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    born and raised va beach va. single dad with a daughter. agree with others that the earth is fragile and so are our daily lives. world is uglier by the day and we need to be ready when it falls apart.
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  1. rbelljr1

    beans and rice dates before storing

    Oh deff will stock up on other items! Was just concerned with storing the rice and beans properly when the dates have already expired.
  2. ok, i bought some bags of rice and beans about 8 months ago. finally purchased some bags and buckets to store them long term, yes took me long enough. well i check the dates on the food and all have past by a month or few. so should i still keep and store these or just buy new with better dates and store them?
  3. all good info! i will just keep the bottled until go bad dates which is like year and a half to two years away, should be ok i would think, plus can always clean the water if need be. was thinking of the bigger 5 gallon containers since stronger and prob just going to use tap water to save money.
  4. thanks for the inf guys. i like buying the cases of water, easy and cheap, but if safer and better to buy the bigger blue non bpa containers and just fill with tap, then i will do that.
  5. are you adding the bleach to the tap water just to be extra careful and/or because you are storing it and stuff may grow in it later? the tap water of course is already treated.
  6. what i mean is, i have read a bunch on how the water bottles we buy cases of break down after a while and contaminate the water. now this of course is after a good amount of time. now i see on the prep store sites they have the bigger like 5 gallon thick blue water containters that i beleive dont break down. i have like 20 cases of the nestle 32 count bottle waters and wondering if i should transfer all of that to bigger thicker containers like i said above? and of course i have read to just put tap water in them too and stop buying bottled all together. suggestions? what are ya'll doing?