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    Middle aged Okie who desires to improve his skills and abilities to survive in any situation presented.
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  1. Roughneck61

    Prepper loses rights

    The ironic thing about government types becoming suspicious about those of us who choose to plan for our well-being is this: I work for an unnamed state agency that has spent a fair amount of taxpayer money developing a plan that includes media time and resources encouraging people to do exactly what most of the people involved in this forum are doing. I think most of us here probably go further in our planning than what my agency tries to get the general population to do, but that being said, if folks want to consider me an extremist that is fine. When the SHTF I know my family won't be scrambling around looking for help.
  2. Roughneck61

    BOB opinion: 'Nam era ALICE pack?

    I recently purchased a large used Alice pack with frame in good condition at for 29.95 plus shipping. Total cost was $44.00 or somewhere thereabouts. I was very pleased with what I received and I got it fairly quick.
  3. Roughneck61

    trying to convince family members to Prep.

    I work for a state agency and recently they posted a list of things to obtain in case of an emergency. The list is actually a fairly decent attempt to guide folks in obtaining things they'll need for a short term situation. I took the liberty to send this message to my children and other family members. As many of you here have mentioned previously, you had family members explain that there really isn't any need for this as everything will be okay......At that point I just decided I would need to begin to obtain more than I had planned for as I can't stand back and watch my family during a time of serious need and not do anything.
  4. It is indeed a sad for what's left of the family and will be a black eye for the prepper community, once the media takes this story and runs with it.
  5. Roughneck61

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Tornado alley is correct. Within the last two weeks I've had visual contact with one and suspected another was hidden in rain. Sad fact, May is usually when things rock and roll in Oklahoma in regards to tornadoes.
  6. Roughneck61

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Hello!! I'm new to the site and have utilized several ideas already in my quest for independence in the case of disaster, natural or man made. I mentioned in my intro I am from Oklahoma, so I have seen natural disasters several times in my life and feel I'm adequate at preparing for those, but I also realize man made disasters are a real threat as well. I look forward to interacting with other like minded folks on this site as well.