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  1. good grief where did it come from?
  2. welcome to the forum....
  3. welcome to the forum... 1st rule of gun safety, a gun is always loaded 2nd rule, don't point it at anything your not willing to destory 3rd rule, make sure of your target and whats behind it 4th rule, keep your finger off the trigger until your sites are on the target... a nice battery of firearms is: a rifle in 223 or 308 a deer rifle like a 30-30 a 22 rifle for small game and varmits a pistol in your choice of caliber and a 12 gauge shotgun...
  4. can't add much more than snake said but a little silver would be okay to have cash will lose value quickly so i wouldn't have bundles of cash laying around either... stock up on prepper items is the way to go... and certainly don't get paper gold/silver stocks they will never give you the gold once the SHTF...
  5. i am buying it from the store as usual mainly cabelas and walmart....
  6. welcome to the forum!
  7. welcome to the forum!
  8. snake i think a mandatory 2 years service would be a great idea....
  9. https://www.hillsdale.edu/america/?fn=&ln=&em=&ci=&st=&ad=&ti=&c_id=&lg=&zi=&utm_source=housefile&utm_medium=email&utm_content=america_the_beautiful&utm_campaign=independence_day_2017&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-8l07l-BRwDyYteOx2K8oqU82T0SVSQOMw6TB1OHRsfenoH9p4TBZDD88xoFCyY9ui0dVWdXN22ergt3o1RQXyHAZ4dwA&_hsmi=53862199 very beautiful 4 minutes long...
  10. Happy Independence day guys especially to those whom have served...
  11. interesting to note scientist have claimed they can get us to about 650 years before some mishap gets us and they are not there in time to save you...all that wont matter if you don't have Christ...
  12. i'll go down fighting thats for sure...
  13. i use hoppes
  14. my aunt did this through her local college and now she has a few acres of 20-30 foot trees... i'd probably go with the nursery and bigger saplings at this point...