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  1. wally

    Snowpocalypse 2020 in Canada.

    we had about a 1/2 inch snow fall last week but its all gone now....rain rain rain....
  2. i go about 2 miles a week on a trail with my BOB so far so good but its all rain here no snow.....
  3. wally

    spam bots

    man they sure have the number of survival cache don't they!?
  4. wow i think i see my new wife!!!!!!
  5. wally

    Four Tools for Survival

    does the crunch have a knife in it?
  6. i use to love those cartoons every saturday morning. the stuff they have now is PC and insane most of the time....
  7. wally

    Merry Christmas

    merry christmas to all that are still here!!!!!!
  8. wally

    Veteran benefits

    they called me yesterday...this is a medical benefit only along the lines of a nursing home type or home care type its not really a general benefit of cash. although you can get that 1800-2800 in medical care costs per month...
  9. wally

    Veteran benefits

    patriotangels.com/these initially appear to be benefits beyond the normal ones you get for serving in combat...widows and widowers of vet's can also receive these benefits... 1,800 for an individual or 2,800 for a couple...its a slow process to get it...honorable, general and medical discharges...
  10. wally

    Introduction Thread

    welcome to the forum, there aren't many left anymore but we're feisty!
  11. awesome....got a case of MRE's yesterday for 75$ thats about 6.50 per meal....
  12. we got A SPAM BOT on the lose again....

    1. Drew_Forge


      Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick!

  13. wally


    bishop thats great! how close did you have to get to take him? you might like this channel on youtube.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZlxkKqlvVqzRJXhAGq42Q
  14. wally


    now when you say deer do you mean a slingshot with an arrow or something else?