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    Wild crazy weather.

    Yea.. Weather... Don't like it give it 24 hours. For us the farm pond/stock tank across the road is full for the first time in three years.... the farmers are just getting caught back up after it being too wet to get in some of their fields and it is raining....heavily in spots as I type this.... will there be enough moisture to make a crop... that is a question none can answer.... but.. being I really like to eat I certainly hope so. Was talking to a gentleman at the funeral home this morning and he was saying that the prediction is for an increase in tropical storms and that several are likely to visit the USA.... I didn't like the last two that came so hopefully that will miss the mark. Is there a change in the weather....I think that is so as the winters in the southeast have been moving more into the months we consider spring... are people to blame....well it could be ...BUT... if so no one is really embracing the move to nuclear .... the only short term solution to the problem.
  2. Partsman

    Update on DHS ammo purchases...a FYI

    Snake .... I agree with what you say.... the problem is multi faceted. There are relatively inexpensive target systems and as I have said teaching muscle memory is all important. True a look/feel alike training tool is not the same but any training is better than none....and we both know that getting stung with a frozen paint ball or BB will remind anyone to keep their head down. Just as in hand to hand the need to practice can never be recommended enough. I had not seem anything on the recoil system ...who offers it?
  3. Partsman

    Public safety exemption

    Gentlemen... you have touched on the heart of the problem. Our so-called leaders have paid off their masters instead of putting the funds into rebuilding this country's infrastructure. We the people will pay for our inaction.
  4. Partsman

    Wild crazy weather.

    Now for the easy way to solve the problem of too many mouths to feed............PANDEMICS ARE US. Reduce the mouths solve the problem. Just what the UN and the elites plan. Destroy the economy of the major countries, let the third world starve, then take over. Perhaps some of you saw a movie in the last few months that was a depiction of the aftermath of their plans. Could it happen.....sure. Will it...guess we will wait and see
  5. Partsman

    Update on DHS ammo purchases...a FYI

    As usual the government is messing with the system. If the trainers had spent the money on electronic training devices they would be able to reduce pollution as well as easily document their training results ...DUU... like that will happen. Real training does go through a lot of ammo, however a lot of the mechanics can and should be done with BLUE guns and the new replicas that trigger off lasers to score hits. Muscle memory must be built up and it doesn't require the discharge of a weapon to do that.....granted you will have to learn the effects of recoil. However, good muscle memory should offset most if not all of the reaction to discharging the weapon. That is why I have suggested pellet/BB guns and paint ball as useful training aids...Yes by all means finish a session by working with the real weapons .... but spend more of the time on the basic mechanics. Few of us would likely make it though a sustained firefight so remember Observation + Planning + Proper Execution = Survival As for my personal choice .... Ruger 22 and north American arms as a backup/deep cover tool.
  6. Partsman

    A interesting read

    For those who like literature written by those who have been there done that you should check out this site . I think you will like what you find.
  7. Partsman

    Public safety exemption

    Snake ... It makes me think of the movie where the half-wit was sitting at the dried up wishing well hoping that someday the water would return because he really wanted to be a complete idiot. Or as a friend once said "their like ducks...New day New world"
  8. Partsman

    Update on DHS ammo purchases...a FYI that they have already bought over twice as much as last fiscal year in what? the first third of this year! I'm all for the government saving money ( is that an oxymoron? ) BUT are they still putting out contracts for more? I hope this is actually looked into and not brushed under the carpet.
  9. Partsman

    Gun Policy & Law Enforcement

    Capt. as usual you have nailed it. lies, lies and bigger lies are the most common things to come out of Washington and their pet media puppets. They are convinced that if they say it enough that that will make it true.....stupid we know but entirely too many sheep buy it and that should worry those of us who know the only thing most political types are really interested in is their reelection and retirement pay. Can you imagine what the Men who wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights....after winning a war that would have resulted in their deaths if they had lost....would do if they were alive today.
  10. Partsman

    Water storage

    Philly...if you have to question how....You better stop sit down and rethink your plan(s) because WTSHTF is not the time to be running around trying to get what you need to do what you must. JMHO
  11. Partsman

    Public safety exemption

    The cell phone problem was very likely overload .... while the ability to shut down cell service in a local area is available it is more likely to be used if/when a bomb is suspected as cell phones are commonly used as trigger devices. The immediate area around where they captured the second suspect very likely got shut down until they had him and determined that there were no more explosive devices. As far as the question of search without a warrant .... I would start by asking to speak with the officer in charge (1) Why do you think there is someone dangerous in my home would be the first question (2) what are you going to do if I refuse you entrance. If they plan to come in anyway you may as well let them with the warning that any damages to the home will be charged to the city ... if at all possible tape record or video record all interaction with the officers. Bottom line you are in a no win situation so grin and bare it....if your not doing anything wrong then you will have the upper hand in court if they do something stupid.
  12. Partsman

    WV Survival Groups?

    Work into it ... start with a discussion on what preps everyone has for a weather event. Spend at least a couple of evenings on talking about what each can do if there is a bad storm... chains saws backup food/water etc. Do not get into the TEOTWAWKI discussion unless someone brings it up and then say lets' save that for another evening....we should plan for what could happen before we worry about what might happen. New ideas must be eased into the discussions one at a time and the why would we want to do that be laid out in a reasonable manner. Take it slow and build the group into a working team....plan out and write down what each can offer and what each should do in an even. Seeing it on paper will help everyone fix the plans in their minds. Good luck.
  13. Partsman

    Potential bug out locations in western NC

    A main consideration is...Can you control the area? The major part of the sheep will depend on the government as they already do and will do as they are told. The dangers will be from the gangs and groups of desperate people who failed to have enough stock piled or have scavenged everything in their original locations as well as the very real possibility of government interference. Finding a location with few hard to get around ways in would be a priority .... as would effective methods of blocking those routes. It would be a given that the area would have the land and water to sustain the group or it would not be worth it even though it would be easy to defend. Few of us will have enough in a group to hold off a large or determined group so low profile will be the name of the game .... appearing to be in worse shape than they are could be both a deterrent and a ace in the hole if attacked. Finding a place and making yourself indispensable to those around you is job one. Job two will be learning your neighbors ... who is dependable and who may need to have an accident.
  14. After reading some of the informational type books out now, it is very easy to see the possibility of some of the plots in the fiction sector actually happening and possibly much sooner than any of us expect.
  15. Partsman

    Gun Policy & Law Enforcement

    But Snake that's old news...........the ___________(fill in blank) news people and those who are convinced in their own mind that everyone else needs to be treated like a baby/moron/fool and lead by them from the cradle to the grave are like ducks ... new day new world. Bottom line people kill people....they use whatever they please to do it and have been perfecting ways to do it since before recorded history.
  16. And that is why one is none and two is one. Also totally agree on factory loads ... while it is possible to build quality hand loads too many go over board on velocity. A big heavy piece of lead (think 45 auto) will do the job with out breaking the speed of light. JMHO Catfish .... I was reading a gun test the other day and they encountered a similar problem and I do not think they figured out why either. Some weapons just do not like some ammo.
  17. Partsman

    Getting out of the rat race

    If you can luck up and get a refrigerated trailer to use as a beginning that would be helpful.....there are even insulated containers if you get really lucky as they usually get snapped up as soon as the become available.
  18. Partsman

    Gun Policy & Law Enforcement

    I keep having odd thoughts wander in .... Would you go down to the local law enforcement office and get yourself a CCW permit if you didn't own a gun? Tracking is already in place guys.
  19. Partsman

    question for veterans

    Service & bitching is like voting & bitching .... if you have then you can. You earned the right to say your piece. What ever branch you wind up in remember there are similar jobs in each one .... the names might be different but the important thing is find something you enjoy and be as good at it as you can be.
  20. The farmers live on the second story of the and keep the animals on the ground floor .... construction is not very tight and the close proximity encourages crossover of disease ... chicken/duck to hog to human.
  21. Partsman

    Gun Policy & Law Enforcement

    You all may want to put you 2 cents in here.............. The more people make their voices heard the better our chance to squash this stupidity.
  22. Valid points all around. Muscle memory is the only thing that will save you in a high stress encounter. The body goes on auto pilot and if the muscle memory is not there the chance of freezing up and or making a fatal decision is almost a given. One thought on the use of paint ball exercises is they do put you in a mind set much closer to two way exchanges. A possible add on (with the facility permission) would be a sharp shooter with a shot gun loaded with rubber slugs .... banging one of those off the other side of your "cover" will make the heart pump faster.
  23. Partsman

    the latest super bug

    An interesting thought drifted into my head .... I wonder why those that hate us are willing to blow themselves up but seem not to be too keen on becoming infected and walking through the capital coughing and hacking.
  24. Partsman

    BitCoin crash....

    The similarity to the present dollar situation is troubling. Vapor is vapor ... all of this is keystrokes on a computer with no backing in reality. Once the public looses faith the system is toast.