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  1. Many would like to learn survival skills and train in a group .... have any of you looked into the CERT program? I think it could be a benefit at several levels. (1) Learn skills, (2) meet like minded people/network, (3) become certified in emergency response, (4) get an insiders look at local contingency plans, (5) discover additional resources, (6) have "government" ID that could make movement easier in a situation. So...I would like some feed-back...anyone been through the program? Look forward to reading your thoughts about this.
  2. Partsman

    car Survival tool

    The most important thing to remember .... have the tool in the vehicle cab and reachable by the driver. A tool box or trunk full of useful stuff is great when you are the good guy/gal and need them to help another citizen .... however, if you are trapped in the vehicle the first thing to do is get out. People have burned or drowned for lack of a way to get out of their vehicle.
  3. Partsman

    Generator Brands?

    Check out the Honda generator sites as there are units that can be ganged for greater output available. Honda does offer the least noise of any units that I know of. You can reduce noise levels by building noise reduction surrounds and or placing the unit in a hole. If you are like many of us the $99.99 with coupon unit at Harbor Freight might be a consideration. You could stock pile several of those for the price of a Honda unit. I totally agree with Snake short fat power cords with copper wire are the way to go. Learn to maintain your equipment and store fuel with stabilizer in a safe secure location....not in an attached garage. As for solar....learn what it takes to keep it working....just as other equipment have the replacement parts to get back up if something fails. Study up on batteries and look into products and prosedures designed to extend their life.
  4. Partsman

    A Great Shaking is Coming

    Will Next month be an end .... according to some yes it will. It will also mark a beginning of the next cycle. We are told to be ready ... to prepare to be able to make it through the times of tribulation. Is religion the opiate of the people as some say? Only if the "religion" is more important than your faith in GOD. Too many bad things have been done in the name of religion (a word used for so many different beliefs). For those of us who honor the one GOD it is seen by our actions (not that those actions will assure us of anything) by those who are around us. Just as one cannot make another ready to survive .... only show them the way to do so, there is only ONE who can save.
  5. We all must take climate change into consideration ..... hotter .... colder .... what does the future hold? I would recommend a book by John L. Casey .... DARK WINTER makes interesting reading and raises the issue of what exactly should we prepare for. The need to be prepared is a given ..... what we need to be prepared for is not. This book presents the likelihood of a different future from the "politically correct" one being presented by those in government and the "green" groups. Think you will enjoy the read .... like to know what you think. Glen
  6. I had posted last year about this time and just edited that post to show we are getting a rerun of nasty weather. Any of you seen the scientist who says the warmers are nuts? He has supposedly hit the nail on the head for several predictions but none of the politically correct crowd will agree with him because their funding would dry up. With the nut jobs we have in government we will be really lucky not to become a third world country in the next five years regardless of who gets voted in in Washington. It is sad to see so many intelligent? people with their heads so far up their A holes that they think they see stars at the end of the tunnel .... when it is actually the oxygen cutting off.
  7. Partsman

    merry christmas

    Hi Wally......Hope your Christmas was good. It seems that they killed the site when it went down and it took too long to fix it. A shame as I enjoyed many of the people and their comments. Are you visiting any other sites and have you found any with good content?
  8. You may want to try a electric three strands 4'' 8'' 12'' and either soak the ground under the fence or make the center wire a ground (be sure it is attached to a good ground).
  9. Partsman

    Ebola Virus

    The level of Stupid is off the charts. The health care workers have no clue ..... dressing like you are going into an operating room for a normal medical procedure is NOT the way to dress for an exposure to Ebola or any other contagious disease with kill rates in the 50% area. Even the TV shows get it right....full hazmat gear and then decontamination before removal of gear. These people are going into a room where the patient has coughed/ sneezed/ spit/ thrown up ..... so there are body fluids in the air and on various surfaces all over the room. You would think that they would be using high power UV lights and disinfectants in the room to help protect their workers.
  10. Partsman


    Short answer ..... No. Our government to be polite is a very bad joke when it comes to terrorists. To say that they have no clue would be being kind. When an organization states that their plans include killing anyone who does not conform to their version of their religion and calls for attacks in the USA .... my response were I in a position to do so would be to end them one and, woman and child.
  11. Partsman

    Ebola Virus

    While everyone is freaking out over Ebola, the virus from Honduras or another of the South American countries has already been spread over the USA by our idiotic government. The illegal minors have been sent who knows where and are now in our school systems spreading what ever diseases they have to our population....You have been observing the "News" I hope. The official word is it only affects young people but if you read some of the comments sections the reality is much grimmer. Several of the adult posters describe having had the same symptoms and having a hard time getting better.....the medical people often have no clue what the patient actually has and by the time they figure it out you are sick as a dog.....assuming they figure it out. Not what I would call a good thing....especially if you have a weak immune system to start with. We as a nation are so far under the Stupid rock as to make it not funny at all. Distance, sanitation and a strengthened immune system are prime requirements to stay healthy in the present situation....not always possible for many of us as we are exposed to the general public population on a day to day basis.
  12. Partsman

    Moms Presentation at Church

    I did a series of posts here on this site on keeping you BOV ready that might have some info of use to you. I also have a site on synthetic lubes that you might find interesting. Hope you have a good response to your talks. Too many think they will never have a need and are dismayed when reality happens. It is better to be prepared and never have a need than to have a need and no way to fix it.
  13. Partsman

    Survival Roll a Blades/skates.

    For urban scouting the rollerblades could be a viable option. Lower profile than a bike and assuming you take along a pair of steel toed work shoes to swap out for interior or vertical scouting, would be better from the standpoint of not having to hide the bike and retrieve it later. Practice with a weighted day pack to learn how they/you respond to traveling loaded.
  14. Partsman

    It is time to say Goodbye for awhile

    Take care Snake.....I hate to agree with the common consensus but the writing is on the wall so to speak. All any of us can do is the best we can....prepare to the best of our ability and educate those willing to learn. If enough are prepared, then the country will survive....perhaps even be improved by the reduction of free-loaders in the population, time till tell. How far things will fall is the great unknown....if too much knowledge is lost, it will be a hard, up hill struggle to even survive. May God be with us all.
  15. Too many are in their own Twilight Zone and as long as they can work the system to their advantage they will. I would not wish to be near any large population when the SHTF. i.e. the free money, free housing, and free medical dries up.....not going to be pretty. Between the OWG and our creditors, I would rate our chances as approximately the same as a snow ball in Hell.