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    Husband, Father, Prepper, Soldier, Medic
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    Camping, fishing, hunting, HAM radio, Spending time with my family, Gardening, and Aquaculture
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    Army Medic
  1. We just moved to the San Antonio area and are looking for some one that is willing to teach black smithing to my son and I. Allen_D_Chaseatyahoodotcom
  2. Acehardrive5

    What's in Your Pockets?

    Military ID, CKRT Folder, State DL, 30' Parachute cord in my watch band, 10' Parachete cord and 4 keys on my key chain, Note book, Iphone 4 spike pen, 2 ball point pens 1 mechanical steel pencil, 14ga x 2.75" needle, 1" silk tape,2x sandwich size ziplock bags, 1 Bic light, $30.
  3. Acehardrive5

    CAD Plans for the GEK system

    Does any one out there have CAD designs for a GEK system? I am trying to get access to hard copy or digital copy of them. I would like to be able to run an urban home in San Antonio, TX. I plan to use (2) of them for uninterupted hotwater, an Outdoor kitchen and power for my home. I can not afford the kits at this time but would like to build my own(with help). Thank you all. Take care and see you on the other side. (alive and well)
  4. One of the things I find has helped me and my family over the last 16 years with contacts and skills is to volunteer our time and service to work with Habitat for Humanity, the Local Food Bank, and Disaster Responce Teams. We have a pretty close knit group of individuals and families that we help teach each other new skills and do group orders and putting together our preperations. I am interested in finding out what you all have experienced and how you have gained your knowledge and how you have been able to get where you are at in your prepping.
  5. Water and dry goods food grade storage buckets, barrels, and totes. Located in Ft. Hood, Killeen area. Will deliver or ship at cost. Call M-Sat 9am-9pm. If no answer leave a message and we will return your calls as soon as we get a chance. (254) 634-2011 2 gal. water container: $2 5-6 gal. water container: $5 15 gal. water container: $10 or 4+ $8 each 30 gal. water barrels: $12 or 4+ $10 each 55 gal. water barrels: $20 or 4+ $17 each 275 gal. water tote in metal cage: $90 or 4+ $85 each 330 gal. water tote in metal cage: $120 or 4+ $110 each 4-6 gal. buckets w/ lids: $4 4-6 gal. buckets w/o lids: $2 55 gal. storage barrels open top w/ lockable lids: $25 or 4+ $20 ea Bung Wrench to open 2" bung caps on water barrels $14 55 gal. metal (NON food grade ) barrels: $15
  6. I am getting stationed at Ft Sam in San Antonio and looking for an area where I can take my children out and teach them how to hunt. Trying for an area that has wild pigs and deer but all types of animals would work. Please let me know. I have been out side of the country the last few years and am trying to spend time with them and share my knowledge also. Thank you for any and help.
  7. I am looking for information on miniture cows, rabbits, chickens, and aquaponics and the city ordinances pertaining to such. I am also interested in the Home School environment and generally want to find contacts in the area. Thank you for any and all responses. Combat Medic: A person trained to kill or heal as the need dictates.
  8. Acehardrive5

    Test, this is a test

    I really do not like that idea. The fact that the bacteria is used in supplements is supposed to make me feel better. I watched another one from them where people that don't have a credit card are weird. I guess I am weird. I like to pay cash and have not had a credit card for over 6 years.
  9. Acehardrive5

    soldier's tricks and needs

    DOCWalt81 I am also a combat medic and you are absolutely right. I got the same looks and even was told to get in the AC all the time but I was acclimated and well hydrated. When I got home it was the same way.
  10. Acehardrive5

    soldier's tricks and needs

    Thank you for remembering us. We greatly appreciate your support.
  11. Acehardrive5

    Bulk Survival Food or DIY?

    My wife and I have 6 children. We actually started storing food about 7 years ago but do to moving around we have had to restart a couple of times. Each time it seems to actually get easier and I believe that it is because of experience. We started with just small cans buying extra when ever we went shopping any way. We rotate the standard size cans and and expanded to #10 cans and 5 Gal buckets. We have recently added 2 dry packed 55 gal drums for mylar packed foods and 2X33 gal 2X55 gal and 2X275 water containers. The thing you need to ask about buying bulk goods is 1. Will you be comfortable eating it? Will your children? 2. Is it finacially better to buy the bulk goods or the smaller individual packs? 3. Do you have the storable area for the bulk or are you going to have to stash it in smaller areas. My recommendation is to start small with stuff that you know will work and experiment as you go with canning and preserving, Grow as much of your own as you can, and look at a basic bulk items that will support your for a month then a year continue to improve and rotate all the time.
  12. Acehardrive5

    Anyone got any advice?

    1 Start simple and short 2 let some one not with you know where you are, who you are with, when you plan to return, 3 make sure you have any prescription meds. needed. 4 pack light but extra socks, underwear, cold weather and wet weather clothes 5 make sure your equipment is complete and functional and you know how to set up the tent and stove etc. 6 Be safe and have fun.
  13. Acehardrive5

    Lets get to the REAL question.

    I am not in to the science of it but the main focus I have is multi source. 2 is 1 and 1 is none. I am looking at Bio-digester, Gassification unit, Solar power, and Bio-diesel. Want to have be able to not have to rely on any one exclusively. If possible I would like to have a local Natural Gas on the property to run generators and cooking. Now that that is put out I would like to minimize the dependance on energy. In a shit hits the fan use Horses and pack mules or alpacas.
  14. Acehardrive5

    Did not know..... Anthrax Vaccine.

    I am current with the series and 2nd annual booster thanks to the army. If I had a choice I don't think I would have taken them. I understood that it did not cover the weaponized form of Anthrax yet I I still could be exposed to it here in Kuwait.
  15. Acehardrive5

    Battle Ax anyone?

    I am a very strong proponent for the SPAX. I have used it and seen it used by others to open vehicals and houses. I could really see this as being a combat affective weapon.