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    Hello from Central Texas

    Haha man there sure are a lot of Texans here! I'm in Austin, so VonBayern, that site looks pretty awesome thanks! Thanks for all the welcomes!
  2. txlefty

    Hello from Central Texas

    hey guys! So i've been reading around on the site and forums for a while, figured it was time to join in the conversation! I'm a 20-something creative type here in Central Texas. New to shooting and survival/prepping. Slowing trying to introduce the ideas and concepts to my wife- but you know how that goes, slow and not much progress We're in a top floor apartment currently, so my preps mainly consist of getting some extra food stored as well as digital copies of important docs and have them stored in multiple places in case of a fire. Next thing i'd like to work on is learning some bushcraft, but I'm struggling to find a place where I can practice without there being legal ramifications! Any other Cen-tex people around?
  3. txlefty

    top 4 zombpocalypse weapons

    I'll choose the zombie thread as my first post 1. Ruger LCR in 357. probably just carry 38 special though - this is for non-zombie's who want to mess with me, you won't be the only one out there and the other might not care about your life- but may want your stuff or your hideout. I'll take the lower fire rate for ease of servicing no worries about misfires. 2. Lever action rifle in same caliber. For hunting and distance protection from those other humans or if for some reason i need to shoot a zombie farther away. 3. Keltec PLR22. Main zombie destroyer. Hi-cap for if you get in a jam and small enough for smaller spaces. Also use for some smaller game hunting. 4. Becker BK7 or BK9 - Last line of defense and definitely usefully for prying, chopping, and what not. I'd focus more on the human problem, as far as the zombies are concerned, if they're more than 30 feet away just keep walking - only shoot if you find yourself close to a group or they're blocking an escape route or something valuable.