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  1. Anyone wants to buy it? I bought it in the beginning of this year now it has to go. Let me know and we can work something out. I live in Killeen by the way so i prefer someone near there. Unless you wanna make a long drive
  2. wrattlerking

    what would you do?

    So I will tell what I did after my court date date. Let's put it this way being in the back of a police car is the worst experience one can have. Atleast I think so.I didnt shoot anyone.
  3. wrattlerking

    what would you do?

    I thought so too but it happened. You can never say never atleast that's what I just learnt.
  4. wrattlerking

    what would you do?

    So you and 2 of your friends are standing outside your apartment smoking and and just talking. Your friends have been drinking heavily and you are the dd for the night. Well agroup of guys between 6-10 guys show up and started causing trouble. A few words were exchange and you notice the situation wasn't getting any better. You try to tell your friends let's go but since they are drunk they won't listen. So you go inside the apartment to find your cellphone to call the police. Before you can find your cellphone you hear a loud scream and a man's voice screaming I'm going to f****** kill you. Knowing your friends are toooooo drunk to defend themselves what would you do? Yall tell me then I will tell what I did.
  5. wrattlerking

    Anyone have SHTF experience?

    There was a time when I was little and I was the only white kid in a atlanta city school during the rodney king beating. I got my A$$ whooped alot. How did I deal with it? After school I would run to my Moms car as fast as possible. Heres what I learnt from it. You dont always have to try to be tough. How will this help in a real SHTF environment? I see alot people on sites like these talk about how many guns they bought and how much ammunition they have saved up but what they dont know is that all it takes is one bullet. If your in a situation where you have to use your gun chances are the other person has a gun also. So pick and choose your fights. Its ok to back down and even run.
  6. wrattlerking

    Barack Obama suports same-sex marraige.

    Like I said before how does this affect me? I really didnt read all what you typed. They just allowed gay people to be open in the military. How did this effect anyone? It didnt. As far as bosses making you work more and stuff ummm I dont feel sorry for anyone. Join the Military and youll see what long hours are. All you wrote seems to be your opinion thats cool everyone has the right to their own opinion. Nothing you wrote will make a difference in my life.
  7. wrattlerking

    Barack Obama suports same-sex marraige.

    Why should I care? It doesnt affect me in any way or manner. If gay people want a piece of paper with their name on it give it to them already so they will shut the **** up. Im tired of hearing about this. If God wont take all the stupid people of this earth then im gonna eradicate myself from it. i do have that 1 hollow point in my small pocket of my BOB
  8. wrattlerking

    Nice backup knife for pack

    This is my back up knife I bought it last year and I still love it.
  9. wrattlerking


    IDK ask Google. Youll be surprised on how much stuff it knows
  10. wrattlerking


    Well it didnt really sale within minutes. I was working on selling it on another site and I had an offer right after I posted it on here. But I do have an extra one that Imight be willing to work with the fire fighter.
  11. wrattlerking


    I appreciate it.
  12. wrattlerking

    Shotgun or Handgun for first gun purchase?

    i concur with survivalcyclist
  13. wrattlerking

    Shotgun or Handgun for first gun purchase?

    I would so go with a Shotgun as a first weapon. You can buy 100 rounds of target ammo at wallyworld for $22 also there are many different types of rounds if you want to shoot them. If you have a short barrel you can buy a longer one one for clay shooting and hunting. As far as pistols go I would get a revolver for a first handgun. They are easier to maintain and very reliable plus if you get a .357 you can buy .38 rounds and shoot for cheap at a gun range. Pistols are nice but in my opinion they depriciate in value alot faster then the revolver and shotguns but i believe thats because they are alot more tecnical then the others and parts tend to wear and tear yes there are people who try to sale used ones for new prices but thats because everybody wants one its called supply and demand.
  14. wrattlerking

    Where are we going with this?.

    I do agree with you on some points and I to was stationed in germany for 4 yrs and my wife is german and I did travel quit a bit while I was over there. Majority of Europe is Capitalist but they do have Socialist tendencies. I wasnt meaning Americans in Gereral by my comment Im sorry if I offended anyone I get kinda emotional and go on a rant about stuff that bothers me im sure alot of it didnt make sense. Being over in Germany (Ansbach) for 4yrs I was really shocked by how much things have changed since i was gone and im still trying to get use to it. By the whole flat screen and jersey shore thing, i was just meaning that people put things that dont matter as a first priority. Also the fairy tale comment was towards the people who keep posting stuff about zombie survival and govt conspiracies. I really like this site. Before I joined I found the main page and some youtube videos very educational to stuff im interested in. I just get disappointed when I see stupid stuff on here cause this site is awesome. Again i am sorry if i offended anyone else I was having a bad day. I got chewed out by a higher ranking NCO for something that i couldnt help.