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    New to prepping but this site has gotten me on the right track. I travel a lot which makes things difficult but I'm managing
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    Bradenton FL
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    Baseball football. Anything competitive
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    Injured athlete with a lot of time on his hands
  1. Mcrot

    Mini 14/5.56mm

    I recently bought a brand new mini 14 and I love it! Only complaint is it is alittle tricky to disassemble but after half dozen times even the amatuer shooter that I am has it under control. Accuracy was not an issue. Went to the range with a buddy and his colt AR and I shot both and wasn't a noticeable difference. Like I said iman amateur shooter solet the Indian or the arrow debate start haha
  2. Mcrot


    Having lived in panama city for the past few years I'm familiar with 98. Runs right on the beach. Very scenic but a ton of lights and can be busy during the summer months. 20 is much less traveled but can be monotonous. FYI cell phone reception on 20 is spotty
  3. Mcrot

    Hot in power!!!!

    No ac makes people do crazy things. A few years back after a bad thunderstorm I watched two 50 year old women get into a fist fight over a gallon of water and that was only after 2 hours. Hope the big city folk keep it together a little better
  4. Mcrot

    Help looking for a rifle

    Haha will do! Is the ammo shortage have any end in sight? Up until last month I was making it to the pistol range 3-5 times a week and going through a metric sh&$ ton of ammo. I've gone to every sporting good store gun range andwalmart reasonably close and the shelves are not getting restocked. I'm sure you guys could give me a better answer than Stan the gun/kitchen repair specialist from walmart
  5. Mcrot

    Help looking for a rifle

    Have found a lot of bad (and a lot of good) reviews of the ruger which makes me curious. If its a love it or hate it type of gun I guess shooting it will be the only test. Bamaman and bill I will definitely add the s&w to the list to try. As always thanks for the input it is much appreciated
  6. Mcrot

    Help looking for a rifle

    Been doing my homework for my first rifle. Unfortunately a recent pain in the ass injury has prevented me from actually shooting anything. Right now looking at Ruger mini 14 tactical, spikes St 15, doublestar Commando carbine. If anyone has any expierance with any of the above or anything else worth looking at (under 1,000) it would be greatly appreciated
  7. I have been doing a lot of driving so that means I need a new audio book to listen to. I've done Alas, Babylon (great bug in prep scenario really got me thinking about my own plans/ideas) and The Road ( bug out scenario got me thinking about security and resource gathering) if anyone has any suggestions they'd be greatly appreciated
  8. I was in middle school and read alas Babylon and it really opened my eyes to a lot of what ifs. It's always been in the back of my mind but recently I've started getting serious into it. Working to make myself ready to handle as much as I can from mother nature and from mankind and a bug out bag for when I cant
  9. Mcrot

    Urban Survival --real world experience.

    Wow I had to read it twice before it all sunk in. I'd love to have a sit down with that man. Nothing compares to first hand accounts
  10. Mcrot

    Apartment prepping

    Thanks for all the help! Survivalcyclist I am trying to prepare for hurricanes or any other natural disaster to head our way. As a native Floridian I have weathered my fair share of hurricanes and know they aren't to be taken lightly. Making my shopping list to take care of as much as I can as soon as I can. Is there anywhere in the surrounding area I can buy any of the filters/supplies you listed or is my best get online? Call me old fashioned but I prefer to go get stuff myself as opposed to just pointing and clicking. The medical stuff I have already started stocking up on from work. (I have every OTC medication and first aid supplies I could ever want or need) thank you again for all the feedback! Making this so much easier than going it alone
  11. Mcrot

    Apartment prepping

    The water in the fridge is for everyday drinking, I am pretty active and go through it pretty quickly. I'm definitely in a developed rural area but far enough from a city to be comfortable. Do you have any recommendations for a water purifier? I have a CZ 75b 9mm for protection/hobby and looking into getting a shotgun for the same purpose. Thank you very much for your input!
  12. Mcrot

    Apartment prepping

    I am very new to prepping and live in an apartment complex. Obviously this means space is at a premium and trying to figure out what/how to store stuff is a bit overwhelming. I've started with basic canned goods, rice, beans etc in the pantry and currently working on turning my storage closet into an extended pantry. The storage closet is a floor below me so I dont plan on storing anything I would need quick but I have to use all the space I can. I live next to a fresh water river and pond so I've just focused on water purification as opposed to water storage. That being said I do have about 15 gallons stored in the apartment (5 in plastic dispensers in the fridge and 2 5 gallon Gatorade coolers in a closet) with my limited shelf closet space what should my primary focus be?