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    Camoflage and Concealment (part 1)

    You can usually find cork at craft stores like Michales if you have any in your area.
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    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    Make your own waterproof matches and save money. Melt down some candle wax, paraffin or bee's wax in a double boiler. Get some strike anywhere matches and dip the heads and about 1/4 of the stick in the melted wax. This not only water proofs them but also does a good job of wind proofing them. Also get a zippo lighter with no fuel in it. Take out the wick. Buy some extra flints and stash them in with the cotton that holds the fuel. Great for making sparks to start tinder.
  3. Your wrong Malcolm The charlie version is the only one that will fire with the stock folded. You might want to look at the PLR-16 pistol buy Kel-Tec. Same everything as the carbine but only has a 9.2 inch barrel and no stock. Lots of accessories and will take standard M16 mags.