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  1. i think it had something to do with the store and customer service....
  2. thats where everyone migrated too when they had a spat with survivalcache. it was run by three or four guys big into survival. but for some reason a year or so ago they all broke up and went thier separate ways. one went to the army i believe one is doing survival classes and i am not sure what the other guy is doing.
  3. well dans depot closed their forum and website i wonder if everyone will migrate back to here? reg5 is building a forum but its not ready yet...
  4. depending on the problem i wouldn't have a problem waiting 1 month for my firearm...
  5. mr. pry on levin said we should all be preppers i was surprised
  6. in life liberty and levin tonight they are talking about EMP's and CME's its pretty good so far...
  7. did you get the ruger or the cz for the trip?
  8. what an adventure i am glad you made it back TP safe and sound...
  9. when people give dates to predictions i generally ignore them..if they speak in generalities i listen more to that...
  10. i try to eat healthy as possible but i do love snack food...
  11. meriam-webster dictionary is now including semi-autos as assault weapons offcially
  12. well take care on your trip TPSnograss. i take it your going overland? make sure to get that book from the NRA about all 50 states rules on firearms for the states you will be crossing. ya never know....the CZ will probably be more PC if you know what i mean to get than the ruger....here is a link... https://tinyurl.com/yam2xpza
  13. hehehehehe
  14. and there you go the religion of peace... hack patooie!
  15. AI is gonna be a doom if were not careful...