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  1. CarsonCityJay

    Less Lethal
  2. CarsonCityJay

    Rifles and Side arms

    Bart I do agree, and allow me to point out that was a hell of a shot. I was just thinking that a .30cal is great for larger game, the .223/5.56 is a better all around caliber in my opinion. I could hunt deer with it, and if i miss and there's a squirrel next door i have a chance at that as well. Whereas if you only had a .30 the squirrel is completely out of the question. There would be nothing left to harvest, you would have better luck with the .223/5.56. Also the ammunition is lighter. I do also agree with wally it is best to have a battery, but in a shtf situation it may not be feasible to cary 3 different rifles and a side arm plus the rest of your gear. say you've been in the shit for 3 months, no vehicle, not much in the way of supplies, exhausted, hungry, sore, are you really gonna drag around 4 firearms when you could use one long gun and a side arm. I wouldn't.... Jmo
  3. CarsonCityJay

    Nice weapon

    You are correct sir it is the 00 buck that makes the differce. I just meant it's easy enough to pump many rnds. of 7 shot with the pistol grip and not get sore or tired, but if you start putting a real load through it it might not be as comfortable. Now if you talking a pistol grip with a stock it's not as bad. However the thread started with an image of a moss. 500 with a pistol grip, no stock, and thats what I based my response on.
  4. CarsonCityJay

    Rifles and Side arms

    I'm not sure I could say the same thing for a 5.56. i have to disagree i've seen a caribou drop at 100 yards with a 5.56. and you can still use it as a varmint rifle
  5. wd-40 has water in it so using it for long term storage probably isn't the best idea. it will eventually cause rust. best bet for long term is a dry teflon or sillicone lube.
  6. CarsonCityJay

    Nice weapon

    yeah but try putting a couple rds of mil spec 00 buck through it with a pistol grip then talk to me about it
  7. CarsonCityJay

    New Prepper

    I got my wife one of those for her birthday it's great. but if you buy one make sure you get the one with the second cylinder for 22mag. if you buy one afterwards you have to have it timed.
  8. CarsonCityJay

    Gun Paint

    My main concern is having a lasting finish. Obviousely preping is key.... but whats the point of all the prep work if the paint is going to rub off every time you apply solvent. This is what i'm afraid of with the KRYLON. My point is why use a product that may or may not work when there is something out there like this. The folks on the internet may not be doing it incorrectly however their not doing it to my standards. If I was going to do a project like this I would spend the extra few bucks and have a lasting finish that I wouldn't have to touch up or replace.
  9. CarsonCityJay

    My Bug Out bag

    One thing I try to do is follow the rule of 3's. If it doesn't have 3 uses its not worth carrying. however not all the items you cary will have more than 1 use, it's up to you to decide if its worth it. Also i don't mean to nit pick but i'm going to. for instance, is your medium sized bowl metal or plastic? if it's metal you have 3 uses. You could use it for cooking/boiling water, digging, making noise maybe to scare off a predator, and i might just be trying to hard with this one but if it came down to it you could use it for a helmet of sorts. another thing when looking for a backpack maybe find one with a bladder, obviousely you can carry water with it, and it might be a good while before finding drinkable water, so your canteen might not be enough. it also it doubles as a shower, let it sit in the sun for a while and you have warm/ hot water. is it cold where you live? from the cloths your bringin g along it sounds like it, if not you might want to think about some shorts/ t shirts. the gas mask is a good idea no matter what. (example) do you know how many chlorine plants we have in the US? the answer is alot. when tshtf whos going to tend to these places? no one and when they finally leak there will be mass amounts of poison thatt will not just float away on the breeze (chlorine is heavier than air). just as an example and chlorine probably isn't the worst thing out there a gas mask can save you from. i know this is dragging on but i've got much more so.... would you like to know more? (starship troopers) just say the word. welcome to the world of prepping and the bug out bag is looking very good so far:)
  10. CarsonCityJay

    Gun Paint

    I have seen alot of people lately talking about painting their guns. So many infact, i thought about doing it my self. I started looking on bing to see what I could find out about it. Turns out most of the people on the internet have no idea what their doing. The reason i say this is because most of them are just using KRYLON spraypaint they get from Wally World. The problem with using cheap spraypaint from walmart is the fact that it will just rub right off with solvent, and anytime you set it down your going to end up with scratches. so I researched it a little more and found this. For $40 and freight you have a permanent finish on a single color. It just seems silly to me to use something that isn't going to last when there is a product out there like this. These people will supply all the materials you need including degreaser, paint, hardener, and even an aersol sprayer. For $70 and freight you can do a complete camo patern (multiple colors) and the above listed materials. I just thought I would share this with my friends here in case any one was interested in doing a project like this. I hope this helps someone.
  11. CarsonCityJay

    M4 Carbine questions

    I've got a smith and wesson m&p 15 from a pawn shop for $650, standard gas impignent system. it still had factory grease on it. I've fired over 2000 rnds with it and haven't had a single misfire or jam. The thing works like a pro. So from my experience so far this might be a good option for you. Cabellas has them for about $700 before taxes and such. just my 2 cents
  12. CarsonCityJay

    Folding Vertical Grip Bipod? this is what i found on ctd but nothing that folds
  13. Under $40 no problem. I found a leatherman blast fishing a couple years ago, I always have it. Best investment I ever made. Plus I caught a 5 lbs large mouth bout 5 min later.
  14. CarsonCityJay

    handgun questions

    Defintly XD all the way. I got me one a couple years ago and love it. Them Croations sure know how to make an instrument of destruction.
  15. I've heard the same thing about geese and swans