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    Former US Marine and a 25 year career LEO in a very large Southeastern law enforcement agency. Degree in criminal justice and a certified fitness trainer.
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  1. GAP

    Govt Cell Phone Alerts
  2. GAP

    Govt Cell Phone Alerts

    Older link...stand by
  3. GAP

    Here it Comes

    Place your bets...once it goes up it never comes down.
  4. I'm in FL and have the ccw license. Well worth the $$$
  5. GAP

    Greeting's from North Idaho

    Welcome aboard!!!
  6. All this happening while we hit the 16 trillion mark. None of it is sustainable. Prepare expeditiously because the reset button is fixin to get pushed.
  7. Just passed BP at lunch. 3.87 regular.
  8. GAP

    Howdy from Pensacola, Fl

    Welcome aboard from sfl!
  9. GAP

    Govt Cell Phone Alerts

    And you can't delete it from your settings.
  10. This just happened to me during TS Isaac. I recall it being talked about a few months back but did not think it had already been implemented. Check the article out at I was shocked to see this on my new cell phone. What do you guys think?
  11. GAP

    Wonder wy this didn't make the news...

    Good link. Didn't see that one. Always watch the other hand!
  12. GAP

    watching all the steeple

    Yeah hate the auto fill! Just saw the sheeple go crazy for a while down here in sfl when we were in the Isaac forecast come. Took a drive over to the local HD and wallyworld and all the generators and water were gone. It truly did feel good to be prepared and not have to worry.
  13. GAP

    New guy from Georgia

    Welcome aboard.
  14. GAP

    Datrex Food Bars

    I keep mainstay 3600 in my truck get home bag and one in my BOB. The package in the BOB is merely to supplement the MREs that I have in there in case I have to get calories on the fly. Not too sure I would rely on them for any type of longer term nutrition.
  15. GAP

    Are your friends sheeple?

    I have noticed recently that a few more are waking up. Some will never, and they will have the balls to look surprised when it hits the fan.