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  1. I want to put a Hand pump along side my well pump, and I have found there are several companys making them, they are all very similar and just want to know if anyone here has had any experience with these pumps? durability/performance, and which one might carry the best recomendation? To me, so far, the Bison deep water well pump seems to be about the best, but also the most expensive. Anyone know any different? Thanks for any coments and help.
  2. Maniak

    often forgotten

    I look all the time for new and better ways to build a BOB and survival suplies, and seldom do I see anyone packing or stocking "Activated Charcoal", a small container in a BOB takes little space and weight, but this stuff works wonders for snake bites, spider bites, bee or wasp stings when packed on the bite area, and if you injest any kind of toxin or posion you drink in a glass of water and it will absorb any and all toxins or posions. This stuff should be in every BOB and home and survival suplies.