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    How much is 1 Acre? Near You.

    10 years ago we bought 14 acres for 30k. Now the same amount now has tripled due to them finding gas in the area. (north central PA)
  2. Xplorer

    Trophy hunt?

    Went out west for a muley/whitetail hunt. Didn't see anything worth shooting till after shooting hours on the last day. Worst $3k I have ever spent. Should have taken the wife on a cruise or something else.
  3. Xplorer

    Gamo Hunter Extreme

    Like new .177 pellet rifle. 1600 FPS with PBA ammo. 3-9x50 Illuminated reticle scope. Sell or trade. Make offer. Kills squirrels nice, but haven't used it on other game yet.
  4. Xplorer

    Gamo Hunter Extreme

    No I don't. Sold it locally at my yard sale.
  5. Xplorer

    "Revolution" CBS Series On Life After An EMP

    TV? My wife owns a couple-lol. I kinda liked the show. Better than most crap on the TV.
  6. Xplorer

    chuck norris gives us a warning.

    I heard that if Mitt was to become president, the world would blow up. Go figure.
  7. Xplorer

    How many of you guys belong to the NRA?

    I belong to the NRA. Abit tired of their hand in my back pocket though.
  8. Xplorer

    How's your ammo supply?

    buying more tomorrow.
  9. Xplorer

    Bob gone!

    I've told my wife serveral times that the reason I married her was someone has to be wrong & it sure isn't me! Good luck finding your pack.
  10. yes snake, thank you, I have adjusted my search engine & use yahoo now.
  11. Xplorer

    Truck, SUV, or Car?

    I had a Jeep Cherokee-1999 I believe. If I still had that I would use that over my F150 FX4. Thing was a tank & plenty of secure cargo area.
  12. Xplorer

    Defensive driving and Aluminum wheels

    that hurts my hand/wrist just thinking about it. I'll stick to wheels. :-)
  13. Xplorer

    NOT AR vs. AK

    Snake, your full of it....good info that is. I didn't know that about WD40. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Xplorer

    Truck, SUV, or Car?

    My extended cab F150 FX4 will do fine by us. We have 2 VW's but would leave them behind.
  15. Xplorer

    Prep coach?

    It's just me & the wife. I too don't want to be called the odd one, or have people knocking on my door when SHTF. What's left of my family lives 1300 miles away & won't be able to help them much.
  16. Xplorer

    Ruger SR9c clip extension

    OK, just picked up my new pistol & 2 extra clips. The clips comes w/o the extension on it. That comes seperate. How do I remove the base to install the new extension? It looks like it should side off, but it doesn't seem to move even with a hammer to persuade it. Thanks
  17. Xplorer

    Ruger SR9c clip extension

    I'm Pa. dutch, we say everything wrong & backwards. It would have helped if I would have read the owners manual first before posting.
  18. Xplorer

    Ruger SR9c clip extension

    Yup, figured it out. Thank You.
  19. Xplorer

    Mountain Men: on History

    Just watched a marathon of mountain men on History. Was all very intersting. They (the government) better not take his property away. I have a friend that lives in the same area & go down & hunt there every year. My buddy finds most of the people disreguard laws & do as they please. He has the same issues with trespassers hunting on his place out of season. He moved down there 10yrs ago (from Pa.) & is treated like an outsider, unless they want something from him. Then they are his best friend till they get what they want. Anyone want to buy 46+ ac. & a 5 bedroom house, inlaw suite in North Carolina?? LOL
  20. Xplorer

    Excess and giveaway

    Congrats man!
  21. Xplorer

    What is the best Survival Watch?

    I have a Citizen Eco Drive watch. It's solar powered :-)
  22. Xplorer

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    There are salvage yards that cater to campers. I would look for a propane powered frig if I were you. Sounds like a great BOV.
  23. Thanks for the heads up on google. Aways been wondering if big brother was keeping track.
  24. Xplorer

    keeping seeds

    I've taken them directly from the "fruit". I put them on a couple towels & set out to dry. When they were dry I would put them in a envelope & mark them. I then put that inside a ziplock bag & put them in the fridge. Make sure they are dry, or they will get moldy.
  25. Xplorer

    Reloading question

    thanks for looking. I bought a complete reloading setup from a co-worker that was retiring & wanted some extra cash. I bought it years ago & due to aquiring some guns which resulted in much brass, I decided that I should start to reload. I have quite a nice selection of dies, bullets & what not, but have no instructions on how to reload. Is there a guide (DVD?) or book that could walk me thru this? My old co-worker moved to another state & is no longer in contact with me.