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  1. i think its a bog hoax that he was ttacked just like other hoaxs the left put upon us good americans....let the race war begin i say....
  2. i think i am subscribed to her channel, will do when i view them....
  3. wally

    Yellow Vest vs Antifa

    onward christian soldiers....
  4. wally

    Food Stamps

    i hadn't heard about the MRE's... Yes Trump is doing the right thing more power to him...
  5. wally

    Survival Cache Podcast

    where is the link to the podcast i know its here just can't find it....
  6. wally

    It's getting crazier yet !

    thats insane no doubt....christ is coming christ is coming let us lift our eyes on high...
  7. hypocrites the lot of them....
  8. i knew there was a reason i am not a cat person....woof woof...
  9. wally

    My How things have changed

    communism and socialism just make me angry....
  10. wally

    A minimal BOB self reliance and defense

    i take the stairs anymore cause you never know....
  11. yukey....build the wall already....
  12. wally

    When feelings dictate morality

    love zacharias hes got a good head on his shoulders....