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  1. I’ve never seen such a f**king love fest Lar (yeah; I know there is no “r” in law but apparently people in Boston don’t) enforcement has been great! (Really? Then why were these 2 people allowed to walk into a crowd at a public event wearing backpacks, remove them, place them on the off limits side of the fence and then walk away without being spotted, questioned or stopped)? The Mayor has been great! (Really? He basically declared Marshall Law (or Lar) forcing small businesses to close and lose any revenue that they could have generated. One less day of revenue at the restaurant to pay the utility bill and the lease on the building. One less day of revenue to pay the venders that delivered the produce that was going to waste. One less day of tip’s for that single mother working as a waitress to try and make ends meet and provide her child needs. One day prison sentence for all the citizens of Watertown and surrounding community’s as they were subjected to home arrest (what was there crime again?) and not allowed to move freely in the pursuit of life liberty and happiness). The colonel of the State Police has been great! (Really? For what? Oh; he enforced the Marshall Lar that was placed on “THE STRONG BOSTONINAINS” that know the meaning of “Patriots Day” and are so thankful for the Lar Enforcements efforts. The Governor has been Great!! (Why? What the h*ll did this Governor do to protect the public during the Marathon? What favors did he do for the citizenry after he failed to protect them during the Marathon? Did the citizens feel safe in Watertown because of their rights to keep and bear arms meant they had their pistol on their side (the Governor does not believe it is necessary for the public to have that right). Did they feel safe because they knew that they could protect themselves and their family from this nut job if he showed up at their house with the AR15 and high capacity magazines they have in the safe (THE GOVENER DOS NOT BELIVE THEY NEED SO CALLED “ASSAULT” WEAPONS)? I am sure glad that they are all telling the people how GREAT they are. Those “STRONG BOSTOINIANS” that know the meaning of “PATRIOTS DAY” sure are lucky to have such a fine government. One that ensures there freedoms and makes sure that the personal rights and freedoms provided to them by GOD and protected by the “Bill of Rights” are not trampled on. What the f*ck happen to freedom in Boston? I am sorry but I do not think these people have any clue as to what “Patriots Day” should represent. This whole f**king deal makes me want to puke!!!
  2. California Seizes Guns as Owners Lose Right to Keep Arms
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    Here is a link to the Platypus system:
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    The Gunslinger is a great pack, I also have a Halftrack and I would have no problem recommending either to a friend. I have added to the kit since photos were taken but not much, It is always a work in progress.
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    Clothes: 1 pair of pants 2 T-shirts 2 pair of socks 2 pair of underwear Base layer shirt Base layer leggings (All in a Granite Tactical stuff block) Medical Kit:
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    Light: Streamlight Sidewinder LED head light (red, white, blue & infrared) Readline nebo LED flashlight Photon micro light with white LED Photon micro light with red LED Pelican L1 with red LED
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    Tools/Misc: SOG Fasthawk tomahawk Leatherman Mut with accessories kit Knife sharpening stone 2 carbineers Gorilla tape Electrical tape Boot laces 72 inch Gerber survival knife with sharpener and flint SOG entrenching tool
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    Cooking/Water purification: MSR Micro Rocket stove 2 Snow Peak titanium cups/pots (Both cups and stove nest) 1 fuel can Titanium spork (not in picture)
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    Fire: Dry cotton balls Petroleum jelly cotton balls Magnesium bar with flint Water proof matches Water proof match carrier Helios wind & water proof lighter Bic disposable lighter 2ea 9 hour candles Water: MSR MiniWorks microfilter LifeStraw Potable Water tablets / PA Plus tablets Nalgene 32 ounce water bottle Ewan 34 ounce Stainless Steel bottle (not in picture) Shelter: Military poncho SOL Escape Bivvy Mylar blanket Clear plastic poncho Hygiene: Shaving cream Razor Shampoo Soap Toothpaste Tooth brush Q-tips Insect repellent Sun screen Blistex Hand sanitizer Toilet paper Bio wipes Kleenex
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    post your bob & contents. (:

    Eberlestock Gunslinger II 2ea Eberlestock 2 qt pouches 1ea Eberlestock padded pouch small 1ea Eberlestock padded pouch large 1ea Voodoo tactical Admin pouch small 1ea Voodoo tactical single mag pouch rifle 1ea Voodoo tactical double mag pouch pistol 1ea Voodoo tactical medium pouch
  11. I think the response by government has sucked. On the other hand I do not know why anyone would have expected anything other than what the people have gotten. This is why people should be prepared to take care of themselves. I do not think that there is some difference in the response based on the skin color of the population or the region of the country. I just don't get what it is that you are trying to convey in your post.
  12. My post was in response to the above post by "FEDUP IN MASS. Just seems like he has somthing to say but dosen't say it
  13. How are the different? Are you sugesting somthing but not saying it? We are all big boys here, say what you mean.
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    Gun rights in California. SB249

    Those who ramble incoherently are not helpful to the cause or the site. We are supposed to be concerned citizens who hope for better times but prepare for unforeseen, natural or manmade disasters. Senate Report 93-549, written in 1973, says "Since March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency...Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the president may: seize property;...seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication;...restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens." Under this "Declared State Of Emergency" does the constitution really apply? Does it?
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    Denver Shooting

    CNN morning never covers the news but they are sure covering this. They normally ignore the news intentionally but; this advances there line on gun control so they are all over it. You can bet that Obama and the Obama administration are loving this. What do you do in this situation? Nothing that I use for EDC would have been benificial here.
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    Get ready for the pain

    With all that being said and true; this is still expected to be the third largest corn crop ever produced in the united states. What with the new technology and hybrid seeds and all. Using corn as a fuel is a disaster, not only are the pollutants worse for the environment than that of fossil fuels but it takes huge amounts of energy to make it. Fuel mileage drops considerably and it serves to drive up prices on all of the other things mentioned in your post.
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    Medical Duffel Bag?

    NavyVet_77 Do you need this case/bag strictly for storage in your home or will it be used for transport? Seems to me that if you have quality supplies that they should be kept dry and dust free. Unless you plan to package supplies individually in waterproof bags inside your main bag a bag may not be your best option. Some photography cases come with moveable dividers that may help you organize your supplies. Another option might be a used Pelican case without foam. They can be gotten much cheaper than new and you could make your own dividers. Just a thought. Good luck whatever route you decide to go. Keep us posted! FreedomSix
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    US Army SSG coming Home

    May God bless the family of SSG Proviliatis. We thank you for his service though that can never fill the holes in the harts of the loved ones he has left behind.
  19. A little about me: Dropped out of school at 16 jumped in my pick up and went Texas to find the world. Started driving local delivery trucks in the Dallas / Ft, Worth area. By age 20 I was living back in Indiana and driving tractor trailer coast to coast. At 27 I decided to join the Army and celebrated my 28th birthday while in basic training at Fort Sill, OK. Then it was on to AIT and the world of the Field Artillery where I ended up as a Cannon Fire Direction Specialist with the 2nd Armor Division stationed at Ft, Hood, Texas. I got my GED and started taking some college courses while I was there. After leaving the service I bounced around from job to job for a few years and took some more college courses. Bought my own semi (379 Peterbuilt with a flattop walk in sleeper) and tried the owner / operator thing. That sure didn’t pan out like I had hoped so I dumped the truck and went back to searching. I ended up opening a small one man company selling tactical gear and that went well for several years. I shipped equipment to Iraq and Afghanistan on a nearly daily basis and all was well. But eventually our Government stepped up to the plate and started providing our dedicated soldiers with the gear that they needed to do their job. (They should have done that from day one). That was great for our soldiers but not my business. I decided it was time to find another job and went to work for small family owned Transportation Company as a driver / team leader. It has turned into a great fit for me. I now manage 3 accounts and branch office, as well as writing the payroll and billing programs for the company. Funny how life works but I am glad to have found a place that works so well for myself and my employer. Now happily working on my eighth year and knowing I have found a home. I started prepping in 1997 in the lead up to Y2K as did several of my close friends. We all know now the Y2K disaster is the one that never happened (That’s a good thing). But, I ate the food, burned the gas and that generator I bought provided my family with heat and light through a subzero night without power a couple years back. I have not done any prepping since the lead up to Y2K until this year. Looking back nothing that I bought, built or planned for the Y2K disaster went to waste. My family has benefited from those preps in the end. Based on that experience, it is hard to find a reason not to prep. When I look at the world we live in today I don’t mind telling you it is a little scary. So here we go again, let the prepping begin. Hope to learn from all of you and see what you are doing to prepare for whatever fate we may face. If I think I can contribute I will gladly share what little knowledge I may have with the group (you probably shouldn’t expect much). I would like to say now that I have been reading the forum for a couple of weeks and I am very impressed with what I have read from the members and the staff/moderators. You are all doing a great job! Keep up the good work guys. And thanks for having me. FreedomSix
  20. "Halulite Minimalist – One-person design redefines the meaning of minimalist. 0.6-liter pot and lid boil water for pouch meals, then transforms into an insulated mug simply by inverting the lid and slipping the insulated sleeve over the pot. Kit includes 0.6-liter pot/mug, sip-it lid, insulated sleeve, silicone gripper and telescoping fork/spoon. Dimensions: 4.2"L x 4.2"W x 4.6"H. Weight: 5-oz". The GSI Haluite Minimalist weighs in at just 5-oz and holds.0.6 liters. Pack size is just 4.2” X 4.6”. So should pack nicely in any “BOB” I picked up the GSI Halulite Minimalist last week from for just $22.86 (free sight to store delivery) and was anxious to give it a whirl. Cabela's also sells this item for those who would prefer to purchase it there for $27.99. has it at $27.95 on their site as well. My first test was to try boiling water over an open fire (or coals from an open fire) to boil 16 oz. of water. It took just 19 minutes to get the water to a rapid boil (without use of the lid). I used two green sticks to support the pot about an inch above several hot coals. Next was to try boiling the same 16 oz’s on a Coleman mountaineer (model 3021) (yeah I know; it’s time to upgrade my stove) and it took just under 4 minutes 50 seconds (again no lid). UPDATE: 7/21/12 With my new MSR MicroRocket Stove rapid boil time was down to 4 minutes even (no lid). The pot cools very quickly after use and should be ready to pack again in 1 min. or less (cooled to be hand held comfortably in 53 seconds after emptying boiling water). Of course if you choose to keep it warm for a while you can just slip it back into its included insulated sleeve and use the lid (I did not try this). The silicone gripper worked well and I was able to handle the pot and pour water without any discomfort. There are no “special” coatings to worry about scratching on this one so clean up is no problem (not a big deal anyway if you are just boiling water). I fixed the MOUNTAIN HOUSE: Buffalo Style Chicken, MOUNTAIN HOUSE: Chicken Fajita Filling and the MOUNTAIN HOUSE: Raspberry Crumble. This is where I fully expected the included plastic “Spork” to fail me. I did not believe that it would have the required strength to stir the entrée’s (Buffalo chicken & fajita filling). Much to my surprise it did quite well and held up strong through both. Likes; • Lightweight • Fast cooling • No special coatings • Insulated sleeve (to keep drinks warm) Don’t likes; • Plastic spork (I like the titanium sporks much better) • No measuring marks inside (or outside) the pot (requires carry of an additional measuring device) • Not able to nest a fuel canister inside Summary; For the price this is an excellent option for a lightweight solo cook set. This one won’t go to waste as I have 4 BOB’s to maintain and this will see use in one of the four. FreedomSix
  21. While reading a blog on BOB’s the other day I came across a post from someone claiming to be a soldier who had gone through survival training. In his post he claimed that he had been through survival training with nothing more than a knife and had lived through the three day ordeal without a problem. Was he telling the truth? Is it possible to survive in the wilderness for three days with nothing but a knife? I do not know anything about the individual who made the post with these claims. There is a chance that he was indeed telling the truth. It certainly is possible to survive for three days in the wilderness with nothing more than a knife and the clothes on your back. We can go two weeks without food. Three days without water. This person claimed that BOB’s were basically a waste of time and money and simply unnecessary. Could this be true? Are we all just wasting time and money on “stuff” we don’t need? It is my opinion that a good BOB is not only not a waste of time or money but a necessary item that we all should have. I can live three days without food but how comfortable will I be? Will I be thinking straight without food or might I make some bad decisions? Will my daughter do ok for three days with that nasty cut on her foot? Or might it be better if we were able to properly clean and bandage it to prevent infection? The fact is that we probably would survive with much less than we choose to pack in our BOB’s. But there is a BIG chance that we would not be near as safe, near as clean or have food in our bellies. Would we have our prescription meds? How about a little cash or clean water, would we have those luxuries? Would the mosquitoes be tearing us up or would we be lucky enough that the insects will be off that week? Simply the comfort of knowing we were prepared for the emergency will be enough to instill confidence and boost your spirits. Your family knowing that you are prepared for the worst will be stronger and take comfort in the efforts that you have made. If you got nothing else out of your BOB I would already say that it was worth the time and effort. Isn’t that what this is really all about? Yes; we could survive with less. But why should we? You or your family deserve to have some creature comforts like I don’t know, food, water, first aid, warmth, medications and protection. Let’s face it people if things have gotten bad enough that you have decided that you need your BOB these things will be priceless. Oh; so I guess that money that you spent putting this BOB together wasn’t such a waste either. Can a person survive for three days with nothing but a knife? Of course it is possible. Are most people trained and mentally prepared to do so? I’ll let you answer that question for yourself. Do your family and yourself a favor and put a BOB together for each member of the family. You might never need it but the peace of mind and security that you have from knowing it is there will always be a comfort. And if you do need it, I bet you will never look back and say “that BOB was a waste of time and effort”.
  22. Bought a can of "Silicone Water-Guard" and sprayed my pack for my BOB Wish I had bought a place in the hills though!