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  1. nice snake...
  2. i really like snow and the cold although 2 feet of it all at once might dampen my enthusiasm! i like a mean tempature of about 65 for me to function well. i know what you mean about crazy drivers too they are everywhere when it snows or there is ice on the roads people here in wa state just don't get it!
  3. just watched it...i had no idea that not only did they attack the diplomatic outpost with ambassador stevens in it but they also attacked the cia annex that a rescue attempt came from...it was truly a CF event for sure and for certain.
  4. hmmm what equipment allows you to do that?
  5. very cool snake be sure to try and share pictures when they are done....
  6. bill paxton was great in Aliens he really made the movie i think...
  7. did ya get what you wanted for it? just curious...
  8. thanks snake...watched it.... he did a very good job on expressing his policies and what he is going to do. i enjoyed particularly when he said that the dakota pipes would be AMERICAN made...
  9. i missed it because of a dang dentist appointment...but if he keeps his campaign promises i'll be happy...
  10. sweet rifle man...and an excellent article on how you got to where your at with it.....
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/d6f927ac-5379-3bf3-9960-56542a97bef4/ss_this-foam-stops-bullets-cold.html
  12. i didn't really know her she must have been on FBN instead of FNC...
  13. thank God were stopping the SS end run around the 2nd......
  14. hhahahhah when i first started shooting i got "ringed" good and proper...