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  1. There was this sweet lady that married a grumpy tight man.... She would do anything for him, make his meals, do his laundry, even draw his bath every night if he wanted. As they grew old together, he would always say, "when I die, I want you to berry me with all my money!" she would always reply, "yes dear". The day finally came, and he passed away... While sitting at the funeral home, a good friend was sitting beside her and asked her if she put all that money in the casket with him. She said yep, I sure did...I wrote him a check!
  2. I just have a little teardrop, but my subaru can pull it with no problem. I can even push it into small spaces or camp sights. I guess I'm kind of a light weight with big ideas. I have two 12v batteries and a solar panel to recharge with. Also I have a water filtration system so that I can get water from streams. I've been checking out the other sights on here of what all to supply a BOB guys are AWESOME! Thanks for all of the great advice!
  3. I like your quote....if you run, you only die tired.

    Made me laugh, but it's so true.