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  1. I wish I had your knowledge base, Snake.
  2. Yeah...I made that mistake of putting my toothpaste and cream in the same tote pocket while traveling. As quiet as a mouse, in the dimly lit, hotel bathroom while the kiddles were asleep only a few feet away, I endeavored to brush my teeth. Imagine my surprise when the Prep H cream got confused with the Colgate.
  3. So I am reading, and in summary, from the previous posts that... I want a solder than can do a bunch of temps AND therefore it would do a bunch of metals. Snake, you recommended, the "HI FORCE 44 (high & low temp ) and TIX soft solder." Do both of these meet the various temps/metals needs? Are these for smaller jobs and I would need something different for pipes in the house or metal in a vehicle?
  4. I would find books helpful. In SHTF, there will be no internet. I will just admit, I cannot learn everything and unfortunately I know little of many necessary SHTF endeavors other here are experts in. I have reference materials on: hunting/trapping, preparing fish and mammals for consumption, foraging, first-aid, gardening, seed propagation, solar/wind powers, and others. I am familiar enough with them to get started but I have them on-hand when I run into an obstacle and need help and there is no such thing as GOOGLE or YouTube. In 2012, when my husband and I began prepping, (yes, we were late to the party), I decided there are basically a few categories. TIME: 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months, and perpetuity. PREPS: Shelter/warmth, water, food, first-aid, weapons, and misc.. What did we need in each PREP category to meet the needs of our family for the various TIME allotments. It was an uphill march for about six months with some MASSIVE credit card bills to get the 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months preps taken care of. Now, we are well into working on perpetuity preps. NO, we aren't in debt with credit cards - you do what you can without debt - we just had the means, but the savings account took a hit back in 2012 after we paid off the CCs before any interest accrued. Paper money and coins are worthless. They only have "worth" because we and the Federal Government say they have worth. "Good for all debts public and private." Gold and silver have ALWAYS had value ever since the beginning of humankind and will remain valuable. Currency can always be printed and then worth nothing (think of the Confederate money and Nazi money - it's now worth nothing, except maybe a historical value, which means squat in SHTF). In the short-term after a disaster when CC and DC readers are down, cash IS king. So having some on hand makes absolute sense. But if you are looking at a long-term situation, cash is worthless - people will want materials like food, clean water (or means to get it), soap, matches, bullets, etc..
  5. Good. I was worried your cryptic post the other day about signing offmeant you were signing off here! glad you're still here.
  6. What type to buy? What features to look for? What to avoid? Thanks!
  7. I run the scenarios in my head...the "what ifs" happen this way or that, then what do I do? Obviously, this doesn't account for Murphy. But, it keeps my mind sharper than others' minds, I suppose.
  8. Yes. I am on another forum online for home schooling parents. It spans the gamut of social and political positions. But there have been a few repeated discussions on NK. People are definitely watching and concerned.
  9. Hi. Just another thing to consider is what type of precious metal to hold. Bullion can't be broken down/divided or carried easily. So coins are better. DH and I cashed in a whole life insurance policy I had that a grandpa started for me as a baby. We went online to APMEX and bought "junk" silver. Basically we have old quarters from days passed (before worthless money), that are all silver. They were once all in circulation. Some are dirtier than others. Some date back to the turn of the century. You can get nickels or dimes too. The face value of the coins now has no bearing. It's the weight. So you buy by weight. That's the extent of our physical precious metals. I do hold "paper" gold (ETFs) in a retirement portfolio. I'm leaving that alone due to taxation right now to withdraw. Meh. Not the best. As for cash, we have about $2k in smaller bills. Cash is good in the short term for when card readers are off (no debit or credit). The rest of our value is in "stuff" and supplies.
  10. 2 Peter 3:2-7. He is reminding the people of what the prophets said. "In the last days there will be scoffers who will laugh at the truth...[saying], 'why as far back as anyone can remember, everything has remained exactly the same since the world was first created.' They deliberately forget...then He used the water to destroy the world with a mighty flood." Peter is saying that the end draws near, when people deliberately forget that the Lord used a flood to destroy the world. Well, we know that the idea of a worldwide flood as become a "fake story" for many people and it really began to take hold and gain traction within the past 100 years. Never before have there been so many deniers of a huge flood. This is a sign of the times, this deliberate "forgetting." We always have people say, "when there are wars and rumors of wars," we have to pay attention. A common response is, "Yeah, but that has always been the case...there have always been wars and rumors of wars. It's a non-event." Followed by a shrug and whatever. But now, there is no excuse for a shrug. The flood being denied/forgotten is a sign of the end times to come. "But you must not forget, dear friends..."
  11. I agree. We are doing all sorts of trees - biodiversity. Firewood. Attract wildlife. Some will be fast growing and others slow and yes, for edibles too. Are potatoes perennials in your area? Something called ground nut, which is like potatoes, is a perennial in our area. But I wonder about regular ole tatters being perennials here. I am in a cold climate.
  12. You probably know the drill. You pay $10 and you get 10 trees. But they are sticks with roots and the survival rate is poor unless you babysit them. Sigh. I have been able to keep 2 spruces, a maple, and a lilac, alive of the 10 and lost the others. Our plan was to get member pricing on trees and buy a variety of a ton of them (several hundred) for super cheap to reforest a portion of our land. But without regular watering, the sticks will die. We are talking reforesting 1-2 acres. So it is not like setting up a watering system is feasible. We were thinking of building some sort of baby tree nursery in our new shed and get them grown up more before transplanting them into the ground. But do you have any tips for getting these to live and make it? Or, should we scrap the whole idea and try and find a nursery that sells larger trees in bulk?
  13. For us it's the 13-strip gophers. Gamo Cat Whisper Air Rifle...just killed one who was bold enough to go up on the deck.
  14. Luv ya, Snake! Always put a smile on my face.
  15. Since I have family in the Tacoma area, this info was important to me and I looked into it more. Apparently, as recent as February of this year, Washington universities are doing more studies. FEMA is advising preps and some towns in Oregon have met as recent as May to discuss plans for aid and evacuation if/when the need arises. My biggest takeaway was just how under prepared the PNW is for this sort of thing.