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  1. Hello all, haven't been around much in the last few months due to personal stuff but been trying to build my preps when I could. A few months back my wife needed another vehicle, so I looked around and after ruling out a Land Rover Discovery I was interested in, I ended up buying her a 4WD Chevy Tahoe. I liked it because it's got considerable interior cargo space, ground clearance, and I plan on adding lighting, a winch, replacement bumpers, and CB and Ham, among other things, none of which stand out in the area I live in. I also got my wife and kids interested in geocaching as a family hobby. It serves multiple purposes, allowing me to spend time with the family, teaching them what I know about the outdoors, and getting them acclimated with finding/following directions and using GPS. So to start enjoying this new hobby, I checked into handheld GPS receivers. Not finding any new that fit my budget, I hit the local pawn shops today and scored at the second one I went to. Got a Magellan handheld GPS, and made a deal on 2 matching knives, a fixed blade (about 4") skinner with wood handles and a nice sheath, with a small folding locking knife, all for $30. Didn't figure that was too bad, and I think they'll make good knives for my 9 yr old. Now I've got a few days vacation from work, and plan to teach my boy about braiding paracord and tying knots, and try to get some target practice in too. I've got my 9 yr old boy shooting gallon jugs at around 50-60 yards with his pellet rifle, and my 5 yr old daughter shooting gallon jugs at 20 yards with her Red Ryder. I know, that's not Olympic marksmanship just yet, but no more than they've been shooting, I'm proud and they show steady improvement and interest in shooting.
  2. Thumper

    Dual Band Radios

    Haven't been on in a while and just happened to come across this post right after I was looking at these very radios online. They're on Amazon for $33, and I was a little nervous about ordering one because as we all know, you typically get what you pay for. Are these good radios for the money? If so I'll order a couple.
  3. Thumper

    Little advice please?

    Wow I appreciate all the feedback and ideas. I've got a few things to change, starting with rotating my stock. As far as MREs and other freeze dried stuff.. I'm not opposed to it, just haven't done it because of finances. I get quite a bit of stuff at my current budget ( around 20-30 bucks a week) by utilizing store sales along with price matching and coupons. Its not hard to get food for four for around 25 bucks a week if you shop carefully. I just haven't seen any "survival food" that was even close to that budget. Granted, MREs are easier to prepare, and I won't be eating gourmet dishes, but I'd rather have a year of rice, beans, and fruit cocktail than a month of MREs. No disrespect intended to anyone or MREs, just gotta get more bang for my buck right now. Thanks again for all the info guys, not just this thread, but the whole site. I know I haven't posted much, but I've learned A TON here.
  4. Thumper

    Little advice please?

    Wildfire -- actually, and someone please let me know if this is a horrible idea, I've just been leaving the products in original packaging, simply because my finances haven't allowed me to try another means of packaging. My beans and rice are in smaller (2-3 lb) bags mostly, then I've got my canned goods, etc distributed into different buckets. My flour, sugar, salt, etc, I buy in larger quantities and store separately in buckets. I realize it isn't ideal, but I gotta do what I can with what I've got, while I can. When a bucket is full, I seal it and store it in a dark closet inside my home, and use self- stick envelope address labels to list the contents on the lid. Hoping for the best.
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    Hi from north Texas

    Welcome to the site! I'm also in N TX, closer to OK than I'd like to be.
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    My wife has been pretty supportive about the prepping thing, but gets a little irritated, as she believes its all I think about. ( Or somethin like that, I was busy on AutoCAD drawing up a plan for a shelter while she was talking.) Anyway, fast-forward to bedtime, and my wife, who HAS to sleep with the TV on, something I've grown accustomed to, has popped in her random DVD selection for the night and is already asleep. Looks like tonight I'm going to sleep listening to "2012". Nice. Sweet dreams.
  7. Thumper

    Another Knife Giveaway!

    Nice knife! Wish I had the skill & patience to do that. I'm in.
  8. Thumper

    Little advice please?

    Thanks for the input guys. I'm doing the same thing, buying 1-3 lb bags rather than in bulk, then storing several small bags in each bucket. I realize I'm spending a little more money this way, but with only 4 people,I prefer the option of only opening what I need at the moment. As far as the " variety", right now each bucket contains 5 lbs of beans, 5 lbs of rice, several assorted canned veggies, instant oatmeal, instant coffee, granola bars, etc. I figure for my group, I should be able to get 10 days (or maybe more) worth of food in each bucket.
  9. Picked up a spiffy little flashlight this evening at WalMart, its a waterproof LED light that will run on AA, AAA, or C batteries. Not bad for 12 bucks, I thought. Packed away some more food and now I'm gonna relax and make something out of paracord.
  10. Thumper

    Little advice please?

    Sorry for the two parts, apparently my smart phone isn't that smart after all. Any thoughts on storing food in this manner? Any input is appreciated.
  11. Thumper

    Little advice please?

    I'm sorry for being redundant if this has been addressed elsewhere, just had a kinda dumb question I haven't seen an answer to. I'm new to prepping, only been doing it a couple months, and currently, my plan is to bug in until we have to move for whatever reason. I'm currently working on my food and water preps, and I'm storing food in 5 gal buckets. My question is, I've been storing a variety of foods in each bucket, rather than one bucket for beans, one for rice, etc. My thought process behind this is that if we were forced to leave in a hurry and could only grab a couple of buckets, we wouldn't be stuck with just one item in each. Most of my preps are relatively short shelf life (1-2yrs), because I personally believe the S will HTF in the next couple months, and right now I need more bang for my bu ck as far as food goes.
  12. Thumper

    Hello from North Texas

    Welcome to the site, neighbor!
  13. Been reading " When Hell Breaks Loose..." by Cody Lundin. (Very informative book, I would recommend to anyone.) Bought a small used generator for $75 the other day, and a good running chainsaw this morning for 30 bucks. Picked up a couple Homer buckets with lids from the local Home Depot, and I'll get a couple pounds of dry goods when I go grocery shopping later. Also caught a great deal at Wally World recently and scored generic Aspirin, Acetominophen, Benadryl, ibuprofen, and bottles of alcohol for 88 cents each.
  14. Awake - I like the dog part. My Lab/Mastiff mix isn't as mean as she may look or sound, but she knows who isn't supposed to be here. My dog, my wife and I are all light sleepers. 9 times out of 10, my kids end up in our bedroom at night. I only leave one light on at night, on the other end of my house. I also always leave my bedroom door open (under normal circumstances) and my bedroom is very dark, so no one can see in from the doorway, but I have a very nice silhouette to put 3 bright green dots on. The way I see it, no one but my wife and I have keys to my home, and anyone who has ANY legitimate business here knows I'm armed and will call or announce theirselves and wait for a response before entering my house.
  15. Don't know Navyvet. It doesn't take much to make a vehicle roll on a smooth surface, all the stress is in taking off or if slack gets pulled out.. (don't mean to state the obvious). I really don't think it would be worth it for any reason besides it takes up minimal space. It takes around 8" of cord for each INCH of 4-strand, so you'd have A LOT tied up in just a short rope.