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  1. I re-toast mine with a little of brown sugar,best way to keep it is in the freezer,like coffee.
  2. readytogo1955

    Offgrid solar

    101MATT,had it right,2000 sqf homes,why,well if you have the money and want to wasted be my guess,but the smaller your home or shelter, the less you will spend in utilities,good roof/walls insulation is a start,you spend more in cooling/refrigeration than anything else in a home,like MATT stated,the smaller/simpler, less headches.
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    Wally to the rescue.

    what do you think?.
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    For Sale,BOV,Cheap
  5. You probably have a big freezer,but the power is out,now what,get the picture.In my family farm food preservation was the #1 rule,and we had no electricity,and I see lots of nfo on seeds,watering,bug spray,etc,but nothing on food preservation. Farming and food preservation go side by side,and in order to survived,you need food and what better food than the one from your garden. Think about this,we kill 2 hogs,and we had meat all year long,lard,ham,sausages,bacon,now thats surviving. So, who out there is really prepping for survival:cool:
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    Grandmothers Cures.

    As child in the country,my grandmother always had lemon and orange peal drying in the sun or behiend the wood burning stove,this was boil and with honey was turn into a hot cup of tea,if fever was involved,a little white rum was added,heavy blanket,lots of sweat. I have been doing this forever now,specially during the cold season,no chemicals,no drugs. Just go to the store and price a small jar of lemon peel or orange in the baking section,so I saved all my orange/lemon peel,not only for medical but baking,try it.
  7. Check this info. Been doing this for some time now,you most removed air,humidity,light from your food storage,food most be vaccum pack and rotated,and pack what you eat. This may also help you make some decisions.
  8. Solar power is not a luxury,but is a great tool,limited tool,if you have unlimited money,then build a power plant,I used the KILL-A-WATT-METER to calculated my kph app usage,and them I base my system plus another 50% more or less,up to you.You can cook with rocks but a cold drink is nice so look into a 3way refrigerator system,like campers used,can go wrong.Hope this helps.
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    CB Radios

    A pair of portable CB radios with a small solar panel and a extendable antena will give you good communication if your cell goes out in a emergengy,cb`s are monitor by emergency units,truckers and are fair price,some have noaa frequency.
  10. Fort Stockton, Texas,lots of land,open space,game.
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    Nice weapon
  12. readytogo1955

    Multi Purpose Tool

    During my tour in Korea I saw this machine in used ,in many different ways.With the right attachment,water pump.generator,tiller,trailer for people and farm work,its every where.
  13. Seen one in operation the other day,with solar power backup,wow,what a system. This systems uses lots of juice,and are somewhat heavy unless a portable unit is used with less range.In all you will still need some kind of power backup,and a nice foldable solar panel comes to mind.
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    Social Issues that Matter

    Our forefathers build this,and yes they were migrants,this was a new world,had to be build there was plenty of room to prosper and grow,but like life,things change,the world has change and under the umbrela of freedom and liberty laws have been change to benefit a few, politicians I mean, and greedy corporations out to make money with total disregard for the american people, and now we have a problem,and now we are been called barbarians. As long as abuses are not commited,laws not broken,I will be more than happy to show a law enforcer official my ID,the law saids so,I did not came to this country to break laws,I came to be part of them.So now ,why this?.
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    131 uses for Vinegar
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    What Caused the Dust Bowl?

    The prairies of the Midwest were originally protected by tall prairie-grass, that held the topsoil in place during droughts. However, once the prairies were settled, farmers ploughed over the prairie grass. Years of over-cultivation meant there was no longer protection from the elements. Sure enough, in 1930, a drought killed off the crops.. High winds blew the remaining topsoil away.Ironically, the Ogallala Aquifer is not being depleted to feed American families or to support the kind of small farmers who hung on through the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl years. Instead, the agricultural subsidies that began as part of the New Deal to help farm families stay on the land are now paid to corporate farms that grow crops we no longer need. As an example, water drawn from the Ogallala Aquifer is helping Texas farmers grow bumper crops of cotton, but there is no longer a U.S. market for cotton. So cotton growers in Texas receive $3 billion a year in federal subsidies, taxpayer money, to grow fiber that is shipped to China and made into cheap clothing that is sold in American stores. If the water runs out, we won't have the cotton or the inexpensive clothing, and the Great Plains will be the site of yet another environmental disaster.So lets get ready to pay more for food,or we better start our Liberty Gardens again.
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    He just loss my vote

    As part of the 47 percent that Mitt was talkin about on video,low income americans,veterans retirees,disabled,poverty line americans period,that don`t pay taxes,in my opinion. It’s hard to serve as president for all Americans when you’ve disdainfully written off half the nation.I don`t wish him any harm,but I will pray for the one day,that he and family come down to my level of living. May the wrath of God enter his soul.
  18. In FY 2009, white families comprised 31.2% of TANF families, black families comprised 33.3%, and 28.8% were Hispanic.
  19. readytogo1955

    Mini 14/5.56mm

    Any complaints about this weapon?.
  20. I think you`re right,let`s eliminate politics,religion,and opinions,and focus on survival only,and by the way,let`s burn the constitution.
  21. What your trying to said is to keep my opinions to myself,that the american news media are all liers, and what I saw and heard on tv is a Obama propaganda,wow, sounds just like the commies in cuba.One opinion,one voice,and everybody most follow the leader or else.
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    Something Good I think this is a good survival story.
  23. readytogo1955

    He just loss my vote

    First and most important,the race issue/card thing was never intended to by an insult,is a fact of life,we as humans,don`t like to much differents on people,statu quo type of thing,and I`m not religious either,nor a hyprocrite,just picture yourself replacing a manager that had no accountability.Are you to blame for his stupidity?,stoping the war is also a catch 22 situation,why we did`nt hit the strees in protest when Bush took us to war?,the previous generation did it,so I`m sorry for expresing my views,what I saw,heard,do`nt feel bad either,after all we are on The Freedom and Liberty Forum.
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    Nice weapon

    I`m envious,that is a great weapon.As a home defense is unbeatable.
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    He just loss my vote

    The facts are that this administration has had a big share of troubles,the weather,the war,the banking scandals,so are we going to blame a president,one man,for all that.then lets go back a few years.Clinton did away with the Glass-Steagall law,Bush took us to war over some vial of milk,and now,well lets be realistic,he`s black,my family is half black,so don`t make this an issue,whether this president is a demo or repu,i don`t care,this country was on the way down now for many years,since american corporations took factories overseas for profits,we have been on our way down.So it seems to me that I touch a nerved somewhere,well,I only tell it like I see it,is the american way,freedom,if your family has been on welfare for generations is because past goverments have alowed it,demos and repu,freedoms,if you loss your job because it went overseas,demos and repu,freedom,the bottom line is that we elected that president. But i will not alowed anybody to tell me is that what I saw and heard is not real,and if a american is elected president,is for 100 percent of the population,not 50 percent,and if Mitt had had the guts to say what he said in public I will sale my soul for him,now is trying to cover it up like a the real politician he is. And by the way those out there that express their opinion on what`s writen here,God Bless You All,because it shows that we care for this country,and the Freedom that we have earn.