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  1. doublegg

    big boy,s hand gun?

    Just picked up a Glock G20 in 10mm,I have carried and handloaded for my M&P compact(.40S&W)for a few years now so the jump to a full 10mm was a no-brainer,magnum power in an autoloader pistol,and it's managable.
  2. doublegg

    Truck, SUV, or Car?

    older jeep cherokee-its very well maintained,and I only use it for out of town adventures(ride bicycle in town)
  3. doublegg


    started hunting with a 30-30,fine weapon to learn with-shot pronghorn,deer and elk-developed stealth to get close enough.Then I got a 30-06,after learning the ballistics and drop my range increase was welcomed.still have both and still use both.recoil can be managed by practice or add-on pads.
  4. doublegg

    What would be your role in a Post-Collapse world?

    auto tech by trade-but have been a jack of all trades,hunt,fish,former military-no worries here
  5. doublegg

    Fire sale

    the models in question are the cherokee,and Grand cherokee-both are very capable off road vehicles-I own an older cherokee and it will go places most lifted trucks only wished they could go.
  6. doublegg

    Military Thread

    new guy here,Field artillery(M109's)1985-1997.good times