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    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    No problem Wally, I go through it in my head all the time but actually going through the drills was long overdue for me, I'll team up with my g/f and we'll practice as a team when she gets back plus she'll need to freshen up her skills solo. I get free food safe buckets with good lids/seals from work (used to ship liquid sugar) and can occassionally get dry ice as well but I've been eyeing those gamma lids. What does everyone think of them, they're not REALLY expensive but definitely not exactly cheap either....worth the expense?
  2. Smilinacey

    What have you done today to better your Prep? II

    My g/f is out of town for a few weeks so what do I do....practice clearing my house with different weapons and different routes. I lost track of how many drills I went through and my confidence level in taking care of any situations in my own home has improved drastically. I even discovered some problems that I hadn't thought of, luckily my house has a floorplan and some secrets that make clearing it much easier. I think of some of my friend's houses and a chill runs down my spine...long hallways with multiple doors, tight floorplans that make a shotgun very difficult to maneuver with, very cluttered rooms, etc. etc. Just like anything else, the more drills I did the more comfortable I was moving with various weapons and old skills that had gotten a little rusty are fresh and good to go again now.
  3. Smilinacey

    Battle Ax anyone?

    I would go with a hawk all day long for versatility, but my little bad axe is my go to for a straight up fight or home protection. It's short shafted for tight work (I'm 5'5" so closeupandpersonal is my middle name) yet long enough to get good inertia and has a great feel plus the double wing design makes traps and joint manipulation a breeze. Yeah it doesn't throw worth a damn but I've never been real keen on throwing away my weapon during a hand to hand fight.
  4. Smilinacey


    One thing to consider with bikes are the motorized recumbents. They are very comfortable, sit lower to the ground, and give a lot of options on how you run them. We have a two wheel Lightfoot motorized recumbent as well as a very heavy duty Lightfoot recumbent trike that also has a motor on it. The motor gives you the option of running totally quiet just pedalling or running with the motor as an assist on hills and such or even just running with the motor. The two wheel flies, I know I've hit 40 on the flat with the engine and pedal power and the trike is a brute that tops out at about 30 on the flat but we can carry well over 150 pounds of gear on it or pull a trailer. It's hard to figure out the average MPG because it varies between the bikes and the riders (some pedal more than others) but the two wheeler has averaged around 275 mpg for me so far and the trike is closer to 225. Even with the motor running it is surprisingly quiet.
  5. Smilinacey


    I've been looking into aquaponics for awhile now, even before I started preparing, and have done a smaller test setup much like a lot of others have. I'm going to use IBC totes because I got them for dirt cheap, can get as many as I need, and they seem to be perfect for our greenhouse. Tilapia, catfish, perch, and trout are fairly common but I'm going with tilapia since it's the only fish of the common ones grown that I can eat so far...yeah not a big fish/seafood fan. I'm also considering a hydroponic setup as well for the plants that don't grow as well with aquaponics. I'll throw some updates on as I move forward with my larger setup and here are a couple links, the video shows exactly how to do an IBC and the site is an aquaponics seller who also is very very pro America and pro prepper.
  6. Smilinacey

    Diabetes after SHTF

    Oh wow thanks!! I'll definitely check out that site Regulator and the frio Wally. Arkansasfan, I don't know how you found that but thank you for posting! Two of the people on my team understand that whole process, which is good because I only followed about half of it, and our back-up bug out is an organic pig/beef/poultry farm. I'll definitely be looking at this more and now instead of feeling like I'm grasping at straws with this I actually have a light at the end of the tunnel, granted it's a small light but at least it's there. Thanks a million!
  7. Smilinacey

    Diabetes after SHTF

    Does anyone have any good info, ideas, or tactics on dealing with and regulating type I diabetes. I've been looking at alternative ways to test, food that helps regulate, ways to store insulin...pretty much any input is welcome. I've also read in another forum about someone getting insulin from Canada, how realistic is getting medications from up North?
  8. This is going to sound odd but my gf has a ton of questions and I was wondering if you minded if she pm'd you when she joins the forum boards. She's totally on board with me on being prepared but has extra concerns about diabetes and stuff along those lines that I don't have answers to.

  9. Smilinacey

    It’s that time again. Another Knife Give Away!

    Definitely IN on this, nice looking blade!
  10. Smilinacey

    How Old Are You?

    Hah hah I even'ed up the 30-39 to the next bracket...take that old-timers! LOL j/k
  11. Smilinacey

    Essential Oil article

    My g/f is an oil guru and has even converted a skeptic like me over to using them. One thing we have noticed is that the quality of oil really varies a lot depending on where you get it and as much as it pains me to say, you really get what you pay for sometimes. Another thing to keep in mind is that oils are very touchy to conditions, heat and sun are two things you want to avoid with them just off the top of my head. If anyone has any questions with oils feel free to message me and I can ask the guru hehe.
  12. Smilinacey

    rust supression

    POR 15 is the shiznit but it is really expensive especially for a project that size. I used it on my jeep frame and it was insanely tough and easy to work with. Hoss is right cement or maybe a concrete epoxy might be cheaper. If you do use POR 15 remember to coat it with another layer of normal paint if it is going to sit in the sun before you bury it, it's uv reactive. I used a coating of bedliner over the POR when I did my frame and it worked well.
  13. Smilinacey

    Getting out of NYC!

    I would consider an inflatable kayak for getting off the island. I see great deals on various brands/models on craigslist all the time and they even have two person models if you need room for your wife later on or even a passenger who is willing to help you paddle in exchange for getting off the island as well. I used to laugh at the inflatables thinking that they were totally junk but they are surprisingly tough and take up little space and weigh next to nothing compared to a hard side kayak. You could use a pump (some pumps can be used to inflate things and as a liquid siphon which is handy) to inflate or even have a pressurized tank stored/stashed somewhere if you needed it inflated in a hurry and when you're done with it it could make a good barter item. I agree with femvet on thinking the situation through from both ends. It has been a hard realization to make but if the shtf my g/f won't realistically make it because of medical issues. Because of this we have planned with her limitations and needs in mind and instead of giving up hope this has been even more motivation to be as ready as we possibly can. It has also given her even more determination to doeverything she possibly can to help our people for as long as she can. Just my thoughts on this, I'm new here but old in problem solving thinking so take it for what you think it's worth hehe.
  14. Smilinacey

    Bug Out Motorcycle???

    I'm possibly looking at an enduro for a cheap commuter as well as potential BOV. I already have a couple vw buggys set up (one might potentially be turning into a sandrail) and I think a bike would work well hand in hand with a buggy/rail or two. I'm not very emp savy YET and I know a little about cycles but haven't ever owned before. How emp safe are cycles and is there a general cut off year or weak point for them not to be affected? I'm also a smaller fellah, 5'5" 160 and I've noticed that most enduros seem to be super tall....older bikes shorter in general? Thanks for any info...this is something I've been pondering for a bit now.
  15. Smilinacey

    New guy from pa

    Welcome aboard Shawn, new guy here as well and really digging the site and tons of info. Hey if she's a reader maybe reading one of the books might help with your wife, it was a game changer for my g/f and now she's totally onboard with me....sometimes even moreso LOL. So far my favorite has been Lights Out.