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  1. Lets just say, for all intensive purposes, that the world has suffered a major societal collapse. You have survived, as have many other people... After the dust has settled and your imidiate needs taken care of, what job would you fulfill in surviving or even rebuilding? Personaly, I'd either become a scavenger or possibly a mercenary, based on my skills and personality. (Even though scavenger and merc are kinda cliche...) Some ideas... Doctor Teacher Farmer Trader Repairman Construction Etc.
  2. 550cordfreak

    Makeshift weaponry thread?

    Prison shows talk a lot about toothbrush shivs (Shivs are improvised knives, made from sharp objects, shanks are sharpened). Put a razorblade in the bristles of a toothbrush and melt the bristles down to hold the blade. Screws work as well.
  3. 550cordfreak

    The Colony

    Just started watchin "The Colony" season 1 on netflix. I love it... but they say that average americans are in the expirement, when in reality, they have 4 scientists, an ER nurse, a trauma doctor, a contractor, a martial arts instructor, an ex-cambodian spec. ops. guy and a parts fabricator! No fat kids, no housewives, no unemployed man, no disabled... its a bad representation of the population. Still an entertaining show...
  4. 550cordfreak

    Survival kit for EDC

    Finaly, somebody who loves 550 as much as i do (well maybe not as much...)
  5. 550cordfreak

    What's in Your Pockets?

    Walet: Photo ID, lock pick set, some cash, foldable survival guide Phone: thats it... just a phone Arm: 550 paracord bracelet or Water-proof sports watch Pocket: Gerber STL 2.0 knife
  6. 550cordfreak


    Avoid talking about humanity. I learned that the hard way... anyone remember my fail...?
  7. 550cordfreak

    Anyone got any advice?

    Thanks guys for the advice! If it helps i meant twelve ft. From car camping lol.
  8. 550cordfreak

    Did not know..... Anthrax Vaccine.

    I believe I've had one before... Theys seem to hurt more than other shots...
  9. 550cordfreak

    Something to ponder

    Techiniquly, the human population will be destroyed when the sun burns all of its hydrogen, rapidly expands, and makes us the closest planet to the sun... if we as a species even maake it that far. If you look at the ammount of time humans have been on earth compared to the amount of time of many other species, we're still relativly new to planet earth.
  10. 550cordfreak

    Anyone got any advice?

    Im about to go camping soon, and I havn't really done this yet... Anybody got tips they had to learn the hard way, to share to a rookie?
  11. 550cordfreak

    Survival Cache Presents: Building Better Bug-Out-Bags

    Very, VERY, VERY good topic, thank you. However the rule of three you did was missing 3 seconds without mentality and, 3 months without love or companionship (WILSON!!!)
  12. 550cordfreak

    Plan B?

    Not if you park your car in your garage and your house burns down..
  13. 550cordfreak

    BIBB for the International Business Man

    Are you sure you can survive two dats off only 500 calories though... I relize it would be extremely difficult to pack more though
  14. 550cordfreak

    GIGN's Urban Assualt SUV

    @101matt I just started my christmas list!
  15. 550cordfreak

    Basic Car Stuff

    Good thing he has a G.I. helmet lying around....