they will quickly realize what a bad idea it was to follow me when I start flinging hot lead through the air.
  20. ZM1995

    Help for students

    The cache idea is a really good idea and luckily their will be no reason for me to have to cross the interstate since my school and my house are on the same side lol
  21. ZM1995

    Help for students

    The only problem i can see about getting home is I would have to walk along two different interstates just to get to my house but Im gonna try and find some topo maps for different routes when I come home this weekend. And the problem with finding just the hotspots is my whole town is pretty much a hot spot no matter where you go in my town theirs always going to be somebody looking for something to steal. I really wish schools would be more lenient on students carrying knives up until two days ago i still carried a knife to school but a fellow student in my graduating class had gotten expelled just for having a 3 inch long knife and a can of snuff.
  22. ZM1995

    Scoped Rifles

    I refuse to own a shtf gun without iron sights
  23. ZM1995

    Veterans Support

    does beating the piss out of a guy in a dentists office for insulting the military count as a donation lol
  24. I was wondering about the payment method myself
  25. ZM1995

    Help finding an AR

    hey yall I was just wondering if you could help me find a good brand AR I have looked around alot and havent been able to find one that suits me. What I want is a good brand AR in .308 with a twenty two inch barrel, collapsible stock, and quad rail. So if you find anything online that fits this description online please post a link for me. P.S. please keep in mind I am not made of money so anything under two grand would prefered thanks much