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    Amen Enough said. I agree completely.
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    My wife and I have 6 children I am in the army and deployed to the middle east off and on since 2006. We home school and have been doing it for 16 years. Yes there are times that we question the sanity of our decision but we have found others that home school and programs that help. Yes Boy scouts and Girl scouts and community sports and activities. They are not lacking in social skills or interaction at all.My oldest 3 Children hunt 16-14-12 and all of them even the 6 year old can help clean a chicken, pig or deer. They help with the garden, they help do repairs on the house. All of them help clean the rifles and pistols, Sharpen knives and can build a fire. They have been to MountRushmoor, Dinosaur dig, Yellowstone, Science museums, Zoos and many other activities. Both of our parents questioned our choice and they have accepted it even if it is still difficult for them. They except MY HOUSE MY RULES. Worked for them, works for us.
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    BOB opinion: 'Nam era ALICE pack?

    I have seen the large molle Ruck sacks on Ebay going for 60-80 not a bad deal considering I was going to have to pay over 180 for the one that was stolen in Iraq.
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    your stashed cache.

    I actually have 6 spread out between my house and our 2nd and 3rd location. They are 55 gal plastic barrels with spare clothes, ammo, food, water, copies of personal papers and tools to assist us in getting to the next location if needed. I got the barrels for free and my wife and I where thinking one night on emergency evacuations and alternative plans if something should happen The older kids know where they are and how to get to them. 1 is in a friends barn and the other 5 are buried.
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    Medical Moderators MD/ARNP

    Hello All New to the Site. Combat medic currently in Kuwait. Looking at going to PA school soon and learning as much Natural medicine as possible looking for mentors and peers. Thank you