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    I'm a US Navy vet from Operation Southern Watch & worked on Sh60's Seahawks. I'm also a professional Master Locksmith of 10 years. I played guitar and bass guitar professionally And have had my music heard On a MTV reality show and on radio. Currently I'm a commuter and charter bus driver in NJ & NY. I live on the Jersey shore and love it here. But deep in my heart I'm a survivalist. I plan on making my family and friends to be ready for anything and everything. I'm new to survival, but after going through 911 and loosing a childhood friend in the attacks, I made new commitments to myself, my family, and society. Anything can and will happen. That's what I learned from 911. I'm sure it will happen again.... Its a question of when not if. With economic problems all over the world and government istibility everywhere, we cant think as Americans that we are immuned to the same things happening here in the US. It's my goal to learn and teach. We can never stop learning and teaching. Being prepared for everything is almost impossible, but better being prepared for something then nothing. God bless everyone and keep rockin'
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    Atlantic highlands, NJ
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    God, family, freedom & playing music
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    Commuter bus driver NJ/NY & Musician
  1. Musicman

    Getting out of NYC!

    Thanks everyone for your responses! It's a tough area to be in if something goes down. If talked to my bosses about working with the city to help get people out since we are a bus company, a very big bus company. Turns out they already have these plans set up since 911. So I do have a possible way out depending on the situation and I would also be able to help many who aren't prepared. If all else fails.... I need to find so city friends and places to go. Thanks again.
  2. Musicman

    Getting out of NYC!

    The folding bike would be great in most places but in manhattan I don't think it would help! Even when people aren't in a panic it's hard to navigate the streets with everyone driving and walking. Also with the bridges and tunnels out, it's an island! Swimming across the dirty Hudson river is all I can think about! I'm sure I wouldn't make that swim! Thanks for the idea! It could get me to central park easily but not out of the city to the jersey side.
  3. Musicman

    Getting out of NYC!

    I'm a commuter and charter bus driver who lives on the jersey shore. I'm in NYC many times a day. Since 911, I learned some things about the scope of such a disaster. One of the most concerning things for me is how to get back to new jersey to tend to my wife who is disabled. When 911 happened, there was no good way out of manhatten. The tunnels and bridges were closed. Everyone in the whole city of millions of people were trying to get out of the city. They relied on the small amount of ferries to make an exit. This took days to be achieved. Even when the tunnels and bridges were reopened you had to go through security check points for every vehicle. The only people I saw get out quickly are the people downtown by wall st who had private boats that came and picked them up. I'm sure that was no easy task either. I would love to hear suggestions on what you would do in such a situation. I'm completely open for suggestions due to to the fact that a similar situation can easily happen again. Thank you for all responces!
  4. Musicman

    Denver Shooting

    Politically this sucks for our gun rights. The gun control nuts will be adding this to thier arsenal to take down the constitution. I pray for those lost and their families and the communities this has happen to. I'm also praying for us who will be directly effected by this nuts actions. More reason to prepair for everything and anything.