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    $50 for prepping

    Everybody gave you some great advice. When I started prepping I was pretty disorganized. Let me give you some simple advice. I would do a progressive apporoach starting with a get home bag, BOB and full blown preps. I have a wife and three kids. I know I have to get home before I do anything. I don't want to carry a large bag full of expensive items in my car to get stolen in Houston. Get Home Bag Small Backpack # Description 1 Keltec .380 50 .380 Cal Ammo 1 Pocket Knife 1 Compass (Silva) 1 Small 1st Aid Kit 1 Googles 1 Multi-Tool 1 Flashlight (one set extra Batteries) 1 Hydration Bladder to fit in backpack 1 Radio /weather (Small, Crank) 1 Zip Lock Bags (2 - quart, 1 - gallon) 1 Disposable Poncho 2 Lighter 1 Hard Candy (Lifesavers Bag) 1 Map of Houston 1 Work Gloves 1 Surgical Mask 1 Tennis Shoes 1 GPS (Iphone) Probaly the most important items in the bag are the shoes. I have to wear dress shoes everyday. Just a quick list and some thought, Happy Prepping TexasBill