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  1. excoastie

    When they close the roads...

    Actually, the Can Am has an amazing engine break so he would be able to control it the entire way down. I've come down some steep logging roads on mine and I can release my hands from the handle bars and I remain in total control. Don't try that on a Polaris though or you'll end up crunched.
  2. excoastie

    Thinking about the future

    Ladywolf, I recommend that you study some emergency medicine and/or how to use nature's bounty to treat illnesses and injuries. You can educate yourself online so the cost is free. All you will invest is time. But having emergency medical skills coupled with a knowledge of nature's medicines will make you a valuable asset to any group of survivors.
  3. excoastie

    When they close the roads...

    Outlander, nice dog! Looks like you have help keeping the family safe. How does that red plastic gas container work? I have seen them before and have always wondered if they are worth the money. What say you?
  4. excoastie

    The end could be closer than you think...

    Agreed with all above. We the People are in for a bumpy ride!
  5. excoastie

    IRS Tea Party update as it were...

    Another Obama operative bought and paid.
  6. excoastie

    haha love this idea

    You might like this... hide them in plain sight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pYqquG27pg
  7. excoastie

    When they close the roads...

    Von, both are good points. An animal can break a leg or hurt its foot. Any form of transportation has its strength and its weaknesses. Gas can be solved fairly easily in a real SHTF scenario. But in reality, it comes down to the fact that I own a Can Am and not a mule. Also, I keep a lot of gasoline on hand... enough to get me anywhere in Massachusetts and the gas is easily mounted to the ATV.
  8. excoastie

    When they close the roads...

    Outlander, I see you have Can Am ATVs. I've had a Can Am 800 for about three years and have taken that thing into places no other ATV could have gone. I strapped a deer on the front of my Can Am and headed up a steep hill. When I got to the top I had a guy standing there to push my ATV down so I didn't flip. I have plowed snow that was so deep it came over the plow and the front end. But it pushed snow no matter how deep it was. I'll take my Can Am any day of the week.
  9. excoastie

    Leather goods!

    Just received the sheath you made for my brother. He wanted a plain sheath that could take a lot of abuse. Oh man, did you come through for him! That sheath is awesome and will be around for decades! Thanks a lot! My brother really liked it/
  10. excoastie

    Leather goods!

    I am the proud owner of one of IBOM sheaths. His workmanship is outstanding!! I am about to send him a rather large order of custom knives so he can create some custom sheaths to make them the perfect gift! IBOM is HIGHLY recommended!
  11. excoastie

    Government & truth .... polar opposites.

    +1 Short, sweet and straight to the point
  12. excoastie

    radioactive water filter

    Sweet find, Wally!
  13. excoastie

    Does this seem legit?

    Check out Black Tyde Tactical. They seem to have good stuff at very reasonable prices. https://www.blacktydetactical.com/istore/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=338
  14. Locks keep honest people honest and/or insures that they meet the minimum standards as set forth by local authorities. Here in occupied AmeriKa we must keep all firearms locked unless that are in our possession. So many buy the cheaper 'StackOn' safes to align with the law. Keeping your guns n a glass cabinet is a thing of the past. The gun=-Nazis have seen to that.
  15. excoastie

    What you see is not always reality...

    Obama's motto: Never let the truth keep you from exploiting a crisis. He and his ilk love exploiting bloodshed. It' fun. It' very profitable and it helps them infringe upon our rights and destroy the Constitution.