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    New guy from Cleveland Ohio

    Welcome John! I look forward to hearing some great stories.
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    Suturing: an ounce of prevention

    Dangerwolfe-- check out the book "Medicine for the Outdoors" from Elsevier (www.us.elsevierhealth.com/Medicine/Emergency-Medicine/book/9780323068130/Medicine-for-the-Outdoors/). This book is filled with tons of information on how to properly handle medical emergency scenarios such as emergency suturing. I bring this book along with me on all of my trips just in case-- it's a great resource.
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    Another new guy

    Greetings fellow survivalists! Just wanted to introduce myself-- my name is Ed. I've been camping and fishing my entire life (I come from a long line of outdoors-men) but just recently got into hunting and the whole "survival" thing. I joined this site to learn more and to share some great tips. Looking forward to some great conversations!
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    So we think we are prepared?

    "Medicine for The Outdoors" http://www.us.elsevierhealth.com/Medicine/Emergency/book/9780323068130/Medicine-for-the-Outdoors/, from Elsevier Health, is a great reference book to bring along with you in your emergency first-aid kit. This book has literally everything you'll ever need to know in order to survive an emergency medical situation in the outdoors. Unlike some other emergency survival books, this book is a really easy read. My brother bought it for me for my birthday and I read it in two days. I haven't gotten myself into any emergency medical situations (knock on wood) but I feel confident that I'd be able to handle almost anything thanks to this handbook. I definitely recommend it!
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    learn to skin game

    Bigmike-- being a beginner hunter, I was in the same boat as you a few months ago. I had killed a bunch of animals before but when it came to skinning I had no idea what to do. I watched some YouTube videos and read some books, but as Ruger92 stated, nothing is better than getting your hands dirty and trying it yourself. It definitely gets easier the more you do it.