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    Survival, Outdoor, Self-defense training, My german shepherd dog
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  1. psllgroup

    BoB trial results

    ladywolf, I have been eyeing this one for a while, not cheap but definatelly worthy, check it out.....
  2. psllgroup

    BitCoin crash....
  3. psllgroup

    BitCoin crash....

    Yesterday I am listening to Mike Adams of Natural News on Infowars predicting BitCoin crash, hey less than 24hr's later, the crash insane is that
  4. psllgroup

    Garbage Warrior. (Full Length Documentary)

    P210SIG, awesome documentary, what a cool project, but it makes you sick, knowing, that after all that hard work he has done with those communities, he is being shot down, for wanting to live off the grid. Today you are not just allowed to live off the grid, you have follow rules, codes, regulation's.
  5. psllgroup

    Aquaponic gardening or Traditional gardening

    femvet, I came across these guys, Mike Adams from Infowars had these guys on, I liked what they had to say, check it out, like I said, I am very new at this, so I am still looking into it
  6. Snake, my, I thought besides your posts, you might have some other interesting literature written by you, possible for sale:)
  7. psllgroup

    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    Major, no really particular reason, it is just 7.62 Russian is widely available cartridge in Czech along with 7.62/39mm, approved and popular for hunting, not only in Czech, but also in Poland and Finland for many years.
  8. psllgroup

    Planning the GHB

    Iam a huge fan of boonies, if I may recommend, these are my favorite, look it up.......
  9. Snake, what books have you written?
  10. psllgroup

    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    I am big believer in older version's of Czechoslovakian weapons, my weapons would be: sniper rifle CZ 54.....7.62mm (concept of Mosin vzor 1891/30) assault rifle SA vz.58 .....7.62mm bolt action smallbore rifle CZ 527.....7.62mm pistol CZ 75, 75B.....9mm
  11. psllgroup

    best friend for survival?

    DonDon, your dog being stolen? what a f.....up world we are living in. What type of dog was that? I can't imagine how would I react if my dog would get stolen, have a german shepherd, he is part of me, love him to death...........sorry to hear that, man
  12. psllgroup

    Aquaponic gardening or Traditional gardening

    femvet59, there will be a time, I think pretty soon, if it isn't here already, when one is gonna have to decide, do I want to be dependent on GMOs or try to grow my own organic fresh food, whatever it takes, even if on a small scale. I am new at this also, but whatever you do, either aquaponics or traditional gardening, at least you are doing it, and that counts.
  13. psllgroup

    Aquaponic gardening or Traditional gardening

    crops dying on the inside......on the ouside, mistake in typing
  14. psllgroup

    Aquaponic gardening or Traditional gardening

    I think thats will come down to anyway eventually, to grow your stuff on the inside, with the Air being polluted, sprayed with aluminum , barium, and all other stuff, you are not going to have no other choice than grow on the inside. There is ton's of stories of farmers having their crops dying on the inside and once moved to biodome's, all is beautiful and, you can grow all year round
  15. Snake, I am with you, I am just as frustrated as you are, man. When and how is all this going to end up? Our lives are being changed forever. We, the one's aware of whats happening, tend to prep for the unexpected, we learn survival skills, stock pilling food, water, supplies, firearms and ammo, setting up our BOB's, EDC bags, build BOB locations, underground shelters, or securing and improving our BugIn locations, spending tremendous amount of money and resources and time, but is all this really going to save us? While we preparing for TEOTWAWKI, WE ARE BEING POISONED, slowly. Our food, water, air is being poisoned, polluted. GMOs, Vaccines, Fluoride, Pharmaceuticals, Food additives, Synthetic pesticides, Chemotherapy, Plastics, Radiation, Air is being sprayed with aluminum and all kind of aerosols, that we inhale all day long. Brain cells damage, cancer tumors, convulsions and seizures, kids with autism disorder, obesity, people being hooked on medication dependency for the rest of their life's and all other good stuff is skyrocketing over past of couple of years, WE ARE IN EXTINCTION PROCESS. I believe, we are far beyond a point to change things around, to save us and our planet, or at least we are close to that point. Humanity doesn't exist anymore, we are un-unified, separated from our core beliefs. Our freedom, constitutional right's are being striped away, but it is not happening only here in US, it's global, farmers are being harassed, arrested and prosecuted for growing organic food, selling organic cheese, raw milk, parents are being questioned and arrested for not allowing their children being vaccinated, criminals being let go, migrants living and depending of gov't welfare, disobeying and disrespecting local traditions (Europe) and more and more every single day. I believe global corruption, greed, power grab is cause of all. Even if you stop all war conflicts, people will unite and get together, and punish those who guilty (equals 0 chance), it would be too late, the global system and us is already being infected, for generations ahead. People are getting sicker and sicker and it just worsen every single day. So what all this prepping for SHTF does? For me, it gives me a peace of mind, a bit sense of security, accomplishment, pride and hope we have still plenty of a time left on this planet. I am no expert on these topics and my writing skills are limited (nothing like Snake's writing, but I do read and make notes of whats happening in our lives, so take this just as my observation........JMHO