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    I've been in the survivalist prepped mindset for about 5-6 years, I have been laughed at by most people I know, or as we grow closer to "the shit" I am the one laughing.

    I enjoy creating works of leather, be it coasters, sheaths, holsters, cartridge belts, bandoliers, etc.

    I also enjoy working on my BOV or BORV, as it's a camper.
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    Cleveland, Ohio
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    Amateur leatherworker, aspiring woodworker, professional driver.
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  1. ImBuggingOutMan

    First day of community college

    They don't want to pay for the book because it comes out of their financial aid. Anything left over from the book money goes to your account. You can return te book at the end of the semester, for about $20....then they resell it for the original price. Full time students live off of their financial aid, so I can understand bitching about the price of a book...on the other hand, you can find them on various websites used for better prices.
  2. ImBuggingOutMan

    Every knife needs a sheath.

    Hello everyone, I'm sure by now you all know that when you consider yourself a prepper or a survivalist, knives are sure to be in your gear if not on your person at all times. Many knives come with sub par sheaths and some with no sheath at all. Nylon sheaths are destined to fail, and plastic has its downfalls. Sheaths are important for multiple reasons. Just think about having a knife without a sheath...surely disaster would be imminent. The first thing a sheath is for is to protect your tool from various things, such as being lost. Where would you put a fixed blade knife if not in a sheath? In your pocket? Think again. Another issue sheaths prevent is damage. If your just carrying your knife all the time your bound to drop it, causing the blade to get chips and knicks in it. It would also be out in the elements..moisture can attack a blade very quickly. If you just kept a knife in your backpack it should be fine right? What about the contents of your bag? What about the bag itself? What about when you reach in for the back and pull back a nub? Not good stuff, which brings me to my next point. Your knife should be very sharp, if you expect it to do its job. If you don't have the blade covered it will most likely cut you at some point. If you keep your knives like I do, you won't even know your cut until you feel that strange feeling of blood dripping off of your hand. What good would a knife do in a backpack if you found yourself needing it this instant? Not much..with a good sheath your knife will be right there at your side, safe and sharp awaiting its next task. In conclusion, your knife is a very important tool. Which makes a sheath a very important tool as well. So sheath those knives, and they will work alot better for you. PS, yes this is a shameless plug. If you need a sheath, I can provide you with one.
  3. ImBuggingOutMan

    Leather goods!

    Danm, firstly thank you for your compliments. I take great pride in my work, and I beileve in function first. The looks come in later. Once I'm sure my work does what it's supposed to the way it should, I then consider the aesthetics of the piece. There is no point in making a gnarly, tooled to the gills sheath that doesn't hold a knife in place for as long as you have that knife. That being said, it really is quite easy to start working with leather. The amount of knowledge and skill you can gain is really based on how many mistakes your willing to make! But really, I am CONSTANTLY reading, watching videos, trying new things out, and like i said, making tons of mistakes. I urge you all to at least try it out. I can't draw a proper smiley face, but somehow I can carve out a GD horse on leather. I do have a webpage now if anyone wants to see my most recent works, or order anything. I have not had the opportunity to play with the barbed wire border yet. Still playing catch up on the tools...can't seem to collect them all.
  4. ImBuggingOutMan

    Leather goods!

    A sheath made for a giveaway A leather portrait of a horse (this one was a challenge) And finally a little cover/sheath I made for myself after I found a phantom knick on the edge.. I'm still at it, so don't hesitate if you want something made.
  5. ImBuggingOutMan

    Leather goods!

    Another filet knife sheath Drop point skinning knife sheath Another little skinning knife sheath A guitar strap
  6. ImBuggingOutMan

    Leather goods!

    A bowie knife sheath, and a filet knife sheath I made. A Cheyenne style holster. A smart phone case for a motorcycle enthusiast. Another bowie knife sheath.
  7. ImBuggingOutMan

    Leather goods!

    Hey thanks snake, I'm gonna be uploading some pics of all the work I have done since last posting here. Stay tuned
  8. Got me a camper to been working on it to

  9. ImBuggingOutMan

    Hello from Moreno Valley Ca

    Welcome w.
  10. ImBuggingOutMan

    smoked fish....what kind is the right kind?

    man I'm excited to hear opinions here as well, I'm shocked no one has commented yet.
  11. ImBuggingOutMan

    Newbie from Texas

    Welcome aboard t!
  12. ImBuggingOutMan

    Newb from ohio

    A fellow Ohioan! Welcome brother!
  13. ImBuggingOutMan

    Fish Mox (Amoxicillin) Review

    If its safe for my dog it's safe for me..
  14. ImBuggingOutMan

    ok so whatcha eatin?

    Here's another delicious concoction: Loco Moco I will begin at the bottom of the Hawaii this is a breakfast dish. Rice, two hefty scoops. Burger patty, cooked to your liking. Two eggs, cooked to your liking. Sautéed onions. Brown gravy. Now, I was leery at first...but then I put it in my mouth...ohhhhh man..don't let it scare you..
  15. ImBuggingOutMan

    ok so whatcha eatin?

    Well that all depends on how you like your egg cooked!! It can be anywhere from sunny up to fried! I prefer over easy.