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  1. james85

    Take the family on a vacation

    I agree with you that vacations are necessary for us. We want to go on a road trip from Michigan and head south. We will be travelling with my friends and I can't decide if we should head towards Orlando and see Atlanta or towards San Antonio and see Missouri along the way.
  2. james85

    fishing kits.

    I just carry a small assortment of hooks, lead weights, and rely mostly on limb lines or cutting a "cane" pole for my rod. I run the limb lines as I run my trap line when in the woods and can check it every few hours or once a day to remove any catches and reset.
  3. james85

    Healthy Life

    Both are basic things for our life, Health is a basic part of our life you and Diet is also a good one for better health think as your life stands on your health and if you do not take care of your health then you must alive more. You should take care of your health and be a healthy long life.
  4. james85

    secret island.

    Many people can visit the beach but the interior is off-limits due to bird nests. Been living down here for almost 8 years now and still haven't bought a boat! I need to play in the water more often.
  5. james85


    Hi everyone, I am James and I am a business person. I just found this forum from Google and I read many posts from many people. I found it very good and very useful for me so I decide to make an account at there and make new friends and I think you people may give me good response. Thanks a lot for all people of this forum James