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    bug out bag diet

    Kountry Boy, you have a great kit going there. You are worlds ahead of the average joe having made the decision to be responsible for your own fate. With the advice and experience of the folks here, we all learn from eachother. As most here will agree, our EDC, our BOBs, and the multitudes of "other scenario specific" kits we all have, are never quite finised or perfect. Best advice is get out and use it. Practice with your gear, gadgets, and doo dads. Try those MREs, you might find you need/ want to diversify your menu. Do you really need an entire "mess kit, or do you need only a pot/ pan? The best way to trim/ adjust the load/ contents of your kit is to use it, use it alot.
  2. Straydog

    Newbie from Texas

    Another from ETEX! Welcome to the Cache T, you've come to the right place. Tons of info, facts, advice, insight and wisdom here. Everyone has something to contribute and I look forward to reading your posts.
  3. Straydog

    Newb from ohio

    Welcome ErnieB. You have certainly come to the right place for ideas and insight. The members here are all true wells of knowledge and readily welcome newcomers. I'm sure with your experience you will find you have something to share as well. I ook forward to reading your posts.
  4. Straydog

    BoB food selection

    Cool site ark fan, definitely some good ideas there. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Straydog

    Swissgear pack

    they will definitely purvey the "Grey Man" effect in an urban environment. The bags must be pretty well made, my director of maintenance has carried one for 5 years, loaded with daily carry items, laptop, Browning HiPower and ammo. The thing just keeps hangin in there. Good choice.
  6. Glad to see the forum back up and running folks, thanks guys. It's been a month since my last post, but we've been busy. We have the "farm" ready for winter. I winterized all our vehicles, oil and filters, inspected spare tires, inspected and updated the GHBs and ergency equipment in each as well. In light of recent events, I sprung for some extras for the farm that really were not in the budget; 1000 rnds 7.62x39, 1000 rnds 223, 500 rnds 45 ACP, 500 rnds 9MM, 50 rnds 12 ga OOB, 50 rnds 20ga #3B and 1650 rnds 22 LR. I guess that was our Christmas presents this year! Despite the fact we spent some unplanned funds for stock, we did dilagently scour the AD pages and shopped frugally for pantry stash and consumables. We ran across a pickup load of 42 5 gallon square food grade buckets at a bakery in our home town. We shared with family and my neighbor at the farm. The bakery owner says she just sits these buckets out back for anyone who wants them. I will check again over the Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps I can share my good fortune with some of you other North Texas folks. Here's wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving. Straydog
  7. Been a while since my last post, but we've been busy nontheless. Yes, my better half did infact take the lead on giving our BOBs a "seasonal redo", but that is another thread and possiblly my first to start up. Last weekend, we spent three days at the farm getting things ready for winter. Propane tank topped off, topped off the "farm fuel" tank and added stabil for peace of mind, topped off the generator and put up 20 gallons of diesel for the generator. We ran system checks on the solar panels and all were producing admirably even in the crappy NE Texas weather. Cleaned and serviced the battery bank. Exchanged the standard filiment 12 volt bulbs with LEDs in the emergency lighhting system. We did a little calking and maintenance aound the cabin. My country neighbor brought me more than enough 2" drill pipe to build pipe fence along road frontage for free. Well, I loaned him my tractor and mower last week in exchange. He even mowed around my cabin for me too and brought the tractor back full of fuel. Along with all the labor, we brought up " a few" more items for the stash from home that we've accumulated. All in all, we had a great time, built a fire in the pit, had a cocktail or 6 with our neighbors, and slept with the windows open!
  8. Straydog

    Jail Time for Gardens?

    Home grown tomatoes a crime? Couldn't he say they were for personal use?
  9. Straydog

    How's your ammo supply?

    Snake is right on the money. Lee loading equipment is a great "cost effective" way to get into reloading. My personal choice where my bang for the buck is concerned. I have an old Lee press given to me by my father that I now use for depriming and some sizing only. It served me well for many years. I purchased a Lee Challenger "Breechlock" kit 4 or 5 years ago and it is great. I have buds with the progressive sets that produce rounds faster, but I perfer to go the "one at a time" method. I have molds for my pistol calibers but only have one rifle mold for 30WCF. Reloading is definiately a good investment in preparedness. Start slow and simple.
  10. Straydog

    Heads up

    Contradulations to Mr and Mrs AWAKE. 29 years is a testiment to a good man and woman making it work, thick or thin, good times and bad. My hat off to the both of y'all.
  11. Straydog

    Anybody shoot IDPA?

    IDPA the most fun I ever had with a firearm. Games with live ammo! Fell in with a great group in Augusta KS, as a novice many years ago. I loved every match. Most folks in the club were ready to offer tips techniques and advice. No premadonas, over zealous wannabees or smartasses. I tried to locate such a group after moving back home to Texas, with no luck yet.
  12. Straydog

    Kill it. Clean it. Eat it

    Nana, remember Venison is extremely lean and has no fat. If you over cook it, you'll be chewing boot leather. My favorite way to do backstrap is to cut it into 1" to 1 1/2 " thick steaks that resemble Filet Mignot. I marinate in a simple Balsamic Vinegar for about an hour then season with lots of cracked pepper and some sea salt. Place in a hot iron skillet and turn once after 3 mins. The meat should be rare to medium rare when removed from the skillet and allowed to rest for 3 mins as it will finish cooking on its own. Make a side of sauted mishrooms and onions and a batch of long grain and wild rice. Maybe some Cafe Zinfendel, or room temp Merlot? Hmmmm, I think I need to go hiunting in the freezer!!!!!
  13. Straydog

    How's your ammo supply?

    nobody, the advantages toreloading are really quite simple 1. Ability to tailor your load for a specific firearm or purpose 2. A brick of 1000 primers store alot easier that a 1000 rounds of 308. 3. Theropy, stress management, or just plain fun. 4. Price? Just as in shopping smart for ready rolls, bargain hunting for components can be just as rewarding. 5. With a minimum of prep and the knowledge of such things; you now have a marketable skill within your group.
  14. Straydog

    food saver vs. canning.

    Tinder I agree with Devildog. These are two totally different tools for totally different uses. The canning method is by far the ticket for long term storage when the lights go out. The Food Saver won't do you much good then, but, it has many "other" uses. If you have to make a choice, go for canning ger and supplies. It has been around for a mighty long time and will serve you well.
  15. Straydog

    .22 cowboy guns question

    Hoss, I had an old long barrell Hi tandard double nine I traded for in 1972, it was worn out when I got it. I had it up until 1991 and shot hundreds if not thousands of stingers through it with no issues. Your colt and browning will not be adversely effected by them either. IMHO. However, I did find them not as accurate as other less speedy variants with heavier projectiles. The Mini Mags were and still are my preferred 22LR round. Straydog