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  1. we got A SPAM BOT on the lose again....

    1. Drew_Forge


      Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick!

  2. wally


    bishop thats great! how close did you have to get to take him? you might like this channel on youtube.... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVZlxkKqlvVqzRJXhAGq42Q
  3. wally


    now when you say deer do you mean a slingshot with an arrow or something else?
  4. wally

    What Would You Do?

    i'd bug in myself like you have said and block every exit or window that i could with wood barriers then wait and see what would be my next step....
  5. thanks to all who have served or are serving our great country....243 years in the making.... Trump did a good job today thanking each branch of our military and a long time coming salute to the coast guard too....
  6. congrats on 152 years.....
  7. coming soon to an economy near you....
  8. wally


    it looks good but there are some bad reports on it...with only a little use.... gerber or leatherman are always good solid multi tools....
  9. well age can matter in that a young person might not have enough life experience to make the right life or death decsions.... dick prenokke of alaska stayed in the wilderness until he was like 89+ years old alone he started out when he was 55...so older folks do need to take care for what they are doing but it can be done. he quit only because of the winters.... gender is a bit more tricky its true that women are weaker physically than men but there are exceptions to the rule and some women can do the work of a man...training/skills are key here for gender.... i'm 54, would i want to be alone in the wilderness when i am over 70? probably not... why? i was rasied with traditional values and stick with them good or bad....
  10. i know hickory, maple and mesquite are good for smoking meats but are there any other trees that can be used for smoking meats? why i ask is that here in the PNW most(75%) trees are doug-fir or hem-fir and i don't think those can be used for smoking meats....
  11. how about a check list for food and supplies at your bug in or bug out location?
  12. sounds good look forward to seeing it....can't think of anything right now but will let you know if i do...
  13. i feel your pain...politics is turning into something very ugly as of late(last 50 years)...