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    Founding Fathers

    Thank you Partsman, a chilling reminder of the price for liberty.
  2. This past week I took the family on vacation to Disneyworld and by chance learned firsthand that Disney has a policy on carrying knives in their parks. The first day at the park I remembered to slip my Spyderco endura 4 into my pocket prior to the bag search. I did this as I've read previously that Disney is very staunch in their no concealed weapons and I was unaware of their knife policy at that time. After slipping my knife into my pocket and there being nothing in my bag noteworthy I moved through security in a breeze. The second day things were a bit hectic and I neglected to slip my knife into my pocket. The security guard cleared my bag and as I started to move forward he stopped me and inquired what was on the clip in my pocket. I produced the knife and he immediately advised my that it was not allowed in the park. I tried the standard "Were is that rule posted? Is it online or posted prior the park in view for the public?" My thought was this may get me out of any further harassment.....it didnt work. The guard squared up to me, glared at me, grabbed his radio and stated he was calling a supervisor. I thought "crap....my wife is going to kick my ass if I go to Disney jail" The supervisor arrived within seconds and asked me to step aside. He asked to see the knife and advised me that knives are allowed if the blade is under 3 inches. My knife was well over that but the gentleman continued to advised me that I could check my knife in a locked "mail-box". He walked me over to the lockboxes, similar to what you'd find at a pool. I dropped in fifty cents, secured my knife and he took down my address and name in the event I lost my key so they can mail it back. All said and done, I really should have slipped the knife into my pocket. Now they are not running people through metal detectors yet, but even during the ordeal the service was still fantastic.
  3. Certainly well stated. In this country however no politician would ever consider voicing an opinion such as this- anything that might cost votes is never revealed. Thanks P210SIG. +1
  4. wildfire4104

    Anarchy in the USA

    This is something that I foresee as being a problem for keeping the peace between the initial incident and the time the DHS troops arrive. The local units can only do so much and the large amount of red tape and bickering that usually slows things down. Unfortunately the events in Boston show just how quickly things can turn into a military controlled environment.
  5. wildfire4104

    Anarchy in the USA

    I have to agree with P210SIG, a revolution is coming. Society has slowly allowed itself to let its right's be stripped away all under the misguided image of protection. The media hides the truth, our government tramples on the Constitution and has made a punchline out of the Bill of Rights. The image that gun ownership is a symbol of hate, racism and is vilified has not onlhy become profilic within the media but also openly encouraged by many within our government. The federal government spends an uncontrollable amount, the populace is now more dependent on the government that ever. As was mentioned before- just in time shipping has created a 24 hour shortage scenario. I find it deplorable that our government "recommends" having a small emergency supply -- HOWEVER -- if you own firearms and store you own food for longer than a week -- you are branded a possible subversive terrorist! At this point I have given up on our government seeing the light, I now am focused on being prepared and keeping my family as safe as I can.
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    another petition

    Done, thank's Wally for posting.
  7. wildfire4104

    Anarchy in the USA

    :mad: That's what I am truly worried about.
  8. wildfire4104

    Anarchy in the USA

    When the tough times do hit, the entitlement bound classes will cerainly realize that we all were right.
  9. wildfire4104

    list of executive orders from past presidents

    Does it raise anyone elses eyebrow that the first executive order the current President signed is one that allows presidential records to be blocked from release?
  10. wildfire4104

    First GHB

    +1 Lemonmint, the digi-cam ruck sack with magazine pouches, knife, food/water and ammo does tend to raise an eyebrow in times when being prepared is likened to being a terrorist. With two young kids I can get all sorts of stuff into my SUV, toilet paper, water, snacks, etc. all while maintaining op-sec.
  11. wildfire4104

    Obama's Gun Control Plan

    forgot, Well said Matt, excellent post as always.
  12. wildfire4104

    Obama's Gun Control Plan

    My hope is that any new E.O.'s would be evaluated agaist the DC vs. Heller decision, tying into the foundation that the outright prohibition on any one specific type of firearm is unconstitutional. This ruling that was not in place during the first AWB might just provide enough leg room to get a chance of holding the argument that the ban is unconstitutional. Thank being said, when has the President every truly considered case law or presidence for making a decision.... not too mention the ACA is unconstitutional as implemented --but if we call it a "tax" its ok???
  13. wildfire4104

    Freedom From War....REALY??

    I had heard of this document, so thank you for posting. A good thing to read, one can really see the correlation to things that are taking shape right now. Things are really reaching a boil and it truly scares the crap out of me. I wonder if I can convince the old lady to head for the hills...
  14. wildfire4104

    Uneducated Opinions

    This scares the crap out of me too. I am still laughing of the whole Bayonette's are used to "subdue" individuals without killing them..... "stop squirming....this won't kill you..."
  15. wildfire4104

    American Prepper's Network

    It seems we as a culture have allowed the media to print first and ask questions later. How many times have we seen "stories" published that turned out to be fabricated or embelished only weeks after the damage has already been done. Look at Mr. Zimmerman, that guy was beaten severely and there were multiple 9-1-1 calls backing that story up, but not of that his the news story.
  16. wildfire4104

    Things to come.

    Holy Cow NavyVett_77, Ignorance on this level really amazes me. Clearly they have never actually read it.
  17. wildfire4104

    Growing a beard

    Well said Capt Bart, you raise some excellent points. What truly gets me fired up is all the hoopla about this beard thing. I look at this as a travesty of both the justice system and our country. This man conspired with another individual to commit this act of TERRORISM against U.S. troops while on base. His chosen profession put him in a situation that provided access and training to successfully commit this act, yet he claims that his religious beliefs protect him at this point. Personnally I think we have a choice to work this under either treason against his government OR an act of domestic terrorism against the United States of America - either one should earn you a short drop and sudden stop.
  18. wildfire4104

    Things to come.

    Thanks Awake for the post, I like many are truly concerned. The lag time for new policies and rose collored glasses that the "majority" have on truly frustrates me. I cringe when I see how much of our liberties have been stripped away in the name of "security" or for national interests. During the recent elections, my 10 year old son-who by most accounts copies his grandmother (my mother in law) and was supporting Obama. So one day he asks me why I was not voting for Obama when he wants to help people that dont make a lot of money and ask the wealthy to pay more. I answered him with this scenario- I told him to imagine that after he worked all week on his chores I would be taking a third of his allowance and giving it to his (4 year old) sister. He complained and said that wasnt fair and that he worked for it, why should she get it because she didnt do anything. I simply replied - its the same concept. He sat and thought about this for a half hour and never brought it up again.
  19. I grew up with around 35-40 chickens on the property and I can tell you that we had more eggs than we could use most of the time. We ended up trading the extra's for whatever our neighbors had on them. One neighbors son was an avid duck hunter and fisherman, so we ended up usually swapping eggs for duck meat most of the time- occasionally trout was in the mix. More of a trade/barter kind of thing.
  20. wildfire4104

    Nothing Important - Just An Observation

    Ok so I will play the Devil's advocate here, with a mega-city such as New York traffic leaving the city could go from terrible to a nightmare in an instant so my question is which of the following is the less-risky option; 1) Bug out at initial disaster/ emergency/ 1st sign of trouble? 2) Shelter in place for a few days until the initial crowd dies down-then make a break for it?
  21. wildfire4104

    My Kelly Kettle just arrived!

    That had slipped my mind- I am going to try my luck at building a solar oven. I build a solar grill way back in high school, an oven should be fairly easy with the help of youtube.
  22. wildfire4104

    Doomsday Preppers

    damn...I had just ordered the WOLVERINES t-shirts.
  23. wildfire4104

    Possible Federal Government Land Seizure AGAIN

    I seem to be loosing more and more faith in our government after reading items like that. Thank's for posting Desert Marine.