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  1. I think you`re right,let`s eliminate politics,religion,and opinions,and focus on survival only,and by the way,let`s burn the constitution.
  2. What your trying to said is to keep my opinions to myself,that the american news media are all liers, and what I saw and heard on tv is a Obama propaganda,wow, sounds just like the commies in cuba.One opinion,one voice,and everybody most follow the leader or else.
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    131 uses for Vinegar
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    Something Good I think this is a good survival story.
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    He just loss my vote

    First and most important,the race issue/card thing was never intended to by an insult,is a fact of life,we as humans,don`t like to much differents on people,statu quo type of thing,and I`m not religious either,nor a hyprocrite,just picture yourself replacing a manager that had no accountability.Are you to blame for his stupidity?,stoping the war is also a catch 22 situation,why we did`nt hit the strees in protest when Bush took us to war?,the previous generation did it,so I`m sorry for expresing my views,what I saw,heard,do`nt feel bad either,after all we are on The Freedom and Liberty Forum.
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    Mini 14/5.56mm

    Any complaints about this weapon?.
  7. In FY 2009, white families comprised 31.2% of TANF families, black families comprised 33.3%, and 28.8% were Hispanic.
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    Nice weapon

    I`m envious,that is a great weapon.As a home defense is unbeatable.
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    He just loss my vote

    The facts are that this administration has had a big share of troubles,the weather,the war,the banking scandals,so are we going to blame a president,one man,for all that.then lets go back a few years.Clinton did away with the Glass-Steagall law,Bush took us to war over some vial of milk,and now,well lets be realistic,he`s black,my family is half black,so don`t make this an issue,whether this president is a demo or repu,i don`t care,this country was on the way down now for many years,since american corporations took factories overseas for profits,we have been on our way down.So it seems to me that I touch a nerved somewhere,well,I only tell it like I see it,is the american way,freedom,if your family has been on welfare for generations is because past goverments have alowed it,demos and repu,freedoms,if you loss your job because it went overseas,demos and repu,freedom,the bottom line is that we elected that president. But i will not alowed anybody to tell me is that what I saw and heard is not real,and if a american is elected president,is for 100 percent of the population,not 50 percent,and if Mitt had had the guts to say what he said in public I will sale my soul for him,now is trying to cover it up like a the real politician he is. And by the way those out there that express their opinion on what`s writen here,God Bless You All,because it shows that we care for this country,and the Freedom that we have earn.
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    He just loss my vote

    Comming from a country that media was totally control,to a freedom of speech country is like night and day the facts are there to see,The Bush administration lie,got us into war,wall street was taking us to the cleaners,but that s ok too,a new president takes over all the mess,and his guilty of everything,hard to understant that type of logic,some of you mention the word freedom alot,the free trade deal open the doors for trade with the rest of the world,but american corporate gluttony took it one step further,moved the companies overseas and saved some money,sell the product in america at a 300 percent profit,and we buy it,so lets not blame one guy.Under the name of freedom we buy large vehicles,heavy on fuel,make the arabs rich,not the presidents fault,is freedom,while the rest of europe drives 4 cylinder eng diesel vehicles,not the president `s fault,the great depression,that`s like saying that black sunday was the president`s fault, under the name of freedom we have driven this country to the cleaners,and we like to point the finger at somebody else,that`s easy,this president`s problem is that his black,and no matter what he does,is going to be wrong,one more point,socialized medicine,is not communist. Social refers to a characteristic of living organisms as applied to populations of humans and other animals.It means for everybody.Like in Europe. And I cut and paste,because of Freedom to do so.
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    Nice weapon
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    I think I'm starting to get paranoid

    Wally,Regulator5,have a great idea,pick a hobby,do something with your hands,the local library most have good how-to-books,stay away from the pc,tv for a while,I find that making bread is very relaxing and enjoyfull,make time with your spouse or best friend,it helps.
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    He just loss my vote

    As part of the 47 percent that Mitt was talkin about on video,low income americans,veterans retirees,disabled,poverty line americans period,that don`t pay taxes,in my opinion. It’s hard to serve as president for all Americans when you’ve disdainfully written off half the nation.I don`t wish him any harm,but I will pray for the one day,that he and family come down to my level of living. May the wrath of God enter his soul.
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    And all of the above are correct,after so many years of prepping or collecting yunk, is very hard to decided what to bring alone,I mean ,I hate to live anything behiend,I love my stuff.Excoastie has it right,a Hemi Ram with a utility trailer,will be great,but lets be realistic,this event most /has to be a catastrofic event for me to bug-out,love my hand made little house,my daughters bunkbed,is a small bunker if you shielded with plywood,I called it my Alamo,DonDon,wife, kids and dog are also here for the long run,pray to guide the kids to a straight life on their own,and them hope to really enjoy this great country.
  15. While we continue to fight over freedom,muslims,arabs,they did this or that,abc,cnn,cbsmusa,nyt,etc, are commys,the theoria that the gov is watching all our moves,first lets not forget that binladin got money, weapons, training from us,the boys who paid $25000.00 just to learn how pilot the planes ONLY,in a american soil school,and 24 hours after they new their names,blood type,address,give me a brake.As long as we continue to play with the devil,we will have 9/11s,as long as we continue,in the name of national security aka greed,we will have 9/11s,the insult that created this deadly mob reaction,came from us soil, no americans in their soil,no death,we have no busines over there.We should be worried about our own bigotry and hate in our own back yard. Maybe this is Freedom too.