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  1. Hey y'all, wasn't sure if this was the correct section of the forum to make a post about a multi-tool, but here it goes: Check out this link: http://www.crkt.com/CRKT-Tool Pretty interesting new take on the multi-tool by my personal favorite knife and tool company, CRKT - I really like the integrated wrench they put on this one. While it isn't available yet, I'm sure excited to get my hands on this little piece when they do finally release it. What do y'all think? My only honest complaint is that they chose to forgo pliers - unless they hid one in there somehow?
  2. Rampart

    What is the best Survival Watch?

    Earlier today, I was thinking about this thread while hanging out with one of my buddies when I spotted another great survival watch on his wrist - look into the brand Tawatec. His watch in particular is the Tawatec E.O.Diver Tactical ICS /w Rubber Strap, and I must say - it is AWESOME. Not only are these watches non-magnetic, but they are also depth-tested to 200 meters and feature radioactive dial components which keep them glowing even in the most pitch-black conditions without having to 'charge' them in any light at all. Check it out - http://www.tawatec.net I'm gonna stick with my Seiko and Festina, but this is a great watch - no doubt about that.
  3. Rampart

    What is the best Survival Watch?

    The watch that I have in my go bag is a Festina dive-watch. The thing's built like a brick. Good luck!
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    What is the best Survival Watch?

    Batteries vary by manufacturer, but mine typically last 3 or 4 years - plus I always have a few backups laying around in a drawer somewhere so that I won't have to rush to the store should the day ever come. And as far as durability goes, mine is checked out to withstand pressure underwater to 100 meters, and is VERY solidly built - this thing isn't going to stop working because I ran my arm into a wall or some such. The very best advice I can give, is to pick a brand that you like/have had luck with, and find their line of dive watches. They're almost always the best. Some good brands to look for: Seiko, Festina, and Rolex are all brands that I have had excellent luck with.
  5. Rampart

    How to drain an abscess

    Great article! Thank you for the information.
  6. Rampart

    What is the best Survival Watch?

    As far as durability and weather resistance goes, I'd have to say that you can't go wrong with a dive watch - it's what I wear. Has the versatility of an everyday watch while also being a potentially useful item should the shtf.
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    It can happen to anyone,check your weapon

    "The story keeps changing. There's no logical reason," she said. "Why do you need a weapon with a round in the chamber?" Because, lady, without a round in the chamber, a pistol is just an awkwardly-shaped club... People these days, I swear... The only negligence in this story was that of the victim's, sad to say.
  8. Rampart

    Stay safe and buy American

    As a resident of the great state of Texas, I'm a pretty big fan of the Go Texan initiative. I realize that this isn't as all-encompassing as the sites above, but a nice off-shoot nonetheless. Haha. http://gotexan.org/ As a follow-up, I'd like to also note some of the really QUALITY things you can pick up from a lot of these local businesses. Beats those Chinese knock-offs any day.
  9. Rampart

    Excess and giveaway

    Hell, I'm in - and not a minor, luckily! This is a great thread idea, by the way! One of these days you can bet that I'll have some goodies up for grabs on here.
  10. Rampart

    Recurve Bows

    Just out of curiosity, are bows a one size fits all sort of endeavor or what? Because I thought that draw-length and stuff like that had a lot to do with finding the right bow for oneself. I'm curious because, while I am interested in getting a bow, my wingspan could pose a bit of a problem there - kind of a giant. Not trying to be ignorant, just a little uneducated as far as bows go...
  11. Rampart

    Surrendering Weapons to Military/LEO

    Assuming they're not willing to infringe upon the rest of the Bill of Rights, as opposed to just the 2nd Amendment, this would probably be best.
  12. Rampart

    Show me Your SHTF Coffee Maker?

    I've got some Starbucks Via in my BOB - pretty tasty little innovation. Just pour it into a pint of water, hot or cold, and let it dissolve. It's not the best cup of coffee I've ever had, but it gets the job done.
  13. Rampart

    WHats your SHTF Tradeable Skill?

    1. Hunting 2. Fishing 3. Gardening 4. Metal-working 5. Cooking 6. Some emergency medical training That's about all I can think of when it comes to my true 'tradeable' skills. Hopefully they'll serve me well.
  14. I agree - it even took me a second to notice that there weren't any! I was betting on a fold-out pair or something like that, but then I saw the full set of pictures...
  15. Rampart

    shtf music

    Hard to decide on a playlist, but I guarantee you that this song'll be on it. Fol Chen - In Ruins Oh, and this (of course): Metallica - Wherever I May Roam
  16. Rampart

    Time to invest in a multitool. Help?

    Right now I carry a SOG EOD. It's a really great little tool with a lot of useful features built into it without getting too 'tool-happy', if you know what I mean: http://sogknives.com/store/B61.html But I'm pretty intrigued with this new design that CRKT is coming out with, too... there's no telling when it will become available, but it looks like it might be a good choice as well: http://www.crkt.com/CRKT-Tool
  17. Rampart

    you have made them rich now they....

    I was just thinking the same thing! Haha.
  18. Rampart

    Oh great

    I just don't know how realistic that is... I mean, they would have to check over MILLIONS of messages/posts/entries/emails/everything every hour or so - Hell, it even lists "gas"... I mean, can this really be true, or is this just the fear-mongering media at it again??
  19. Rampart

    Non-prepper/survivalist hobbies

    I'm right there with you. Haha.
  20. Rampart

    Being gray and situational awareness

    Being gray is, essentially, being a forgettable face. Situational Awareness is working to be constantly aware of your surroundings - even to see other 'gray' people for what they are... being able to perceive threats that others might not and the like. As far as achieving and practicing them... well, that would take many many paragraphs to go over. Best way to practice being gray is not being too flashy, blending in with those around you, and not making an impression with people you come across. Situational awareness can be practiced in lots of different ways... it's kind of like a constant game of "I Spy" with the world around you.
  21. Rampart

    We won`t be around for this,I hope.

    Yeah, scientists have known about this for years... in the 4-5 billion years that it will take for Andromeda to reach the Milky Way, humans as we know ourselves might not even be around at all anymore - next level of our evolution, etc, etc...
  22. Rampart

    First reported Zombie Attack......

    Lots of new drugs that college kids are doing are marketed as "Bath Salts", "Incense", and other 'harmless' items... Manufacturers use terms like that to cover their own behinds as well as to mask the intended use. Bath salts are often used as 'legal' cocaine, LSD, PCP and etc, whereas incenses (notably K2 and Spice) are used as a 'legal' marijuana. All this stuff is, sadly, really popular among young folks these days. While I, personally, have never partaken in any of these products, I know many who have; generally speaking, they produce a similar effect to their illegal counterparts, and are sold at LOTS of Smoke Shops (head shops). Hope my insight helps with the understanding. Oh, and JonM: I've heard similar horror stories... this one guy in my home town actually peeled the skin off of his face with his fingernails.
  23. Rampart

    Something interesting. Information.

    At the same time, seems to me that there are THOUSANDS of these 'strike zones' around the country... Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but the only other nations that could possibly bring that kind of weight to bear (just in sheer number of nukes) is limited to the United States, Russia, and (maybe?) China? Granted, these maps are pretty much only looking at a Russian strike... considering they're dated 1990 - I'm not trying to knock the site, it is VERY interesting, but there's no doubt that it's out-dated.
  24. I might be in touch next paycheck... it's a really enticing offer! Any idea up to what size head the helmet will fit?