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    Founding Fathers

    Yea....They just wanted to represented by their government and left alone as to their religious matters. They finally decided that there was only one way to have that and we are lucky enough (all thought I believe there is an argument for having remained part of the Commonwealth) that they won with some help from their friends (Who had their own motives for helping). All things are twisted when you dig in. I wish the silent majority would become involved before it is too late to fix the political problems. But, I have no real belief that they will wake up.
  3. Partsman

    Remember the 'Shoe Bomber'?

    Most of the present problems resulted from not obeying God's command .... really all of the problems are a result of not obeying. The Book says come out from them and be a separate people. That would seem to me to suggest that your neighbor should be a God fearing person and would not be subject to killing, however those who do hear but not obey God's commandments fall under his wrath and death is the stated consequence of that.
  4. Partsman

    Keeping Your BOV Ready TO Roll

    Have any of you come up with any good ways to extend your fuel supplies? Gas is usable in what ever grade you can find but diesel is a bit different. Temperature is a key factor. I am curious what mixtures could be made say of kerosene, jet fuel, and motor oil. Would it be possible to mix some or all of these with diesel fuel to extend supplies?
  5. A very interesting read
  6. Partsman

    The IRS continues to drop the ball.

    The Fed should be overhauled as well.
  7. Just makes me all warm and snuggly. Power the ultimate rush! Those in power always want more. Greed is so ingrained in those we sent to do our work in government ...... perhaps we the people should get off our collective ass and change out the players .... at the least give others a chance to feed at the public well.
  8. Partsman

    An alternative to a pellet gun.

    Snake...I saw a site offering a kit like you are talking about. Seems that some liked it some not impressed. Newer version possibly better than early one. I suspect as you do that learning the impact point and range would be very important if planning to use for taking game. Some of the reviewers were experimenting with hotter primers and different pellet designs. It appears that one can get penetration through 1/2 in. plywood. Once anyone got a feel for the impact point that level of force should take small game. A real benefit of such a system would likely be cheap training of ones trigger squeeze.....becoming consistent is a very important part of hitting what you need to hit.
  9. Partsman

    An alternative to a pellet gun.

    Back in the day there existed a method of loading pellets in special rounds made for .38s and .44s called a "Pip-Squeak" made by Lachmiller Engineering. This would appear to be a great addition for anyone wanting to carry less but still be able to collect game as quietly as possible while traveling. According to an article in The Backwoodsman magazine by Mountain Mike (page 28 vol. 34 #3 May/June 2013) there are still some of these kits floating around (much more costly than when it was originally for sale) but still should pay for its self when compared to the price of ammo these days.
  10. Partsman

    How to build a bicycle generator.

    May want to check out these guys as they offer a neat setup For those who want a turn key system and they even offer a kit for those who want to go that route.
  11. Partsman

    the surefire story.

    Suggest you check out a fishing supply store.....look for the packs of rings they use to attach hooks to lures. Should have something you could use particularly in the salt water section.
  12. Partsman

    your wish list

    Snake, you should check out a refrigerated trailer. I picked up a couple and the difference in heat gain between them and the container I have is very good. True I haven't cool sealed the container yet but that is a future plan.
  13. Partsman

    yep uhuh ok alright uhuh

    Ok Guys got to spit out some specifics if we are going to call her's only fair. After all she could be a mindless commentator with ratings on her mind? (do they have minds?).
  14. Partsman

    Home Defense Tactics - Pistols and Shotguns

    I second that....told the wife that if she ever hears something that sound like someone breaking in to shut the bed room door grab the shotgun and get her #$@% down by the corner of the bed and aim for the door .... if the knob turns shout the police are on the way and I will shoot if you start in here.... vision systems with recording capability are useful to allow one to collect evidence and or locate bad guys but it is safer to let the paid help take care of them if possible. If not possible remember rule one....things go better at the grand jury hearing when there is only one version of what happened.
  15. Partsman

    Home Defense Tactics - Pistols and Shotguns

    Everyone should write the papers and the mayor asking when the trial will be......force the issue.....stupid should cost something. Getting the location wrong in this day is beyond stupid.
  16. Partsman

    Home Defense Tactics - Pistols and Shotguns

    If you are looking to widen the pattern of your shotgun check out this site.... It is different from the early style I remember but looks to accomplish the same goal. Be sure to note the requirements .... #4 buck or smaller and No slugs. As for spreading the shot over a larger area that would best be done with specialty wads designed for opening the pattern ... keeping in mind that this approach increases the diameter of the shot field where as the spreader device widens the pattern while reducing the vertical dimension. Think of the difference between inflating a balloon and flattening a marshmallow.
  17. Balls INTERESTING OBSERVATION 1. The sport of choice for the urban poor is BASKETBALL. 2. The sport of choice for maintenance level employees is BOWLING. 3. The sport of choice for front-line workers is FOOTBALL. 4. The sport of choice for supervisors is BASEBALL. 5. The sport of choice for middle management is TENNIS. And... 6. The sport of choice for corporate executives and officers is GOLF. THE AMAZING CONCLUSION: The higher you go in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become. There must be a boat load of people in Washington playing marbles.
  18. Partsman

    APe heads how soon they forget

    a men brother
  19. Partsman

    I wants one...

    Yea ... Me too...Imagine how he feels.
  20. Partsman

    Facts trump emotion

    A very interesting article and the comments are worth reading as well.
  21. Partsman

    Handguns: Revolvers or Semi-automatics

    It boils down to a personal choice.....the most important thing is practice enough to hit what ever you aim at and always aim. Many situations can have the metric changed by shooting below the waist....a shot in the thigh can cause bone damage or bleed out even shock if high and inside. Everyone trains for center of mass when the offered target is often head and shoulder(s) needs to reflect that reality. Miami is an interesting what if....would you feel the odds are that much improved by the FBI going to 40 s after all they would still be facing long guns? I think they would be well served by having a briefcase 223 with three round burst in the trunk along with a shotgun and an assortment of special purpose ammo.
  22. Partsman

    Calling the Police

    The sad part is too many of them are (1) cowboys (2) in it for a paycheck (3) looking the other way for one reason or another$.
  23. Snake I agree with your basic premise .... but we do need to vote and do so regularly as your general stated no action is action. We have failed to remember the words of our forefathers to stay out of foreign affairs...had we done so it would be a different world...would we like it... not a clue.