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  1. I have read extensively on how to make gunpowder at home but I have never tried it because if it didn't kill me, my wife would. I would love to see if you could really make gunpowder at home and evaluate its quality. I think this would make an awesome post.
  2. I fell in love with this show after I watched season 1 on netflix. I had heard everybody talking about it at work but never bothered to watch. After I finished season 1, season 2 was just about to start and I was very impressed by it. My wife even likes this show, a HUGE bonus for me because she hates this genre in general. The season 3 trailer looked amazing, Rick finally grew some balls and I can't wait for this next season to come out. Anybody else excited?
  3. This is an excerpt from something I wrote for another website awhile ago that I think will be really beneficial if you are just a "garage welder" or new to the trade. Welding is incredibly useful and post SHTF it will be an amazing skill to possess. (If you can still get electricity!) Here are some tips for you to remember while welding that will make your beads look great. You will notice there are many welders who have been welding a long time and still make terrible looking welds of questionable strength and there are other welders that produce quality work consistently. I was fortunate, or maybe naturally inclined enough, to pick up welding very quickly and exceed many experienced peoples' ability by following these rules: Always run a practice bead on spare parts. This will tell you if you have your volts set correctly and your wire speed is correct. Adjust heat and wire speed to the material thickness. If you are running very hot and moving to slowly, you will blow through your material if it is not very thick. Always cut the wire cleanly before you start a new weld. This may seem rudimentary but it makes a big difference in your welds appearance, particularly your starts. Make sure you are properly grounded before welding. A bad ground can really mess up the appearance of your weld and stop you in the middle of a bead. Before even starting get comfortable. Just like a golfer practices his putt swing before actually executing it, practice your weld before you pull the trigger and make sure you can continue the bead as far as you need to in a comfortable steady position before you even pull the trigger. Adjust until you can brace your arm and remain comfortable and controlled for the entire length of the weld. If your two pieces of metal are the same thickness than keep your weld lead (or gun) angled 45 degrees between them. You can also weave ever so slightly to make sure you are bonding both pieces and your weld is the same strength to both pieces of metal. If one of your pieces is thicker than the other piece, always aim the gun slightly at the thicker piece and if possible allow the weld to drip down onto the thinner piece so you can run the gun hotter. In addition to having the welder tilted at a 45 degree angle have your wrist slightly turned so the weld lead faces a little back and not straight on. Always pull the bead when possible instead of pushing. This eliminates the lumpy look from two much buildup. When starting and stopping, stay on the spot for a slightly longer amount of time so you really get a good burn into the metal. This makes your welds look clean. The most important thing in the whole process and what separates good welding from bad welding is to remember to keep your eyes on the puddle and keep the puddle width the same for the entire length of the weld. Adjust your travel speed accordingly by speeding up if the puddle is getting to big and slowing down if its to small. Read more from this article here.
  4. Judah

    Greetings from Virginia

    Hey forum! My name is Judah Hamilton and I am from Virginia. I have been actively training for wilderness survival since I was a boy, but now my focus is on total, complete collapse of civilization or better known as SHTF. Anyway, I can't wait to start swapping ideas, thoughts and skills with you all I am excited to start regularly contributing to this forum!
  5. Judah

    Awesome site.

    Thanks for this resource man, I was not aware of it and I may do a post on it in the near future for my blog.
  6. Judah

    How do you prepared or react?.

    Think about all the people who can no longer fill their prescriptions for prozac etc., they go wild when they can't pop their happy pills anymore. My advice is get the hell out of the city to somewhere safe. The law of large numbers dictates that with 5.5 million people there will be a MUCH larger amount of nuts and the competition for scarce resources only further fans the flames!
  7. I tried the dryer sheet thing before, it did not work and I got eaten alive! Maybe your results will vary just my 2 cents. That clip on mosquito fan thing they sell at Walmart from OFF works surprisingly well though and I recommend that even thought I REALLY expected it to be a dud.
  8. Judah

    survival weekend in NOVA

    On further inspection, I realized that this camping trip already happened last month haha, never the less I'd like to hear an update of how it went (because that is my stomping grounds up there in NOVA).
  9. Judah

    survival weekend in NOVA

    I primitively camp up there all the time man, where abouts are you going specifically? In Fredricksburg there are some awesome locations where you can 4 wheel drive way into the woods deep and not see a soul the hole time you are out there. Just make sure you have a map, compass and an idea of where you are at all times. As far as ideas, these guys covered much of what I would suggest, but also I say you bring vodka, hotsauce and tampons. Hotsauce in case you run out of supplies and have to eat anything really nasty (provided you like hotsauce), Vodka because it is obviously fun to drink and it also can disinfect wounds that you might get hiking out there and tampons because nothing stops blood like a tampon and if you need to make a tourniquet you can throw a tampon inside of it over the wound and it will very quickly stop the bleeding and it won't get too saturated to become ineffective. Goodluck.
  10. I carry a tarp always, but I will be the first to say that a tarp does not compare to a tent in terms of comfort, dryness and a (probably false, but nonetheless) sense of security that improves morale. I am used to sleeping in tarp shelters now and my ability to construct better shelters has improved immensely, but I think for many, many people a tent is a better option and I really like having both so I can use the tarp for other purposes or to collect water if need be. So really in conclusion, I absolutely agree with you that he should get a tarp, but a tent certainly offers some things that a tarp doesn't; especially in really wet conditions where the ground is thoroughly saturated.
  11. Judah

    When training can become SHTF

    Thanks for sharing this link man I hadn't seen that story. I have been in some pretty hairy situations while I was "training" and I can tell you it really gives you a better sense of the gravity of survival in a SHTF scenario. Even when you are really confident in your wilderness survival skills, external forces can throw a wrench into your plans and REALLY test you. I lost my truck once in the mountains because I was really too dehydrated and malnourished to be making intelligent decisions and I had to build one of those Les Stroud type survival shelters out of what I could find because I couldn't get back to my base camp. It was not fun to sleep in let me tell you... I woke up with spiders on every inch of the inside of my shelter and I couldn't find my flashlight to see what my dog was freaking out about. Thank God I had my dog with me if it wasn't for her I am not sure if I would have been able to make my way back to the truck but she was able to remember the way back when she decided she had enough fun playing in the woods and wanted to go the hell home. Pitch black darkness inside a crappy makeshift shelter full of spiders and no idea when, if ever I would find my way back to my truck for a full 24 hours was not fun, especially with almost no water left and very little food because the majority was in my cooler inside my truck... Keeping your cool and not panicking is the key whether your training or not, and train like its really SHTF. When you have a close call or situation that is really unsettling it only makes you stronger and it validates the survival skills you have acquired.