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  1. ADRskew

    An oppinion on gun control.

    I agree with vonBayern And that was an truly satisfying read. But in the nearly overwhelming cacophony of the "banic" people are no longer able to listen to reason.
  2. The up armored golf cart made me spit out my coffee and the 3 strike plates duct taped to the vest was a WTF moment.
  3. Beware the mad ninja skills of gecko45.....:confused:
  4. ADRskew

    favorite AR accessories

    My favorite AR accessory is an off set rail set that I mounted a low profile reflexive sight on, it's snuggled every so nicely between the mounts of the 3-9 scope. A close second would be my three point sling.
  5. ADRskew

    favorite AR accessories

    My favorite AR accessory is an off set rail set that I mounted a low profile reflexive sight on, it's snuggled every so nicely between the mounts of the 3-9 scope. A close second would be my three point sling.
  6. ADRskew

    We the People

    I hope it helps
  7. ADRskew

    Force Multipliers Vs. Over Redundancy in BOL Defense

    I agree snake, there is a great deal more to a scoped rifle than slapping on a scope and blasting away. To make the shot count you need to know where ypu round is going to end up. So drop, windage, elevation, amd even weather come into play. But as a force multiplier a 45-70 scoped would not do as well as a m1a or an ar15 unless you are looking to cause physiologically trauma. I dont care how hardened you are. A 480 grain JHP smashing to your buddy at range isnt gonna be to pretty. But when it is all said and done a firearm is a tool and every tool has its place. Im not going to use a45-70 to kill a squirrel (granted it would be funny in a morbid way) and im not going to use a daisy BB gun to deter a threat, as long as I have options and I do have options. From logistical stand point a 45-70 would not work as a force multiplier as well as my ar-15 due to weight and lack of flexibility. For a force multiplier just get a 240B or a tommy gun or a UMP 40. just my humble opinion.
  8. ADRskew

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    I have a ferro rod, a magnesium stick with a steel stricker, about 2 ounes of magnesium powder in a water proof vial. The goo from a sterno heater, vaseline covered cotton balls, a few bic lighters, 2 zippos, and willy pete matches. I love those damn things, lit a cig in a snow storm, the cig didnt stay burning for long but hey I got three drags which was enough.
  9. ADRskew

    Being gray and situational awareness

    Being gray is a key point but whar about after you are no longer gray? What do you do when you are in the red? Off of a site that I use to get gear for work I found these site linked to it. In my humble opinion I think they might help. Just food for thought.
  10. ADRskew

    Gun Cleaning without Gun Cleaning Supplies

    In the spirit of the challenge posted above, no brushes, no rods and no solvent. I would have to make a bore snake, I would try 6 to 8 feet of 550 cord, half way down the length I would put an inch wide piece of whipping. Below that I would fray the line, above the whipping i may have to pull the core out so it will fit in a 5.56 barrel. Then windex as a solvent might work and a cotten tee shirt for patches and a wiping cloth. For a bigger bore I would use inch and a half DBN or simular line. I think that would work for the basics, if I could find some fine brass wire, woven into the frayed end would help clear any fouling. But nothing I come up with will replace a good cleaning kit. But its just an idea.
  11. ADRskew

    Prep coach?

    Just curious as too how many preppers out there in the Aether are coaching some (other than on this site) in the ways of prepping? What difficulties have you encountered? What have you over looked then remembered in hindsight? Any sea stories to share? I am helping a friend out with his prepping and want to make sure I dont blow his mind with info overload yet give him enough info and direction to help. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  12. ADRskew

    often forgotten

    I definitely second the sharing of info, it was one of the worst things, being underway for a month and not haveing a clue where you are or where you are going. I think the command did it on purpose .... damn opsec....
  13. ADRskew

    Rec Your... This might help... Just keep the key handy and practice with it,
  14. ADRskew

    often forgotten

    I really dont like the android OS sometimes.... So here is the one I have
  15. ADRskew

    My first EDC, Need advice

    Im rebuilding my EDC and stumbled across this in a pile of collected gear and I think its awsome so I did some hunting online and found it. So what do y'all think I know it is niche item but I do see potential