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  1. just bought a #10 can of augason farms vegetarian meat substitute beef flavor. never eaten anything vegetarian but this can was only 10 bucks for 2lb.s approx. 40 servings. im gonna open it and use it for backpacking and see how tasty it is i just might buy more for long term preps. let me know if you guys know anything about this product. thanks
  2. the newspaper fire logs i made last week are still wet so i havnt got to try them out yet but i ended up with 67 2" wide logs.my grandmother came to visit and brought me a box full with medical supplies. good ones too not the ones your gonna buy from a wallyworld. along with some lidacaine. i bought new packs for both the wife and i, and a few extra new goodies, hammock, new cook set, sleeping bag. i also ordered a new mora online when ordering a outward hound sadle bag for my dog. gonna start gettin him used to that now before the next camp trip. im also going to help my dad pick out a bag.
  3. my mom had been saving news papers for me for about 3 months now so today my dad came over and help me make a bunch of those newspaper fire logs. we made 50 today and have about 30 more worth soaking in the bin. i even was able to get my wife involved, she tied string around each end to prevent them coming apart as they dried. this is the first attempt at making these and in a few days we'll be able to test them out and see how well they work and if they will put enough heat to be worth the effort.
  4. NWRedneck

    2 liter bottles

    you need half gallon mason jars of spices like pickling spice and others pepper and bullion chicken and beef people have no Idea how much power and equipment not to mention 90% of spices come from thousands of miles away and go bad or get gummy and off flavors unless kept dry and sealed. so would i need to put the spices in a mason jar then seal them in a pressure cooker or just seal the lid by hand tightly. thats a good idea mason jars for spices its probably alot cheaper then half gallon mylar bags. and thanks for the link not much variety, they only had the 20" x30" bags but about six dollars cheaper than amazon for 10
  5. NWRedneck

    Do You Really Need A "BOB" or 72 Hour Kit?

    i agree with this first posting so so much. i know my biggest problem, along with most of yours probably is, is getting my wife on board. she thinks im paranoid and all our first aid kits and bobs are a waste." no one we even know has half as many first aid kits as us." is a quote straight from her mouth.i pray nothing happens and all this was a big waste of my time and money. but the ease of mind knowing my family will be safe, comfortable, and well protected in a crisis situation is pricless.
  6. NWRedneck

    2 liter bottles

    i've seen online that fema approves 2 liter bottles for the storage of foods. so i bought 100 pounds of rice and started filling bottles. now im worried about air getting to it. is it gonna be a big deal. i dont eat rice much so i dont know how it taste after its been sitting a while. also i was wondering if it is necessary to add anything, such as a cap of bleach, to water when storing it for long periods
  7. NWRedneck

    Basic load

    if your bugging out chances are your gonnna need to hike more than 30 miles, and have a bob weighing 50+ pounds. you might wanna start training to carry all those guns through the bush
  8. NWRedneck

    Whats for dinner?

    oh my god that is the funniest thing i ever heard. was it transit?
  9. NWRedneck

    stuff to take on short term field outings (1-2 days)

    there is no need to spend money on buying a metal gig head and carrying extra weight. sharpen a stick to a point then spit the point with your knife like a cross. this will give you 4 points. place 2 small sticks in between the points cross ways. this will separate the points making it a gig. tie tightly and sharpen all 4 points. i use this method every spring and summer for catching frogs with my son. its easy and we have a blast doing it. also you can tie a piece of rubber hose or elastic band in a loop the connect it to the butt end of the gig stick and you can place your thumb through the loop and stretch it while holding it to use as a fishing spear
  10. NWRedneck

    first thing you would buy for a bug out bag

    toss up between a solid fixed blade knife or a leatherman only because with a good knife you can chop but with a multi tool there are many functions including a saw. if i were in an urban environment like the city probably would go with the multi tool cause i may need to fix a car in my escape, how ever i live in the rural nw and never venture into the city so most definitely gonna go with the fixed blade knife. i guess it really depends on if edc is not included in the question