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  1. For me, it was a gradual awakening during 2011. It started with lots of flooding in the area I lived. My wife and 7 week old daughter couldn't get out of our apartment complex because the bridge had been flooded out, and I couldn't get to them until late that night. Then there was the night of tornadoes the week after that. Then the microburst of June which brought a tree down on the building 40ft from us, trapping the resident. All this while unemployed. Thankful I've been hired since then and everything's stable again, but I don't ever want to be caught unprepared. I began thinking, "What if something really bad hit. Would I be able to get back to my family during work hours? Would they be okay without me?" Not to mention all the break-ins my city's had in the past several years. When the economy really went bad in '09 and ’10, there was a report every single day of a home invasion. We never really got around to getting a firearm, but now that we have a child we're planning to have something later this year.
  2. Pilgrim

    Best AXE for SHTF?

    Anyone used the M48 Ranger Hawk Axe?
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    New from East TN

    Right on, Urban Wolf. I've been consistently surprised at how many people haven't seen that movie.
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    New from East TN

    Hey everyone. Been looking over this site for awhile now, and just now getting into the forums. My main goal in joining is to glean as much info and experience as I can from the rest of you as I start putting together my packs. I'm just beginning my journey into preparing for the most reasonable scenarios (like natural disasters). I'm not into the whole TEOTWAWKI prepping, although I'll never discount their opinions for what they believe will happen. Nor do I believe any zombie apocalypse (which is something I do think a little silly) will occur, however fun it might be to think about. ... Okay, I'm already a little perturbed that whole words don't carry over to the next line while you're typing. Sigh... So I'm looking to gather info on the best bags, items, and tools for my situation, refine my thought processes and plans, and to generally not be caught with my pants down when something does hit. Oh, and +1 to whoever can guess where my nickname, Pilgrim, comes from.