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    Born and raised in WV, 14 yrs. military service Central America and Afghanistan, Shot Military Competitions for 8 yrs., learning more about wild plants and prepping, outdoor anything.
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    West Virginia
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    Coyote hunting, Range time, Suppressors, prepping
  1. rjburk

    Bear Grylls

    I was hoping that the thoughts would have been in this arena ( survival ) not name calling and the like....I guess I asked for too much....Oh well, it is the internet....arm chair quarterbacks abound...
  2. rjburk

    Bear Grylls

    ricksconnected....another point, in your opinion he takes risks you should not in a survival situation ....does that not depend on your skills and confidence in those skills ? who are any of us to say he takes too much risk ? I for one do not have his physical abilities or skills so I won't say he takes too much risk, how would I know ? I believe we all see risk differently and for our own reasons will only take risks we are comfortable with, If Bear is comfortable with those risks I say go for it.....and I would also shake his hand....I would never call him names or laugh at him, unless of course I had mad skills way above his...if I did I would not have to...
  3. rjburk

    Bear Grylls

    The point I am trying to make is, If you have his skills and ability then I will leave it to you to judge him....if you have his skills and ability to do the stuff he does ? where's your show ? How many people may be out of eye and ear shot on any of these shows ? Is Les alone ? I doubt it....I like his show, but I will bet he is not alone. I don't see the powers to be ( TV ) taking his footage point blank as what they feel works best....sure there is some ( tv ) people close by giving ( tv ) advice.
  4. rjburk

    Bear Grylls

    Kevin, Have you done any of the stuff Bear has ? do you have the confidence in your physical skills to do make it past those kind of obstacles ? I see a lot of people who say he is a joke and laughable, but I do feel most who say that do not have his physical skills or confidence in there skills to do any of the stuff he does. No two situations are ever alike...that goes without saying....I also like Les and Cody...I have read one of Cody's books and it has a lot of good stuff in it....Bear IMO has few limits to what he is willing and capable to try...unconventional can be the best way at times...Granted it is TV and that effects all survival shows.
  5. rjburk

    Bear Grylls

    I know this can be a touchy subject to some for many reasons, IMO I think his show is better than the others is because he thinks way outside the box....If you have the abilities, physical, mental and training to try something that most can't or would never think of, why is that a bad thing ? I for one can't talk trash about someone who has the ability to do some of the stuff he does. Is it risky ? if your skill level is not on par with his, yes...if you are confident in your ability and skills taking a risk could be difference life and death. Thoughts ?
  6. rjburk

    Something New

    Can't go wrong with Glock....I have 2....
  7. rjburk

    For Sale,BOV,Cheap

    Navistar Maxpro....seen them in many pieces......those afghans can make some powerful HME.....
  8. rjburk

    Military Awards

    WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says a new Pentagon website will list the names of those Americans who have earned the Medal of Honor since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Panetta made the announcement Wednesday at a House hearing. He said the website could be expanded to include other recipients of military valor awards and medals. It is a start......
  9. rjburk

    Military Awards

    Not sure of the site name, They are suppose to start with CMH and work down....I caught a small piece on news, I will see if I can find it ?
  10. rjburk

    Military Awards

    After our so called Supreme Court ruled that it is not against the law for anyone to wear Military decorations that they did not earn....A new website will be going up to post the names of soldiers and there awards....Secretary Of Defense announced this yesterday....I hope it helps to protect the men and women who earned there awards and shame anyone who falsely wear or claim awards they did not earn......
  11. rjburk

    Good News For Gun Owners

    If you have a birth certificate, went to a public school, driver's license, served in Military, bought anything car or home, voter card, SSN....the Fed's have your info, who you are, where you are, whatever they need...having a carry permit does not make you any easier to track.....better to have it than not....
  12. Started filling another Rubbermaid 18 gal. container $60 bucks well spent...
  13. rjburk

    BO Where?????

    Your opinion does not stink Matt.....a cache or two could make a world of difference (if ) the time comes. If a BOL is your plan then you need to be able to get there, and that could be the hardest thing you will have to do...preferably with a small group moving together to cover and protect the move...
  14. rjburk

    Who's from WV ?

    That is very true for most part....the drugs ( meth ) is really making an impact in this area now...the arrests for labs and dealing are getting worse all the time....the Regional Jails are running full and no end in sight...The corruption and money has far reaching effects here and elsewhere....I'm just doing what I can to make sure I have some margain for error if and when I need it for me and family...
  15. rjburk

    Who's from WV ?

    Hi Rick and Matt.....I am between Clarksburg and Sutton....WV has it's issues for sure....I have been working in earnest to get into a safe zone prep wise....stay in touch it may come in handy someday ??