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  1. Haha, thanks. NEROC Haystack is pretty cool too. I think you would love it. It is extremely quiet there, sometimes you can see some deer. And the Green Bank Telescope is majestic at nights. I slept outside on a raised platform and as the mists crawled in it looked literally as if you were lying on a cloud. B.R.
  2. I've been to the NRAO in WV to conduct some experiments. They use many radio telescopes which are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. They can pick up noise from spark plugs (hence all the vehicles are old diesels) and even noise from tiny electric motors found in toys. Their rooms housing the computer labs have built in faraday cages. I'm not sure of the construction, but you were able to see some exposed copper bands here and there, and the entrance to the labs was a double-doored vault clad in copper. Some building materials will act as faraday cages. If you use plaster with a metal lath, that will shield some EM. It might be a good idea to do the plaster-metal lath thing, because no one will know what the room really is, that could be useful from an opsec perspective or just trying to get around NEC requirements. Grounding is a good idea, because charges will create a current in your cage and it would be beneficial to dissipate that, though it shouldn't affect anything within your cage. You can also by Mu metal or Ultraperm sheets, which are used for EM shielding. You can get a few small sheets from this website : Perhaps make a box and layer it with the sheets for storage of your data. B.R. Amit
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    Basic Car Stuff

    I wouldn't do it. Though kevlar has a low flammability I still think it can char. I'd stick to a pot or metal bowl.
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    Battery Standardization

    [quote name=juzcallmesnake;8739 here is a somewhat simple solution you need as many of these as you need cells for each item your trying to power and some things need more amps to even function so trial and error but it will not damage your device it will not work or have a shorter use time' date=' it better than nothing. No need to buy the adapter. What we do is to simply get a strip of cardboard and cut it so that its width is the length of an AA, then we wrap the battery with the cardboard till it's the correct diameter for C and D. It's free and works just as well. B.R. Amit
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    Basic Car Stuff

    Haha, don't know what he has lying around. I would assume he might have a metal bowl or pot in the kitchen though...
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    Basic Car Stuff

    If I'm not mistaken, GI's used to put the popcorn kernels in their helmets, place them on the exhaust manifold and close the lid to get popcorn. Don't know if it will work with your brand of popcorn, but give it a try.
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    Basic Car Stuff

    A useful trick we do is to take out the spare, break the nuts on the flat and jack the vehicle up till we can slide the spare under the castle rails. We remove the flat and swap it with the spare. This way if the jack fails, the tyre/rim can offer some protection by propping up the vehicle. Also a good idea whenever you're doing any work under the vehicle. B.R.