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    I'm a good christian gal who believes in the fundamental building blocks of our great nation. God bless our soldiers!

    "I've learned that to ignore the facts does not change the facts" ~ Andy Rooney
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    hunting, horseback riding, football, prepping
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  1. Its probably best for me to just leave this one alone ...
  2. cowgirl1968

    What I'm Worried About

    ugh! And i appreciated the "worry" list .... the return of my ex mother-in-law would truly be hell on earth
  3. cowgirl1968

    Brain farts

    i suffer from CRS (can't remember squat) so my dogs love me when i feed them twice in the same day ...
  4. cowgirl1968

    Label survival gear?

    being the anal retentive organizational freak that i am (those are my husband's loving words) i label everything! 1st step was putting everyone's name on their acquired BOB and then labeling what is not already ID'd in the bag itself. I want to make sure the kids know what is in their BOB just in case i am not with them for whatever reason. Since there are so many of us in my immediate family that i am prepping for it is the only way i have found that i can stay organized to know what I have set up for who.
  5. does anyone have any recommendations for BOB to use on my dogs? i have a 30lb, 50lb and 85lb - i have been looking around but would like to get some input before i spend the money- thanks much
  6. sounds like our cats could be related LOL ... oh the visual i just had of my own personal fur-covered fang gernade!!!
  7. Ditto to that - i am looking after 3 for God at the current moment ... wouldn't leave home without them!
  8. Amen to that! 3.89 Northern CO
  9. cowgirl1968

    Email to National Geographic Sent April 24 2012

    i watched this show up until the guy tried to blow his thumb off (i think it was like the 3rd episode) during the episode and then after that basically swung the rifle end right towards his kids face as he was checking it (my husband and i stopped and replayed that portion several times because we could not believe what we were seeing) - i was a tad dis-heartened that the "eval" given at the end of his segment DID NOT mention in any way shape or form that he may need some focus on PROPER HANDLING OF FIREARMS! Sorry, that was probably off topic but ... it caused us to view the show as a dis-service as well.
  10. I personally don't get flu or pneumonia shots, nor have i ever gotten any of the viruses that seem to be the fad of that particular season. As a health care worker i am forever exposed with this or that (therefore "universal precautions") not to mention have wiped many snotty noses due to having 6 kiddos (again... "universal precautions"). Maybe i am just blessed with a good immune system, i don't know. On the other hand, i have encountered research facilities and the thought of someone developing something that can wipe out 50% of the population doesn't seem too far fetched i guess. Human beings tend to play with things they shouldn't - put it in the wrong hands and all he!! could break lose. Hmmm, Funny thing is that several of my co-workers vaccinated this year ended up laid up for a week + due to some form of flu strain ... must have been a bad batch of "whatever it is they have decided to shoot into you this year" was. LOL.
  11. cowgirl1968

    Bugging In: The Compromise

    Thank you for your input - my pop is vietnam vet and due to his inability to discuss that which he encountered over there is a good indicator that its way more than my brain or emotion can try to figure out ... fear of the unknown i think is something a person can get themselves way too wrapped up in (ie. i am speaking fully for myself) and is something i definately finding myself doing ... So, i am doing what you and many others have suggested and getting more involved in preparing the 99.9% which is where i need to focus
  12. cowgirl1968

    The Judge

    AMEN sista!!!!
  13. cowgirl1968

    What to do????

    Fortunately for us, she is not within the realm of the vast majority of girls her age (thank you Jesus). She is actually old beyond her years and extremely level headed (so, she is not your normal teenager at all). However, i definately hear what you are saying and appreciate the input. The more scenarios thrown out there the better to prepare - right
  14. cowgirl1968

    What to do????

    thanks Capt Bart those are things i didn't even think of! My husband doesn't like to talk to the ex (drives him crazy), but i am completely comfortable talking to her - how do you have a conversation with someone like this while also trying to tell them "sorry, this is what we would like the kids to do, but you are not invited?"
  15. cowgirl1968

    girlfriend is learning!

    not a speed thing for her ..... yet