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  1. Husband doesn't drive much each month for work (to and from the airport), but he does have some city driving. And, we use this second vehicle in the city quite a bit for when we need to both be places with kiddos. We will look into an automatic. I love Craigslist and I buy as well as sell quite a bit there. But, I am leery of vehicles on it. How does one ensure the car is okay? How does one get the vehicle to a mechanic to check it over before buying? What legal protection would a buyer have on Craigslist for a vehicle that ends up being a lemon?
  2. We are a two car family. We have four kids. Any vehicle we buy must seat 6. We have a minivan as our primary car. Our other car will end its life in a year or two. When it does, we want to buy a pick-up truck. We can justify that since we live rural now and can certainly use the hauling and bed capability. We will likely buy used and pay with cash. We are leaning toward an F150 with a front bench seat and a full size back seat ( to get our 6 seats). Any advice or must-haves? Things to avoid? Any other makes to consider? Certain accessories? This will be my husband's vehicle. We won't do the "interior frills."
  3. I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing. Type away! I'm sorry if I offended you. It is good you keep a journal/notebook.
  4. My parents got audited awhile back. Same thing as you. Dad keeps meticulous records and proved 'em wrong.
  5. No worries, Snake. I enjoy your posts (but sometimes the lack of punctuation is tough for me to follow your thoughts). That's just a friendly nudge. BTW. I tell my husband the guys here are my "internet dads," the trusted group of unknown men who think and give good advice on a miriade of topics. Ha! I enjoy it here. But I do wish more people posted like years ago!
  6. I'm only reading the MSM on this Vegas shooting event and its investigation. Yes I could read non-MSM but that will take me to a dark place. Nevertheless, what MSM is reporting is so obviously screwed up. Think of all those casino robbery movies, Oceans whatever number. Terry (the bad guy) always says, "someone's always watching" in reference to the mega surveillance in ALL casinos and hotels attached. So now the LE and MGM hotels (owner of Madalay Bay), are disputing with one another whether the shooter shot Jesus, the hotel employee, before or after the mass shooting occurred. And, one news outlet reported the security/maintenance guy wasn't wearing his audio recording device, which allegedly is mandatory. LE knows shooter used tracer bullets. But no tracers could be seen in the night sky. The news reader is left to conjecture why no tracers were visible. Lights turned on?? Well, lights often and necessarily get turned on at the end of concerts (those stadium type lights take awhile to warm up to full power). And the shooting began at the concert's end. This guy had lots of money. What's it's source? Just independently wealthy? From what job? Why don't we know where he worked or from where he's retired? Lastly, they found a paper with shooting calculations on it in his room. Distance, drop, and etc.. This isn't basic everyday knowledge, right? Or is it? I really don't know. Anyway, we are buried deep ya'll. Look to the Light!
  7. Sometimes a liberal, atheist friend I have (who is polite and considers others' views, and respects religion) discuss current events on Facebook. One of his friends discussed too. My my main takeaway from these talks are the unwillingness and inability to call anything or anyone 'evil.' When there is no evil defined we cannot adequately fight against it. This is why going after guns and tools makes sense to them because if we removed the tools of violence people would be good. But they can't even define good or evil so it's a big farse. The Bible says people will call darkness as light. It's happening.
  8. Google or Bing 'decriminalizing hiv' articles will pop up.
  9. You got me too!
  10. Continuing to think of you all down there! Thanks for the updates. Discussions on my home school forum include lines like "never expected this," "didn't have enough warning," and "thought they'd be fine." That is the exact opposite mentality then we have here. To be fair, plenty of posters there do prep even modestly. So many share my perspective. But sheesh. Why NOT prep? Foolish. Foolish. Foolish.
  11. Just heard army corps of engineers is having to let water out of damns to release pressure. They've never done this while it's actively still filling!
  12. We prayed for TX this morning at church. Amazes me the idiocy of people. It's sheeple not thinking. Whenever natural disasters hit, I am amazed. Glad you're okay, Snake! Keep us posted!
  13. Best of luck Snake. Just said a prayer for ya!
  14. Now that someone has a firm stance on Kim. I call hogwash on two navy vessels being involved in two collisions in less than three months. It's cover for some other covert activity...smuggling people and/or "goods" into NK or smuggling people and/or "goods" out?
  15. Nice combo post on eclipse and annoyance with government, etc.. We had 84% coverage here. Viewed it with glasses. Kids were like, "eh okay."