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  1. The first thing to remember is diesel is safer than gasoline. Storage should be addressed with proper filter systems and additives to prevent stuff from growing in the tank(s).....KEEP the water out. Two... diesel actually is a more concentrated fuel than gasoline, but to realize its full potential the engine needs a few modifications. Three... bio-diesel is a different animal....learn all you can about how to make it and how to operate the engine with it as a fuel source. Filter Filter Filter.....clean fuel is like clean oil and clean air....all three must be clean to ensure the continued life of the engine. You can mix engine oil with diesel fuel...they even make kits to feed it into the fuel as a way to gradually change the oil in the crankcase (could likely be modified to pull from a bulk tank if a supply of new or used oil was available). There are kits to add propane, natural gas, and even gasoline into the mix. So, if you want to do the research and learn how, it is possible to keep a diesel going longer than a gasoline powered engine. How well any of this will work on the new diesels is open to question. There are too many bells and whistles on the new ones.. Warrior7r has the right idea....get your hands on a good early model unit that is machanical rather than electronic. with the right know how you could even add an air starter to an early model diesel and forgo the battery.
  2. If you are serious about solar, check to see if the government or power company is still offering any rebates. You may want to look at propane powered appliances. Everything from window air-conditioners to heaters and stoves.
  3. Partsman

    Keeping Your BOV Ready TO Roll

    Great idea NovicePrepper! Fuel would be one of the first things to get hard to get, be it gasoline or diesel. Many preppers have fuel cache. While this is a good idea, it is of maximum importance to rotate the fuel. Do Not stock pile fuel for long periods. Gasoline more than diesel has a shelf life that can be only a few weeks ...depending on the temperature and humidity. I presonally use Sta-Bil Marine Formula in both my reserve fuel and when I fill up on the road. You can stabalize gasoline for several months with this stuff. Diesel is a bit have got to keep moisture out of your tanks! If you ever get stuff growing in your tank(s) you will regret it.....I know several people who have had this happen and it is bad news. I recommend using Bio-Kleen by Power Service Products in your diesel. You may want to keep a supply of thier 911 product if you are are in cold country as it is good for gelling problems. Remember ROTATE your fuel reserves...20 gallons in the truck twenty gallons back in the cans.
  4. Partsman

    Bug out by water

    If you are looking for some fresh info on kayaks then pick up a copy of the May 2012 Outdoor Life magazine. Good article with comparisons as well as specs on several stable fishing yaks. I would suggest that the yak would be a good way to move to a bug out position and once camoflaged a useful means of fishing and moving about the area with minimal exposure. A river island, a sea island, or a piece of land on the other side of a lake or river that would be hard to approach on the ground would be my destination. Just keep in mind that rivers flood; so keep that in mind when you cache your gear.
  5. Partsman

    Knowing when you picked the right BOV

    Sorry to hear of your lose. Unfortunately we all go throught that sooner or later. On another note...Sounds like your're getting some good mileage. You using any special lubes or other ideas to get that mileage?
  6. Partsman

    Buildable trailer for your BOV?

    Add this idea to your trailer search. bolt pattern of trailer should match tow vehicle Not to cut down on carrying a spare tire/wheel but to allow you to keep going if two tires down down at the same time. You do have a repair kit with air pump right? You may want to look here for ideas.. if you got the bucks to buy it great ..if not several ideas that you could do over time.
  7. Partsman

    Shipping Containers

    If you are anywhere close to a port(100 miles) go and talk to the people there. I was able to buy a container at the port that was not usable for shipping but it is working great for me.
  8. Partsman

    Shipping Containers

    I presently have one container and two insulated trailers for storage. You can certainly use one for storage on your property. May I suggest trying to get your hands on a insulated container ( a twenty footer ) as condensation would be reduced if you have high humidity or large temperature variations from day to night. The advantage of the container are the tie-down rings as you can hang a hammock. Think about creating a fake end wall that would allow you to hide some supplies between it and the actual end wall. Remember you should use the same type of material as the other walls are covered with. If unable to locate aninsulated one the regular style will work fine but would require more work to camoflage a fake end wall. I totally agree with the idea of buryed caches as a additional resource.