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  1. my friend has a sign in his yard that says "my neighbors don't believe in guns, so to respect their beliefs i won't use my guns to defend them if you break in"
  2. kailstark

    Really cheep but good fire making tender

    Dryer lent is really good tender too. it just takes a small amount and a small spark, but it burns out really quick so you have to be ready with stuff to keep the fire going
  3. this is my first thread I've made so if its not in the right spot feel free to move it. I've heard both of these terms used a lot lately, any my questions are what exactly do they mean, and how do you achieve/practice them? thanks in advance
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    around where i live a riceburner is a common nickname for a 4 cylinder car usually japanese company made, but can apply to any 4 cylinder
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    urban/wilderness evasion

    i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to practise evasion in an urban or wilderness situation, maybe ideas for a "game" or something similar i could get my friends involved in?
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    urban/wilderness evasion

    this is a great idea, thanks
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    shtf music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxHSiV76KXM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBFCfC22Vd0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5zNK--DUDg if anyone actually watches all of these...the tossers are my favourite band, thats why there a few of their songs there
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    Being gray and situational awareness

    thanks for the replies everyone
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    Being gray and situational awareness

    Thanks for the tips everyone!
  10. kailstark

    Being gray and situational awareness

    Ok, thanks maybe i can talk a few friends into trying it out tomorrow night
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    Survival Playlist

    haha your awesome, i highly suggest The Tossers if you are into the pogues and dropkick murphys
  12. kailstark

    Survival Playlist

    Say SHTF happens but you have a magic ipod that never runs out of power, you can only use that power to listen to the music on it, this works just like a real ipod. only has a certain amount of memory and after SHTF happens there won't be anymore power to change what is on it. Just curious about the kind of music everyone would put on it? For me it would be at least everything by the bands The Tossers and the band Eluveitie.
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    Being gray and situational awareness

    that actually sounds really fun, i'm going to have to try this... though being grey seems like it would be hard for me.. i can't go anywhere without at least one person i dont know coming up to me and claiming they know me, then after about 15 mins of them trying to figure it out they give up....they even keep trying to place me after i tell them i have one of those faces and that i'm usually mistaken for many different people
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    Being gray and situational awareness

    well first thanks for the replies everyone and second, i live in a very small town and rarely make it to truly "urban" areas. Urban survival was just the forum i figured this thread would be best in. but since i never get to any urban areas there aren't many ways i can practice either of these just by doing. so if anyone has any other ideas for practice that would be great maybe any "games" or anything i could involve my friends in where i could practice these skills. With all the being gray stuff I'm actually reminded of one of my friends, he was in the marines for 5 years and is in Afghanistan right now, he is at least 6 feet tall and one of the most in shape people i know, but every time we go out somewhere he has always worn either a baggy jacket or shirt and walks around with bad posture that makes him look a good 4 inches shorter then he really is, maybe he stays gray in public. The pic is from Halloween last year, its my zombie hunter costume i put together out of random articles i had laying around....yes i do have my own gas mask in my closet. gotta be prepared.
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    Fuel in vehicle how much do u have?

    as of now i only have 1/4th tank in my car, but with the gas mileage i get i can easily go 120 miles on it
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    Introduction Thread

    Hi everyone, my name is Drake, been looking at the site for a few weeks now. hunted all my life, boy scouts, and learned some survival stuff from my dad. as of now i'm 23. and i'm an emt basic and volunteer firefighter living in missouri