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  1. I see new power storage and data storage devices coming to market. Have any members tried them out and/or do you have devices that you feel have what it takes to go the distance? With the advent of affordable solar and thermal power generators it looks like we should be able to keep our data available as long as we can avoid an EMP event. Here are some sites I found interesting.....please feel free to suggest others and let everyone know of your personal experiences with electronics.
  2. For all of those who are looking to make their vehicles and fuel powered tools go the distance, I would like to recommend you visit me at . Look things over, request a catalog and look at becoming a preferred customer for the better price. I have used the products for years as have several of my friends who I introduced them to. I think you will be pleased with the performance of the products as I have.
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    New storage devices

    I really miss the edit feature................ self contained rechargeable batteries usb cabled powerpak plugin and wifi storage plus battery boost.
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    I am afraid that the isolation will be a result of our monetary policy or lack there of. Value cannot be created from nothing but that is not the way the Elitists see it. I am sick and tired of politically correct tree huggers with no real world experience trying to create an utopia of their smoked up ideas. The only good will be that most will starve and hopefully there will be enough sane people left to get things back on the correct track.... although I have doubts about that as well. Considering our "friends" and certainly our enemies the old Chinese saying ... My you live in interesting times..... seems too true .... makes my skin crawl.
  5. I have been a member of LifeExtension for several years. They present a solid documented approach to staying as healthy as one is able. Some of our site members may be able to glean useful info from their site (forum) The have published their 5th edition of Disease Prevention & Treatment. Some may be interested in getting a copy. If so you may want to consider becoming a member as at this time the price of the book is $69.95 to non-members and only $24.95 for members. Just a thought. The member magazine has well written and documented articles for those interested in looking after their health. They offer a line of supplements if one wishes to get them from the organization. An example of their concern is an article in their September 2013 issue on the failure of the FDA and state regulators in the NECC debacle that resulted in multiple deaths from contamination of drugs they made and marketed. GlaxoSmithKline also failed in their quality control and were warned in 2002, 2005, and paid $750 million in criminal and civil liability fines in 2010. It is a sad situation that those who should be looking after the health of the nation are asleep at the wheel. We as concerned citizens should raise Hell with our representatives and keep a close eye on both them and the medical establishment as it would appear that none of them are doing the job they should be doing.
  6. Auto Glad you posted this. Most all of the small safes are vulnerable .... perhaps one could design a add on shield and padlock to increase security. However that slows your response time to a crawl. Better to be sure your kids as well as their school mates have had the Eddie Eagle course and for your own children teach them everything about your tools. It is a lot safer if they know what the guns will do as well as when it would be a situation where they might need to be the ones doing..... JMHO For the times you need it right now you should buy or build hides that are not obvious but are close at hand. Just as the people working in a gun store are not always armed they are always within a step or two of a hidden weapon if it should come to it.
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    Founding Fathers

    Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence ? Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated, but they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured. Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags. Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward. Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Rutledge, and Middleton. At the battle of Yorktown , Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt. Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months. John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots. It's not much to ask for the price they paid. Remember: freedom is never free! It's time we get the word out that patriotism is NOT a sin, and the Fourth of July has more to it than beer, picnics, and baseball games. A single moment of understanding can flood a whole life with meaning. These are words to remember .... we could use men like them today.
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    Founding Fathers

    I found this on Yahoo and feel in a way it reflects on what we have become. It's not like it just happened yesterday......
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    Egypt Anyone?

    I think their military is trying its best to keep the country out of another war. Hope that is the case anyway. Looks like they saw the writing on the wall as what the Brotherhood had up its sleeve. As usual the radicals are saying one thing and planning another. The military would likely be better off in the long run to do a scorched earth program on the Brotherhood .... I doubt that happens .... few ever do what needs to be done... just whatever gets them by for the moment. The basic problem is all sides look on everyone else as a disease that needs to be cutout of the body.
  10. Actually it isn't but I did LOL until I had tears in my eyes. I could just see the scene in your local Wally World. All things considered I would have no doubts that it has happened .... just saying some of us do have a warped sense of humor.
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    FT Hood shooting trial set

    Wrap him in pig guts ... stand him against a wall and shoot him. That should be the outcome of this trial. A terrorist masquerading as a American Soldier should have nothing less. I do not care what he was before he became a convert. If he didn't have the guts to leave the service he so hated then he should be shoot. I would bet that any other country would have already executed his sorry @#$ by now.
  12. I just had to share this one................... I have 2 dogs & I was buying a large bag of IAMS @ K-Mart as I was inline to check out. A woman behind me asked if I had a dog. On impulse, I said no. I was starting the IAMS diet again, although I probably shouldn't because I ended up in the hospital last time. I told her I lost 50 pounds before I awakened in an Intensive Care Ward with tubes coming out of most orifices & IV's in both arms. But it was essentially a perfect diet & that the way it works is to load your pants pockets with IAMS nuggets & simply eat 1 or 2 every time you get hungry. The foods nutritionally complete so I was going to try it again. (I have to mention here that practically everyone in line was by now enthralled with my story, particularly a guy who was behind the woman I was talking with ) Horrified with my story, the woman asked if I'd ended up in the hospital in that condition from being poisoned due to eating the nuggets? I told her NO! It was because I was sitting in the street licking my balls when a car ran me over. I thought the guy behind her was going to have a heart attack, because he was laughing so hard as he staggered out the door.... Stupid Lady....Why else would I be buying dog food?
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    interesting read on the state of detroit

    This soap opera is coming to a city or town near you......really something to look forward to....NOT. I want a t-shirt that has a person wearing a t-shirt with the words "I am a politically correct liberal" on it and that person has their head up their ass. I think that would sum it up the current situation. JMHO.
  14. Partsman

    a proven solution

    Terrorists When a group of them attacks don't kill the group. Line them up tied to posts. They will all stand tall and proud. bring out some pigs (their holy creature. If they have the blood or any part of the animal touch them after it has died their belief is that they forfeit that trip to the holy place.) Kill them in front of them and put the blood and guts on all of them. Kill all but 1 and send him back home to tell the story. A general did this during the end of WW1 their were no muslim terrorist attacks for 60 years. Perhaps that would solve the Gitmo problem as well. Only bathe all of them in pig blood (video taped) and send them back to the sandbox.
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    a proven solution

    Well for people who think cutting off parts of the body for breaking their law and stoning rape victims is O K ... I fail to see a problem. The West is too ( )-- insert word(s) of your choice -- to do what must be done to reduce the problem to a manageable level.
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    Government & truth .... polar opposites.

    Let us keep in mind that no vote is as good as a yes vote for the jerks in charge .... even if worse comes they should not be able to claim over whelming support.
  17. In the news once again..... are they like ducks and wake up in a new world everyday with no memory of what they said the day before? Several have suggested that every one should research these two items ..... I would suggest public and school libraries, business and local coffee shop systems as they need the exposure.
  18. The job of keeping your BOV as well as your other vehicles as road worthy as possible is a day to day task. With all the things we all have on own minds it is all too easy to forget to do the checkups and services our vehicles require to continue doing the job we need them to do. There are several ways to keep up with what needs doing, when it needs to be done,and what will be needed to do it. From a hard copy list to a computer spread sheet keeping up is something we must do if we expect the performance we all hope we will never need. I plan to touch on different parts of the puzzle as time allows. I welcome suggestings and your insight on the subject.
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    Keeping Your BOV Ready TO Roll

    Here are some good tips for those times when you cannot do it yourself. Bing: Find a Local Mechanic But how can you tell a good mechanic from a bad one without a lot of trial and error? To find out, we turned to Tony Molla, a spokesman for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and a certified automotive technician who has been "turning wrenches" for more than 40 years, and to Ray Cox, another certified technician who serves as a consultant for AutoMD, a consumer service website that helps people diagnose car problems and find qualified mechanics. Based on what both experts had to say, we came up with seven questions to help you evaluate a mechanic. Simply ask potential candidates each of the following questions, and compare the responses to the right and wrong answers we provide. At the end of the questionnaire, tally the points for each answer to see whether your mechanic is a good bet or a nightmare waiting to happen. Read: Worst Things a Mechanic Can Tell You Can you show me around your shop? Don't expect a garage full of mechanics to drop everything in the middle of a busy morning and give you a grand tour. However, a shop that's proud of its work, employees and equipment should not hesitate to make an appointment for you to come in during a slow period and give you a quick look around. Don't be afraid to ask questions about anything you see. Trust your gut instincts. Does it look clean and well-maintained? "If a shop looks like a salvage yard, then I wouldn't do business with them," Molla says. He also advises that you pay attention to the people. Are they friendly and attentive? Do they sound competent? "If you get one-word answers and you basically feel like you're communicating with a dolphin because all you hear are grunts, clicks and whistles, then you generally want to move on," Molla says. KEEPING SCORE Right answer: "Sure, come by at 10 a.m. and I'd be happy to show you around." Score: +2 Wrong answer: "Look pal, we don't have time to tour every client around. You pay us to work on your car, not to chitchat." Score: -1 Can I see the certification credentials of the mechanic who will work on my vehicle? "Would you have your taxes done by an 'uncertified' public accountant?" Molla asks. Of course not. You definitely want an ASE-certified technician working on your vehicle. While Molla might be biased, he's not wrong. You also want to make sure that those credentials are up-to-date and relevant to your vehicle's repair. "Every five years you need to get recertified," Cox says. And just because the technician is certified to work on brakes doesn't mean he's qualified to work on transmissions. "There are eight different disciplines that ASE certifies," Molla says. A technician certified in all eight is called a master technician. Also look for documentation such as membership in the local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau, as well as any other training certificates from organizations such as AC Delco or NAPA. "The best shops will go out of their way to post as many of these things as they can, because they want their customers to know just how much they are devoted to doing a good job," Molla says. KEEPING SCORE Right answer: "Everybody in our shop is ASE-certified. We have specialists in multiple disciplines, and their credentials are posted on the wall." Score: +2 Wrong answer: "Credentials don't mean anything anyway. You learn by doing, not by taking some fancy classes." Score: -5 Watch Video: Costly Car Mistakes How many years have you been in business? "There's no substitute for experience," Cox says. "Shops that have been in business for many years are proud to say it." The combination of certification and experience should guarantee that the mechanic who works on your vehicle has a deep history with the repair work you need and up-to-date knowledge. The question also shows that the shop has roots in the community. No one wants to upset the neighbors. KEEPING SCORE Right answer: "Our shop has been in business in this town for over a decade. We have plenty of seasoned pros here, and the new guys work under them until they know the ropes." Score: +4 Wrong answer: "Look. Those old-timers are old, slow and don't know how to work on a modern car. We're a young shop that will get the job done." Score: -1 Try the new MSN Autos mobile app, available on multiple platforms. What kind of warranty do you have on parts and labor? . Any reputable garage should provide a warranty on its labor; 60 to 90 days is typical, 30 days is the bare minimum. The parts should come with their own warranty from the manufacturer. EBC brake pads, for instance, come with a 12-month, 10,000-mile warranty. It's often a sign of good parts if they come with a longer warranty. If the shop you're visiting won't show you a warranty policy on both parts and labor in writing, that's a red flag. "Obviously, you don't want to take your car into a shop doesn't guarantee its work," Cox says. KEEPING SCORE Right answer: "We offer 60 days in labor, and we use parts that have anywhere from a six-month to a lifetime warranty." Score: +1 Wrong answer: "Trust us, the work is solid. You don't need anything in writing, just come back if there's a problem and we'll take care of it." Score: -2 Read: Maintenance Made Easy Can I have my old parts back? You are entitled to get back any parts that are replaced on your vehicle. "In the state of California, for instance, it's law," Cox says. The exception to the rule is with remanufactured parts. According to Cox, sometimes your original parts are surrendered as a "core" charge against a discounted rebuilt part. Essentially, you are buying the remanufactured part, then getting a refund for the cost of your core damaged part. What you pay is the difference between the two parts. This is typically the case for complex items such as pumps and transmissions. Regardless, you can still ask to see the part. Any shop that refuses to show you the part or hand it over could be hiding something. KEEPING SCORE Right answer: "We'll be happy to return all of your old parts to you after the repair." Score: +1 Wrong answer: "What do you need a bunch of broken parts for? Those don't typically go back to the customer." Score: -1 Have you ever worked on this model of car or made this repair before? Just as valuable as experience is relevant experience. Not only will those mechanics who have experience working on your model of car know what to look for, but they will also likely have the tools needed to work on your car. "See if there are vehicles similar to your car in the shop when you go in there," Cox says. There are also plenty of resources online to help find a shop that can repair your type of vehicle. Some shops specialize in particular brands and will advertise themselves as such. KEEPING SCORE Right answer: "We have a guy who specializes in Ford transmissions. He knows Mustangs inside and out." Score: +3 Wrong answer: "You got one of those foreign jobbies, eh? No matter, I can fix anything." Score: -2 Read: 9 Ways to Save on Car Maintenance Can I get a written estimate before you do any work? This is nonnegotiable. Nobody should put a wrench to your car before giving you an estimate. And once the repair is under way, any work above and beyond that estimate should be cleared with you before it's done. If you don't like the first estimate you get, feel free to shop around. "If a mechanics is confident and knows what he's doing, he should feel totally comfortable with that," Cox says. Just because a shop looks under your hood, you are under no obligation to give them your business. KEEPING SCORE Right answer: "Here's a written estimate for the cost of the job, broken down into parts and labor. If we find anything else when we're in there, we'll give you a call before we do anything." Score: +2 Wrong answer: "It's impossible to tell how much it's going to cost before we get in there. It could be anywhere from a loose exhaust pipe to a busted piston." Score: -4 Tallying the final score Now tally the scores for each right or wrong answer to see where your mechanic or shop places on the scale below. Any shop that scores between 12 and 17 points is a good bet. Any shop that scores below 10 should probably be avoided. Any shop that scores negative numbers shouldn't be in business. Sam Foley is a Connecticut-based automotive journalist who has written for GQ, Forbes, USA Today, the New York Post and various other publications Something else you can do is ask the guys at the auto parts store you trade at who they think is good at working on the type of vehicle you have . And you can always check with your local better business office to see if they have complaints against a shop. As in any investment .... due diligence is a must.
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    How to know if you have had a stroke.

    You think we could have all of them take a competency test as a requirement for office?
  21. Partsman

    The NEW Battleship Texas

    Yea... if there is no users there is no market for the filth. That would solve part of the problem. Those who are trying to slip in to hopefully improve their lives are another thing. The only way to slow that down would be to make it an automatic death penalty crime to attempt to cross the line without proper paper work at the proper locations. Fat chance of that happening. Too many bleeding hearts on all sides to have a chance of getting that passed.
  22. Partsman

    The NEW Battleship Texas

    As usual Snake; you raise very valid points. Zodiacs with mil grade whisper motors combined with drones would be more economical. I really like the bounty idea..... imagine most of the locals would be interested even if they had to buy a special license like they do in Alabama & Florida to hunt gators. The use of snipers would be equally cost effective as a two man team would only require 8 per location (2 extra to allow for off time) for 24 hour coverage. As you noted, government only knows one way....throw lots of money at the problem. When we start whacking the users as well as the pushers ... then ... the problem will begin to go away. JMHO
  23. Partsman

    I don't get it?

    It is interesting that some are speaking out and that Zimmermans' back story is to Some of Martins' is to And some speak out The is a problem but as usual it is being ignored and passions are being inflamed. "Love thy neighbor as thyself is a warning to you that how you see and treat your neighbor (other people) is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. I've never known a mean spirited, selfish, cruel person that was happy or liked themselves very much. When you offer love it means that THAT is what is in your heart. What do you truly WANT in you, love and understanding or anger and hate. You are the only one that has to live with that inside you. What I'm talking about is NOT about religion, it is about how to live at peace with YOURSELF. All of this is just as true whether you are the Pope, a Priest, a Christian Layman, an agnostic or an Atheist. Inside we are all very similar. What you put in the bucket is what is IN the bucket." Friend Danm .... that is so true. No one will get to Heaven by their works but they can show the way by the way they live their life.
  24. Partsman

    I don't get it?

    Snake as usual you strike to the heart of the matter. It is interesting that Zimmermans' background is not spoken of by those who have taken a sad situation and attempted to make it worse for their own benefit. For part of his childhood his family contained Black siblings and he took a Black girl to the prom. Yet those who hope to profit from this are doing their best to make him out a racist. No doubt he is many things but racist doesn't appear to be one of them.
  25. So True. . .two families futures destroyed. I can only imagine how much Z would have given for a flashlight with a built in TASER or just a regular TASER. 'The problem that you have when a confrontation turns physical is there is no way to know what the outcome will be. It must end before you are badly hurt. Whatever skills or tools you have must be used NOW not later and that can lead to situations such as this.