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  1. SPOILER....... i can't believe they killed off carl...
  2. really though snake their the only channel that speaks from the right of the issue all other channels are hook line and sinker liberal/soc/commies where else can one go?
  3. its about 39 degrees here in western wa no snow yet...
  4. the insanity is mind boggling...
  5. very good video thanks...love allen keyes voted for him even...
  6. i don't know why Gods plan has to include a fall away from christianity but it sure is in full swing ain't it? i don't like it one bit...
  7. interesting
  8. very interesting i didn't know that...
  9. i have a muzzle loader i have never shot yet...fox river 50 cal... i ASSume it would be 90 grains of pyrodex with at least 150 grain projectile....
  10. you guys are gross and are making me laugh....
  11. if i am remembering scripture right at some point we will say let the mountains fall on us and be hiding in caves it will be so bad...
  12. wow thats one of my favorite quotes of his....
  13. everyone have a happy and safe thanksgiving wally
  14. well all have to start carrying rocket launchers or RPG's...