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    rain water collection

    Yep thats pretty much the exact setup i have planned but with a total of six barrels linked together for a total of 330 gallons. Have a water diverter to release the first few minutes of water to reduce the contaiminants. Then have it set up with a slow sand filter for filtration. I have seen a few articles on this and the slow sand filter seems to be very effective if done right. Before the filter it can be used as gray water, and after the filter for drinking.
  2. floridaboy

    rain water collection

    Hey all, I have been a long time follower, but just finally joined up. For a bug in scenario what is your opinion on a rain water collection system (metal roof) coupled with a slow sand filter? Does any one have any experience or opinions? I've been doing some looking on youtube and have found some pretty interesting collection/filtration systems. I'd also like to have a back up manual deep well pump to sustain during a drought or otherwise, but at this time it is cost prohibitive. Thanks.