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  1. i bow my head and cry...
  2. be vigilant people a lot of hate will be coming our way in the days to come....
  3. good lord was he on PCP?
  4. i'm a james w rawles follower and choose a 5 gun battery... a rifle in .223 or .308 a deer rifle(any caliber) a 22 rifle a shotgun in 12 guage and a pistol (in any caliber)
  5. i just posted these a few days ago to a religious forum and was mocked...
  6. feel better matt helm... i have a space issue too for supplies but i keep craming stuff in there anyways...
  7. welcome to the forum matt helm...
  8. i like the idea of not relying on chain saws, kudos on doing that....
  9. looks pretty good let us know how it handles in a real situtation..
  10. just some interesting info from john ankerberg... the bible is now out in 1120 languages in some form or another but we still have 4000 languages to go...
  11. no chip for me...
  12. love herb alpert...
  13. thats sounds soooooooo good snake....i'm hungry now!
  14. looks like Trump passed his medical and cognitive exams with flying colors i wonder what the left will do now with the 25th amendment?
  15. a non savage will walk up and knock on your door and ask for help/trade a savage on the other hand you'll probably never see until its too late...