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  1. did you get the ruger or the cz for the trip?
  2. what an adventure i am glad you made it back TP safe and sound...
  3. when people give dates to predictions i generally ignore them..if they speak in generalities i listen more to that...
  4. i try to eat healthy as possible but i do love snack food...
  5. meriam-webster dictionary is now including semi-autos as assault weapons offcially
  6. well take care on your trip TPSnograss. i take it your going overland? make sure to get that book from the NRA about all 50 states rules on firearms for the states you will be crossing. ya never know....the CZ will probably be more PC if you know what i mean to get than the ruger....here is a link... https://tinyurl.com/yam2xpza
  7. hehehehehe
  8. and there you go the religion of peace... hack patooie!
  9. AI is gonna be a doom if were not careful...
  10. its up to 63 now? good grief...
  11. if you go to amazon they have about 20,000 pieces of tactical gear to look through... welcome to the forum BTW...
  12. i have a crossbow and a recurve and a compound but i've only had 12 lessons with a longbow so i couldn't tell you one way or the other which is best accept for the recurve has less moving parts so would be more ideal in a SHTF scenario.
  13. this is from someone who is not exactly a friend in NZHi Wally, I have just acquired a full length suppressed barrel Ruger 77 in 44 mag. Cost me far too much. Ruger make the standard rifle and a NZ gun shop add the suppressed barrel. Now my problem is I thought I could buy off the shelf subsonic 44 mag so all I would hear is the click but that is not the case unless i buy 44 special which is a bit too slow and has the trajectory of a brick. I was hoping to use this at ranges out to about 125 metres so need a round travelling at about 1100ft/per second at muzzle. The special is much slower. I have trawled the internet to find a solution and can't find anything other than a 300 grain lead pill which will foul the suppressor. You being in the USA, you may have the knowledge of something I am missing here. I have checked Hornady and Federal. I am also about to buy another 223, my first semi for years since I gave up meat shooting. It's a Kel tec. Looks like its made in China but the gunshop says they are fine. Have you heard of them and any feed back. This is for use on big mobs of wild goats that are devastating the bush. The three things I like about them are weight, spare 5 shot mags kept in the stock and the fore end folds down to make a bi pod.
  14. unfortunately all that you said is TRUE snake....