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  1. i feel your pain...politics is turning into something very ugly as of late(last 50 years)...
  2. wally

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    wow.....sunny and cool here....
  3. wally

    How to tap water from trees.

    we don't have alot of those here its all doug-fir or hem-fir....but your salt water idea is great i will be trying that....
  4. wally

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    wow...we didn't have any wind storms this season which is unusual but then march ain't over yet...
  5. that was cool...and very easy to do...
  6. thats why you form a large prepper group instead of going it alone....
  7. you wouldn't be the infamous onetime would you?
  8. i tried the same went to hong kong to find a good filipina wife...turned out to be a money scam....lesson learned....
  9. almost made a HUGE mistake twice and almost got married twice...now if i find a gal i like i pray about it and let the Lord choose, still single btw....
  10. well thats a bit tricky dietary laws ended with Peters vision and Pauls commentary on eating meat or herbs....yes we probably should avoid a lot of sugar and fats....
  11. i haven't tracked individual prices but our groceries went from about 150 every 2 weeks to 200-230 every 2 weeks....starting last year...
  12. i have nightmares about piles of bodies outside of my door and more of them coming and i've run out of ammo....
  13. i'm surprised we have a snowflake here at survivalcache. tommy robinson speaks nothing but facts as far as i have seen and heard(could be wrong)...