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    beans and rice dates before storing

    I use Mylar Bags and O2 absorbers and seal the Mylar bag placed inside a food grade bucket. Should last several years. I followed the Mormon way to store foods. Here is a link but look through as there is many other sub links will good information.
  2. Fridge

    There are no 'Rights', only privileges...

    Read your US's all in there if your wondering about your Rights or Privileges.... If you don't know about your RIGHTS you will lose them.
  3. Fridge

    Military Thread

    2nd 75th RANGER Battalion. Jungle Warfare instructor in Panama Fort Sherman JOTC.
  4. Permethrin.
  5. I have 2 dogs, Lab and a Golden Retriever... What I have done was Freeze dry dog food for several days then removed from the freezer and let set to room temp then sealed up in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and packet each Mylar bag into a 5 gallon bucket. I did this 3 years ago and 2 months ago I opened one up checking on grain mites and freshness and everything looks good...I have approx 200 lbs of food stocked up in my bunker.