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  1. my fav is christmas story, rudolph, santa claus?,polar express, drummer boy and charlie browns christmas...
  2. okay hes buried now as far as i am concerned... 1. no new taxes PO'd me to no end 2. did not take out saddam he had a chance to end the crap then but didn't PO'd me to no end 3. did nothing to secure our borders PO'd me to no end 4. was definitely a globalist and spoke of the NWO PO'd me to no end so all said i didn't really like him that much...he may have been a great dad and husband though and he did fight for us in WWII so i'll give credit for that. RIP
  3. merry christmas snake and others...
  4. i have mixed feeling about Bush but i'll wait till after hes buried to say something...
  5. ugh..too much information....
  6. i've often said they will "rule things or break them" one way or the other, its not good for the rest of us....
  7. i seen 1 UFO in my life a few years ago....it was way up and just a dot of light but it went across the sky faster than a jet but slower than a meteor...now it could have been a sattelite but it was interesting to say the least....i still lean towards no little green men...
  8. i'm on another forum that has quite a few that follow " rule in hell rather than serve in heaven"...i try to get though to them but nothing takes...
  9. i won't go down easy....just sayin'
  10. my only concern with this setup is the 22 mag. i'd sure hate to get hit by one but will it knockdown a guy on drugs? i know shot placement counts but i would still be a little worried. its better than nothing though...
  11. okay i agree slutwalk....
  12. Happy thanksgiving everyone stay safe!
  13. my father was a bastard i never got to learn anything from him. a few men tried to teach me stuff later on but eventually i learned everything myself through the school of hard knocks. and i still don't know stuff that i should by now. thats why i admired men that take their role as father seriuosly.
  14. now that was a good father son thing to do...congrats...
  15. thats awesome nice firearm there....love revolvers...